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There Can be Only One….

Chapter 1: Revelations

June 15, 1996

The occupants of No 4 Privet Dr. slept peacefully, all except a raven-haired green-eyed, young man in the smallest bedroom. The young man in question was currently lying awake staring up at the ceiling of his very small bedroom. He was not a typical teenager as his boorish relatives liked to remind him, and of course he mused his life changed dramatically a month before he turned eleven. That was a time when he received his first ever letter. Of course his Aunt and Uncle tried to keep it away from him, and failed miserably. They both knew what it contained and they had decided years before to keep that knowledge from the boy. The next day there more letters and they were promptly confiscated, but no matter what they tried to do they would not stop coming. Even when his Uncle boarded up the mail-slot; nor even when he boarded up the entire house, the letters still came. Finally after taking off for parts unknown and finding a nice quite hiding spot on the shore with a little stone tower on an island his Aunt and Uncle felt that perhaps they had outrun the letters. Even this did not stop, for at one minute past midnight on the raven-haired boys birthday there was a booming knock on the door, then another and with that second booming knock the door fell open and a giant of a man was there to finally deliver his letter. The young boy at the time was shocked to say the least. To find that both is Aunt and Uncle had deceived him of not only his parents, but his heritage as well. On the morning of his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter went off on what he thought would be a fun adventure and the rest they say is history.

The more things change the more they stay the same, instead of unbearable heat this summer, it was a torrential downpour. A day did not go by where the sun showed itself, nor did rain not fall at least for half the day. Death had touched him yet again this year, instead of a schoolmate dying because of him; it was his godfather and one of two links to his dead parents. No matter what others told him, he still felt responsible for Sirius death. He may not have cast the curse that killed him, but he was the primary catalyst for him falling through that damn veil. If only he had listened to his friends, and not gone off and tried to act the hero, Sirius would still be alive today. Closing his eyes to hold back his tears, Harry started to cry for his dead godfather, and slowly drifted off to a fitful sleep of dreams and nightmares.

With eyes opening suddenly, Harry Potter looked around his room. Knowing it was the dead of night; he did not bother to even look at the clock. Wondering why he had awoken at this ungodly hour he looked around his room noticing that nothing was out of place and that Hedwig was watching him intently as she normally did when he was awake. He went to his window to see if the rain had stopped. Turning the blinds aside, he saw that water was still cascading down his small window and that forks of lighting were still lighting up the nighttime sky. Watching the display, Harry looked down to the semi-flooded street and saw a stranger he somehow knew would be there standing under the streetlight at the foot of No. Four's drive. Harry stared at the stranger for several heartbeats, and when we was going to close the blinds and court sleep again the stranger looked up at him. Once Harry's emerald green eyes made contact with the strangers deep blue, a connection was made. For the second time in his life, time seemed to stop and speed up all at once. Pain again enveloped Harry like he has never felt before. He moaned feeble as his body was racked by the feeling of the Cruciatus curse being combined with hot pokers and hot needles being shoved into his head making his room spin drunkenly around him. Falling to his knees, he hit the side of his head on the corner of his desk adding to his agony, tears started to leak from his closed eyes as he gasped for mercy and breath. Finally when he could stand it no more, the pain stopped. Getting quickly to his feet, Harry looked out his window to see if the stranger had been affected, but the stranger was gone.

His thoughts were pulled back quickly to the present, by the voice of his Uncle who had barged into his room and was shouting out "Boy, can't you keep that bloody bird quiet so that the rest of us can get a decent night sleep?"

"Sorry Uncle Vernon, the lightning scared her. I will cover her cage so it won't happen again." Harry replied reflexively.

"Ok, see that it does not happen again." He huffed, and turned around to head back to his bedroom he shared with Harry's Aunt Petunia, muttering along the way.

Harry could imagine what he was saying and found that he had to keep from laughing at the retreating back of his Uncle. Not in all his fifteen years of life had his family treated him with anything you would call respect or even love. Even now he knew they did not treat him well because he was their nephew, but because of threats from his wizards friends from the Order of the Phoenix, especially the crazed ex-Auror Mad-Eye Moody. The look of horror that Harry had seen on his Uncle's face was priceless. Though he had to admit that even he would believe a threat coming from a peg-legged man whose face looked like it had gone through a meat grinder.

Crossing his room, he sat down at his small desk, and pulled out his quill, ink, and some parchment to write a letter he had promised if the same pain he had felt before had happened again. Dipping his quill into the ink he thought back to when he first felt the pain and saw the stranger that caused it.

