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CHAPTER 1:Mission outline

Time:8:47 PM local time

Admiral John Striveman…….To Sergeant Linda Shepard 187th Marine Detachment

Sergeant, we have a mission for you, about 24 hours ago, we lost contact with the colonization team on Akuze. I want you and your platoon to go and investigate. Over and out.


Time:9:00 AM local time

Linda sourly woke up from the alarm blaring on her bedside cabinet. "2 hours until I brief my men, good enough" she said to herself. Since she couldn't go back to sleep, she decided to get dressed and head for the mess. As she headed out the door her COM radio buzzed and she answered it.

"Sergeant, meet me on the bridge I need to speak to you Commander Jackson out"

As she headed towards the elevator to take her down to the mess hall, Corporal Toombs called her over and he asked "Sergeant can I ask you a question?" Linda replied "Go ahead Corporal" "When is the briefing?" Toombs asked. Linda replied "in another hour and a half" Toombs said "Okay Sarge". With that answer, Toombs walked away towards the gym. Linda just shook her head and walked towards the elevator.

--Commander Jackson 5th fleet

James sat in the Captain's Chair, he shifted uncomfortably as LT Blake announced that The Liberator was hitting the Mass relay. James said "Alright Blake, engage the FTL drive" "aye aye Commander" he replied. James wondered if he was going to go to hell for sending his team down to 'meet' the Thresher maws. James shook his head, he knew there would be a court martial for his part with Cerberus and sending his Marines down there. But, if they were all killed, he wouldn't be arrested and he could continue with his job. James just shook his head.

--Sergeant Linda Shepard 187th Marine Detachment

Time:10:50 AM local time

Linda sprinted as fast as she could towards the briefing room, she had to arrive before her unit if she or they would think she was slow person. Her drill instructor once said "Be there or don't be there at all!" Linda shook her head as she ran down the corridor. Her gear slowed her down but she managed to arrive on time. When the rest of her unit arrived she let them sit before she began the briefing.

"Okay Marines, in about 2 hours we will arrive on Akuze. We recently lost contact with the colonization team the brass sent down there 2 weeks ago. Our job is to find out what happened to them. Any questions?" A Private raised his hand and asked "How many of us are going ma'am?" Linda replied "The entire unit is going down there, we don't know what to expect. All right everyone, gear up and meet me in the cargo hold in an hour and a half. Dismissed!"