One shot

I was thinking about Destiny and how everything is planned out. Then I started thinking of the last book, the Sons of Destiny. Well…this is not an idea I am going to keep writing because I care more about Ashes to Ashes than this one. But, I was thinking what if a girl who defied Destiny (both the spiritual and physical person) joined Darren on his quest. Would it have been different?

Plus, I was thinking…Destiny and Fate go hand in hand, right? Well…what if Mr. Desmond Tiny (Destiny) met a woman named Fay Tee(Fate)? A little romance ending with tragedy, of why he is a cold bastard. Of course no one thinks of Mr. Tiny as romantic but that idea just popped up in my head. Tell me if I should write about it or something…I will probably make it a one shot lol.

"You're nothing but a mistake!" Her mother shouted, her vocal chords strong and loud. "You were never supposed to be born, you were never planned! You are a mistake!"

The girl, merely ten, stepped back with tears falling. Her eyes sparkled with fear as she dodged her mother's pans flying through the air. She had to get out…had to leave! Quick as can be, she sprinted outside the house and ran. It was night…it was dark; almost pitch black if it weren't for the stars. The moon was gone, abandoning her like her father did.

Several times she had stepped in a hole, almost twisting her ankle. She kept crying as she ran blindly, stumbling and tripping. When she took a turn this time however, she fell into a huge hole!

A scream echoed in the night as she lay in the six foot hole, sobbing her heart out. Hugging her knees, she rocked back and forth. Where was she at?

Suddenly a hand grabbed her, pulling her out of what she assumed was a grave. When she looked up, she paled; it was a tall man wearing red. She stepped away from both the man and the grave. That was when she noticed something…there were other people there…but they were…freaks.

That was such a long time ago, the now 16 year old girl thought with a smile. That was how she met Cirque Du Freak, Mr. Tall, Mr. Crepsley…and Darren. Something deep inside her said she should have never done that. She should have died in that grave, that was why she fell in it.

But she was a mistake, an unplanned creature. Perhaps she could make the difference between life or death of many others in their journey. Just perhaps they…

"Hey! Mr. Tiny wants to talk to you!" Darren walked over, surprised to see a smile on her face.

"Mr. Desmond Tiny?" She had heard tales of him before. "Alright, let's go…"

"You're not scared?"

The girl looked at her close friend and chuckled, "I'm unplanned, there is nothing that man can do to me."