Flashback to June 1, 1996

Harry and Hermione were walking side by side as they pushed their trolleys to the parking lot while his relatives hurried in front of them. Hermione was talking a mile a minute about the threat Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin, and the rest of the Order had just told the Dursley's that they would be checking up on Harry anytime they felt like it and if they did not improve on the way they treated Harry, they would have to answer to them. She also said that if he needed anything or just wanted to talk to call her on the phone or owl her. He knew he should be paying attention to her, and that Remus and the Order were only trying to make his time with the Dursley's a little better, especially after what happened at the Department of Mysteries, but Harry really did not care. He was the reason Sirius had died, and his friends getting hurt. Thinking back to that day Harry started to scowl a bit thinking of the prophecy and the reasons for all his troubles.

Seeing this, Hermione whispered "Harry, I know what you are thinking, and it was not your fault Sirius went through the veil." As she finished, she could see the beginning of tears in her friend's eyes. Before he could tell her anything, she continued in a fierce whisper, "I mean it Harry. Sirius knew what he was doing when he left that night, the same as I or Ron and the others. He understood the risks, especially since he was in the Order. And I know he would not want you to tear yourself up because he died." She grabbed his arms and stopped them, turning him to face her so his emerald green eyes could look into her brown. "So please, don't let this get to you." she said softly.

Harry knew that he would never be able to say no to Hermione when she looked at him like that. Especially since after that night in the Ministry, seeing Dolohov's curse hits her, made him realize how much she meant to him. Through all their adventures together, she had helped him. From retrieving the Sorcerers Stone, to finding out about the Basilisk, and even helping him during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The one constant was Hermione standing by him and silently encouraging him to do better. He looked into her chocolate eyes that were begging him to do as she asked. Taking her hands in his, and looking directly into her eyes he hoarsely voiced, "Ya Hermione, I won't…."

At that moment his eyes lost focus and the world around him seemed to stop dead in their tracks, yet he could have sworn that the clouds were speeding up their movement across the sky, and the noise in the station had just gotten ten times louder. Then as if fate directed his eyes he looked beyond Hermione and saw him there. He was standing just off in the distance, a man looking right at him as if he had known him for years. He stood about six feet tall, well muscled, dressed in dark clothes and strangely wearing a black leather trench coat. It was when their eyes met that it happened for the first time. Pain, coursed through his body, At first he thought it was the Cruciatus curse at work, but a part of his mind knew it was not that. This pain touched him to his core, not like the Cruciatus that was just physical. Before, he knew it, and just as suddenly as it came, the pain came left him. Breathing hard and fast, Harry looked up, but knew the man was gone.

Hermione was frightened for her friend. So much had happened to him in his short life. His relatives hated hime with a passion; the Wizarding world both hated and worshipped him. She knew that his deepest wish was to have an ordinary life. Yet here he was clutching to her a look of extreme pain flashing across his face. "Harry!" she whispered "Are you all right? What's wrong? Is it Voldermort?" Her question came out in a rapid-fire sequence. Still holding on to him she watches just as suddenly the pain stopped and his breathing returned to normal. His first question had shocked her.

"Where is he?" Harry asked looking around. Then realizing she had never seen the strange man, he quickly told her of the stranger and of when he looked him in the eyes the pain had come. "I doubt it was Voldermort, Hermione." He said to relieve her of the worry he saw in her face. Then looking her in the eyes again, "I don't want anyone to know about this. Not Dumbledore or anyone in the Order, don't even mention it to Ron." He said, continuing on before she could object. "Please for me, they have kept me in the dark too long, and I am tired of it."

"Ok" she said meekly. Looking down; she was about to say more when they were interrupted by his Aunt.

"Come along bo.. er Harry, we need to get home to dinner" she said in a clipped voice looking around to see if any of Harry's protectors were around to catch the slip.

End of Flashback

Rubbing the bridge of his nose and chuckling silently to himself again about his Uncle and Aunt muttering, he started his letter to Hermione about his late night visitor. He was sure of course that she would want him to notify Dumbledore and the Order about him. For they did share some type of connection, but he still felt in his heart that the stranger should remain a secret, and that Dumbledore no matter if his intentions were good, would only try to keep him in the dark as to what this connection was. Just like he had kept Harry in the dark for the past five years about so many things.

Dear Hermione,

I am sure that your summer has been better than mine has. Granted with all the rain we have been getting lately the start of the summer has been a bit dreary and a bore. I am sure you can agree. So are you going to go abroad this summer, or are you going to stay and enjoy this lovely English weather?

