Take My Hand x 150 words x Double Arts

I was hesitant at first. To be tied together forever to somebody you just met is something no teenager would ever want to do.

However, I couldn't just let the girl die, of course - especially after seeing how much pain she had been in. If holding her hand would save her, I would do it, or so I thought.

Then the assassin came, and my confidence wavered. I didn't want to die. I could just run away without the girl, and I'd live, and countless others would live as well because of it.

But I saw that earnest expression on her face, her wanting to save the world coming through in her eyes.

And decided that if I couldn't save just one person, I wouldn't be able to save the world anyway.

I stuck out my hand, she took it, and from that moment on, our lives were intertwined.

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