Th Big One that Didn't Get Away

Th Big One that Didn't Get Away.

"I don't get it Herc, what good is a golden apple if you can't eat it, it doesn't give any special power, and it isn't even made of real gold?"

"It's an award some writer's achieve on a story they have written."

"Oh okay. Hey Herc, here's a great place to stop and fish."

"Looks good, do you have a line for the poll?"

"Sure, but I hope you don't ruin lunch like you burned breakfast!"

"That wasn't my fault, I heard a screaming child. You know we had to check it out."

"Your right, but that was some weird stuff they were doing. What was it they called it again?"

"Um I think they called it interpretive dance or something like that."

"Weird stuff. Oh hey, HEY I got one. Oh it's a big one."

"Oooooooooooooooo Iolaus that's me you got."

"Ooops sorry but hey I was right I did get a big"

"Very funny"

Sounds of giggling laughter was heard for hours in the otherwise quite woods.