As standards go, the Dursley's are treating me ok, no yelling or anything just Uncle Vernon muttering under his breath every time I come into the room. Also I am finally able to eat a decent helping of food. So all in all I guess the threat from the Order did pay off. I do have shocking news concerning my whale of a cousin though. Seems he gets to do some of the chores around here to help out more. Nothing like what I have to do, but it is fun to see him through tantrums when he can't do what he wants too. I still do the majority of the work though, but at least it helps me keep my mind off of things.

Well, I guess I cannot put it off anymore and tell you the real reason I am writing to you in the dead of night. That incident on the way out of Kings Cross has been happening again these past couple of nights. I have had trouble going to sleep and once I had finally gotten to sleep for some reason wake up in the dead of night. I get up out of bed and go to look out my window to see if the Order is still there and see the same stranger from King's Cross standing there under a light in the street. I don't know why but I know it is him and he is there for me. I know you are going to tell me to let Dumbledore or the Order about know about it. But I can't. For some reason I can't understand I feel this stranger means me no harm and that he can help me with my problem. Don't worry I won't try and go looking for trouble I promise.

Love from,


PS. So are you going crazy waiting on the OWLS?

"Ok, girl. Take this to Hermione for me." Harry told the owl as he sealed the letter up and addressed it. Continuing on he told her "Go ahead and stay there to wait for a reply, no matter how long it takes, though if I know Hermione she won't take too long."

Hedwig looked at Harry with her luminous eyes as if saying "of course I will wait for her to reply silly boy!" She hopped from her cage to Harry outstretched arm and hooted softly as she was carried over to the window. She waited patiently as Harry opened the window to let her take flight. She knew that Harry would watch her till she was just a speck in the distance.

Lightning and thunder again awoke Harry up next. He knew he had slept through the morning, and wondered why his Aunt and Uncle had not awakened him with demands for him to cook breakfast. Granted most mornings he was up before them anyway. Stumbling out of bed he made his way downstairs after showering and changing into some of his clothes. Right away he noticed the house was quite, as he made his way to the kitchen. There he spied a note attached tot he front of the refrigerator in the crisp handwriting of his Aunt.


We have gone into London today, as you were not awake when we left we decided to let you stay asleep. Don't make a mess and clean up after yourself. We will not be home till very late so you will have to cook your own dinner.

Aunt Petunia

"As if they would have asked me to go if I was awake." Harry told nobody in particular.

Opening the refrigerator to find something to eat, Harry had a sudden feeling that he was being watched. Looking around and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he got out some roast beef, cheese, lettuce and a sliced tomato and started to fix himself a sandwich. Still feeling like something was amiss; Harry enjoyed his sandwich, washing it down with a glass of water and started to head back up to his room to review his class books from his previous years at school.

As he started up the stairs, there was a nock on the front door. Harry opened the door, and was shocked when he noticed the stranger that had seen that morning. "Who…" he said reflexively before a surge of pain had overcame him and his knees buckled. Hurriedly the stranger grabbed Harry and forced himself inside the house, closing the door as he entered

Before Harry could react the stranger grabbed him by the shoulders, to hold him still. Pain exploded within Harry. His scar felt afire, and every nerve of his body reacted as if he had just been the victim of a dozen Cruciatus curses. Looking into the strangers eyes the pain became too intense, and he bit his tongue not wanting to cry out. With blood pooling in his mouth he mouthed "Why?" as darkness took him.

Harry slowly opened his eyes to see the light of the sun reflected off the living room ceiling. The first thought that came to him was what a nightmare he had last night. The stranger, waking up, writing Hermione, and the intense pain he felt as the stranger touched him. Groaning he sat on the couch expecting to see and hear his Uncle or Aunt yelling at him for fainting in the hallway and leaving the door open. He neither saw nor heard either. Standing by the front window was the stranger with his hands behind his back. Harry started to back away from the stranger, but before he could do anything the stranger turned around and started to walk toward him.

"Don't worry, it is always unpleasant the first time you feel it." He said nonchalantly as he looked down at Harry. "Now, how do you feel?" he asked in a concerned voice tinged with a Scottish accent Harry could make out.

"W-w-who are you?" Harry stuttered as he sat up straighter on his bed, "and why the bloody hell happened when you grabbed me?" Still wondering why he should trust this stranger and rubbing the back of his head.

Pacing back and forth in a nervous manner the stranger in a flat tone of voice looked Harry right in the eyes and said, "My name is Duncan Macleod of the Clan Macleod. I was born near Glenfinnan in the the Highlands of Scotland 400 years ago, I am immortal, and so are you."