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A hex on me

"Trick or treat!" Amu yelled with excitement while her older sister was trying to force out a smile, but it only came out creepy looking. The woman at the door clapped her hands together out of joy at how cute they looked. Both sisters were wearing witch outfits. Ami`s was black and pink while Amu`s was black and purple.

"just one moment!" the woman ran back into the house to get the candy, or so you would think. After putting candy in their little pumpkin baskets, she pulled out a camera then told the two sisters to smile.

The photograph showed a smiling and giggling Ami with her hand in the air, and Amu`s soul leaving her body.

After her soul returned, both Amu and Ami thanked the woman and went along to the next house.

How did the ┬┤cool & spicy` Hinamori Amu get into this mess?


"Mom!" Amu wined.

"Please do this Amu. Papa and mama have been invited to a big masquerade party." Midori said as she fixed her hair in front of a mirror.

"But the guardians are having a party too. I don't want to miss it." Amu said.

"Are there going to be boys there?" Tsugumu asked with beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

"Yes." Amu answered and ignored that her father was running around the room and saying something about his little sparrow was ready to leave the nest.

"Please Amu. I beg you." Midori pleaded.

Amu`s eyebrow twitched. She couldn't stand it when her mother used that face. "Whatever."

"Cool & Spicy!" her parents yelled together.

"Oh, and your costumes are by the TV." Midori said before she and her husband left for the party. Midori was dressed as Death and Tsugumu was a prisoner.

`Our costumes?` Amu nervously thought then looked over at Ami and saw two bags in her hand `Noo!`

End of flashback

"Ami this will be the last house we visit." Amu told her little sister, who pouted before ringing the doorbell. The door soon opened and Amu couldn't believe her luck.

"Trick or treat!" Amu yelled with a smile and held up her little basket with candy in it.

Ikuto had an amused smirk in his lips as he eyed Amu. "This will be fun."

"Come inside and I will give you all the candy you want." "And I'll have my treat too." he thoughts as his smirk grew wider.

"Okay." Amu happily said and ran into the house.

"No wait..." Amu tried to stop her little sister but she was already inside. Ikuto wasstill waiting for Amu to come inside too. After what seemed like forever, Amu nervously talked inside. She felt even more uncomfortable when she heard the door closet.

"What's the candy?" Ami asked.

"On the kitchen table. You can have as much as you want." the minuet Ikuto said that, Ami skipped off towards the kitchen. Iktuo sat down on the living room couch and gestured for her to sit down beside him. She hesitantly walked over to the couch but sat down at the other end, away from him.

"I like your outfit." Ikuto said with the smirk never leaving his face. "Did you come over to my house yo play?"

"I-I didn't know this was your house." Amu said while facing the other way.

"You didn't notice the mailbox with my family name out front?" Ikuto asked.

"N-No." Amu pulled down her pointy hat over her head to cover her blush, but it was soon pulled back off by Ikuto.

"I don't believe you." Ikuto`s face was moving closer and closer. Amu closed her eyes shut preparing for what he was about to do, but she felt... nothing. Instead she heard a rustle and opened her eyes to see him stealing a piece of her candy.

"Hey that's mine!" Amu said as he put a lollipop in his mouth.

"Not anymore." Ikuto said and turned on the TV. He was acting like she wasn't even there.

"Why did you invite us in?" Amu asked but only got a shrug for a respons.

"You want some?" Before Amu knew it. Ikuto sat right next to her holding the lollipop in front of her.

"No." Amu said.

"Are you sure?" Ikuto brushed the lollipop against her lips before licking the place where the lollipop had been. "It's strawberry flavored."

Amu covered her mouth with her hands while her face lit up like a red lamp. Iktuo leaned back on the couch and focused his attention on the TV again.

Ami came back from the kitchen with a mountain of candy.

"How much did you take?" Amu asked.

"All of it." Ami said with a giggle.

Amu sighed at her sister's childishness, but you have to admit that it was kinda cute. "It's time to go home."

"Don't forget this." Amu turned around to see what Ikuto meant and that's when he put the lollipop in her mouth and gave her a peck on the check. Amu stared at Ikuto with wide eyes while Ami giggled in the background.

Ikuto lead them to the door and said two final words before closing it.

"Happy Halloween."

The End

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