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Chapter 1

Slivia, half moon elf, half high elf, her pale skin shone with a tint of moonlight. She sat on a ledge on the front of an Inn in Slivery Moon. The wind blew and whipped her slivery blonde hair about her face. She looked up from her feet to see a lone drow traveling in the street below her. Smiling she thought "The must be him", Slivia dropped down from the ledge, her cloak flying out behind her. She traveled shiftily through the crowd and grabbed the drow, whispering a single arcane word, the both disappeared.

They reappeared in a round room decorated in all different shades of blue, with only one door, the room looked very small. Silvia locked the door with a wave of her hand. The drow turned to face her, his hood off. His lavender eyes met her bright sliver ones. He smiled and slowly relaxed.

"You're not going to hurt meā€¦are you?" He asked in a knowing way.

Slivia shook her head and motioned for him to sit in a bright blue cushioned chair. He took a step back and sat down. Slivia laid down in a reclined chair and smiled.

"Nice to you, Drizzt Do'urden. I am Slivia, Priestess of Akadi" Slivia said smiling.

"Goddess of air and speed?" Drizzt questioned.

Slivia nodded and poured brandy for them both.

"I am also a follower and avatar of Helm, the god of guardians." She explained taking a sip of her glass.

Drizzt took a sip of his drink after smelling it.

"I'm not going to poison you." Slivia explained smiling.

"Why have you brought me here? Surely not for exchange of words?" Drizzt asked suddenly.

Slivia sighed and rolled onto her back.

"I am the guardian of an underground cave system, the system was once a safe heaven for the followers of Helm" Slivia explained.

She got up and moved quickly across the room to the blue door.

"A few nights ago a drow raiding party was passing through and decide to attack me." Slivia explained in anger and frustration.

"Did they hurt you?" Drizzt asked, his eyes flashing with anger.

Slivia shook her head and opened the door, it lead to a hallway with stone like a dungeon.

"Three males and one female, I killed the spider loving whore and two of the males." Slivia explained as she motioned for Drizzt to follow her.

They moved side by side down the hallway.

"The third male?" Drizzt asked.

Slivia took a deep breath and continued.

"As I went to kill him, his eyes focused on my amulet and he whispered a prayer to Helm. I could not slay him" Slivia explained as they walked into a room with two holding cells.

"Nor could I trust him" She finished explaining as a normal size drow male laid on a cot in the left cell.

"Oh so the pretty little lady brought me some company" The male state chuckling in drowish.

"No, more like a torture session" Drizzt explained in drow smiling evilly.

"Can you try to get him to explain how he knows of my god?" Slivia asked kindly.

Drizzt nodded and smiled.

"I never turn down a chance to help a lady" He explained smiling to her.

Slivia despite herself blushed and smiled back.

"I'll bring down some food and drink." She explained handing Drizzt a key.

Slivia walked back down the hall to the round blue room leaving the two drow alone.