The Lost One

I am the Lost One.

Who are you?

Someone come to taunt me

With dark lies untrue?

A Vision? A Specter

To haunt all my dreams?

A daunting Shade beckoned

By my hollow screams?

I'm trapped here forever,

A cold, bitter shell –

And now that you're with me,

You're stuck here as well.

The black curse of exile

Upon you shall fall:

Your hopes and dreams, it will

Devour them all.

Your sanity shattered,

Each day you will cry

For the life you've forsaken;

Abandoned to die.

This world will break you;

Through my eyes you'll see

The fear will consume you,

And lost you will be,

Your soul filled with terror

And dark lies untrue.

I am the Lost One –

And now… so are you.