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--Captain David Anderson SSV Normandy

TIME:8:00AM local time

Captain Anderson awoke with a start as the alarm blasted on his counter. He began to dress and a message appeared on his personal COM page. It read Normandy, This is Sergeant Linda Shepard we are quickly approaching the extraction zone, get here quickly. GOD SPEED!.

Captain Anderson quickly got on the COM and paged joker.

--Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau SSV Normandy

TIME:8:15AM local time

Joker was sitting at the cockpit when his COM rang. The message read" Joker get us to Akuze ASAP" Joker wasted no time and set the Normandy into the atmosphere.

--Seargent Linda Shepard 187th Marine Detachment

Time:8:30AM local time

Linda woke quickly and saw several marines screaming all around the camp on the LZ.

She suddenly realized that the worms had returned. One of the marines jumped into the Mako and got the turret online. A marine beside her was suddenly beheaded with blood swishing out like a fountain, Linda tried not to vomit at the sight and ran towards one of the 50.cal turrets placed around the camp. She saw a ship coming in through the atmosphere and realized that it was The Normandy. One of the marines yelled" IT'S THE SHIP KEEP FIGHTING TILL IT GETS HERE"

--Corporal Jamaal Beckford 187th Marine Detachment

Time:9:11AM local time

Jamaal had a flare and decided to throw it to get the attention of the helmsman on the ship. As he threw it at the center of the camp, a Mako exploded near by and knocked Jamaal onto his can. A marine ran up and help him up, before he could stretch from the fall, the marine had a big needle like object sticking out of his gut, blood quickly flowed through the marines wound and Jamaal called for a medic.

--Seargeant Linda Shepard 187th Marine Detachment

Time:9:30AM local time

Linda checked her Detachment List, 3 men left including herself. Corporal Jamaal Beckford and a Private James Kerrigan. No wait, scratch the private, his leg got blown off and he bled to death. The Normandy touched down and she pulled Jamaal along, quickly skirting the 30 meter dash towards the cargo bay

--Corporal Jamaal Beckford

Time:9:35AM local time

When Jamaal touched the deck, he felt a mushy stab in his back and realized it was the worm creature's needle projectile in his back. He suddenly dropped to the deck and saw a tunnel. At the end of it was his parents and family killed several years ago. Jamaal smiled one last time before he closed his eyes and let out his last breath.

--Seargent Linda Shepard 187th Marine Detachment


Linda sat in the cargo bay of The Normandy and let out a long, sad breath. Every one of her marines had died in 2 days. After all the missions they had been together on, she mentally shifted through all her memories of her men. She heard her name mentioned on the onboard COM but ignored it and continued to sift through her memories. When she finally stopped, she found her eyes blurry and wet. Linda couldn't hold back the tears. She wept for the men who had wives and parents who would be heartbroken over them, she wept for herself for living, she felt really gloomy and asked one of the marines to put the corpse of Jamaal into a coffin. Linda had to give the body back to his mother. She saw Captain Anderson come over to her with a box and saw the contents of the box. A wig of a leafy plant and a star in the middle. Captain Anderson said" Congratulations Shepard, you earned this promotion I hope you will get over this eventually, ill need my XO to be in tip top shape for the next week", He gave a warm smile and left. Linda looked down into her palm and look at the insignia and smiled for all her men….


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