Today had not been an ordinary day for one Jeff Hardy. Earlier in the day he
had to take a blood test for the WWE's Wellness Policy. Jeff tried not to
think about it, he didn't worry though, he would turn out clean anyway. He
had more important things to think about. He was preparing for a match he had
that night against his longtime friend Chris Jericho.

As Jeff finished putting on his ring gear, he glanced at his Intercontental
Title belt. He reached over to where he had hung it in his locker and held it
when he saw his face in the shiny belt. This has been one of the longest
reigns he had ever had in his entire career.

While Jeff was mesmerized in this thoughts he heard someone knocking on his
locker room door.

"Come in." Jeff said, not taking his eyes of the title. He often wondered
if he'd ever carry the WWE Title. It had been his goal ever since he
rejoined the WWE a few years ago. Jeff looked up and saw a teary eyed Maria
Kanells standing in front of him.

"Ria? What's wrong?" Jeff asked the Playboy cover girl. When Jeff
rejoined the WWE in 2006, him and Maria became close. He often thought of her
as his best friend.

"II just saw Santino. H-He w-was" Maria couldn't finish as she burst into
tears. Jeff instantly pulled her into an comforting embrace.

"Oh, Ria. I'm sorry." He whispered softly. Jeff had known that Santino had
been trying to hurt Maria ever since she posed for Playboy, in anyway he
could. He managed that by hooking up with Maria's own worst emeny, Melina.

"I'm sorry, Jeff." Maria wept after a few minutes.

"What are you sorry for? Santino's the jerk, Ria. The entire locker room
despises him. Don't blame yourself for Santino's mistakes. It's his
problem that he left the most beautiful Playboy cover girl ever." Jeff said.
The smile Maria gave him that moment was one he wouldn't ever forget.

"Well how come I never saw it?" she cried. Jeff could see the hurt, the betrayal in her eyes.

"Because, Ria. You care about people. Santino doesn't." Jeff

"I guess you're right. Thank you for being my friend." She whispered through her tears.

"You know I am. I'll be here for you, Ria." Said Jeff softly. Maria
beamed at him and gave him one of her unforgettable smiles. Suddenly a knock
was heard on his door.

"Who is it?" Jeff said.

"It's Randy!" The voice of the WWE champion said behind the door and in
came Randy Orton. Him and Jeff had been friends since Jeff hit him with that
15 foot Swanton.

"What's up Orton?" Jeff asked the Legend Killer.

"I came by to tell you that I overheard Sanchico Nerdella and Melina
talking about a plan earlier." Randy reported. Jeff got a confused look on
his face.

"Why would Santanco plot against me?" Jeff questioned.

"I have no idea. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Vince wants to
speak with you. He told me to tell you." The WWE champion said.

"Oh, boy. That doesn't sound good." Maria said. She always worried
about Jeff. She knew about his past and tried to help anyway she could.

"Don't worry, man. Just think, next month, you'll be winning this."
Randy said, pointing to the shiny spinner belt he held over his shoulder.

"Well, I'm off." Jeff said and turned out of the locker room to find

"Randy, what was Santino talking about, when you saw him?" Maria asked
one of her best friends.

"I don't know, Maria. All I heard was him saying that it starts
tonight." Randy said. Both Maria and Randy had no clue what that meant.

"My, Melina! That was fantastic!!" Santino Marella said happily, coming
out of his locker room. Ever since his of a girlfriend Maria had betryed
him by posing for Playboy, he vowed to make her life miserable. The first step
was hooking up with Melina.

"You know it was. And it will get better, Tino. Our plan will leave Maria
all alone, she'll be heart broken. And it starts tonight." Melina said
evily. Jeff Hardy won't know what hit him.

"Jeff, I hate to say this, but the blood test came back positive. I'm
going to have to strip you of the I.C. title and suspend you for sixty days.
Which means you'll be out of 'Mania." Jeff couldn't believe what he
was hearing.

A MISTAKE!" Jeff shouted in anger. He wouldn't be able to accomplish his
dream. He was crushed.

"Not according to the results. Seems like you injected yourself with H.G.H
just last night. You have one more chance, Jeff. Don't blow it." Vince
said. For some reason the billionare had a felling that something was wrong
about the test. He couldn't believe Jeff Hardy would ever do H.G.H. or any


"Look, Jeff. As mush as I hate this, the test doesn't
lie! Now get out before I fire you!" Vince shouted. Jeff did as he was told
with out another word. Somehow Vince McMahon knew that Jeff was being set up,
but he needed proof.