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"I'm just going to the store; I'll be back soon" I called to Edward

"I'm just going to the store; I'll be back soon" I called to Edward. Self consciously pulled my baggy jumper over the bump that was becoming bigger everyday. It's a wonder Edward hadn't noticed yet. I was glad that I was getting out of here today.

I had been meticulously planning this for ages; I had made sure to make no decision so Alice wouldn't see anything; I waited till Alice was gone on an extended hunting trip so even if she did see something, she couldn't get in contact with Edward until it was too late; I had found a place to stay where I could stay and look after my baby; I had everything planned all I had to do was leave!

As I drove down the driveway from the Cullen's house, I couldn't help but shed a tear (or a hundred). I was taking the baby away from its father.


"Sweetie you must stay on your seat while we are on the aeroplane" I explained for the millionth time. But once again my beautiful daughter paid no attention to me.

She just smiled up at me; I was unable to suppress a smile. She was so like him not so much in appearance (though she did inherit his bronze hair) but her habits and mannerisms all screamed 'EDWARD'.

"When we get to Grandpa Charlie's will you tell me a story? She asked seeming genuinely concerned.

I couldn't help but smile at the trivial matters that occupied her mind. I assured her that I would tell her ten stories. Her hazel eyes widened at the prospect.

I had finally built up enough courage to bring my daughter to Forks. I was sure that the Cullen's would have moved on by now; they couldn't possibly stay in Forks for this long. I had dressed my daughter in a cute blue dress and clipped her loose bronze ringlets off her face. With no more preparation than that I got a taxi to the airport.

Since I had left the Cullen's I had gotten into the strange habit of making snap decisions. At the airport my three year old daughter had reminded me that I hadn't let Charlie know that we were coming. I had about two minutes to ring Charlie to let him know before we had to board the plane. Snap decisions really were very inconvenient.

"Ali, you have to sit down, please sugar" I ordered again.

As soon as I pulled up into the driveway of Charlie's house, Ali's chatter ceased. Even though she was sitting in the back of the hired car, I could feel hear uneasiness. My baby was not good with strangers. Although she had talked to Charlie over the phone and on a webcam she had never met him in person.

"You okay Als?"

The answer I got was a quick nod, but she didn't look sure.

"Do you want to go up in Mommy's arms?" I offered.

Another nod.

I scooped her out of the car and held her tight, as if trying to take away some of her nerves. She put her head against my shoulder pacified by my closeness. I kissed her bronze locks before approaching the house.

Charlie made a huge fuss over Ali and it wasn't long before she vacated the safety of my arms. She entertained her Grandfather with songs and stories that made little sense. But Charlie didn't seem to notice; he was totally taken in by my baby's charms.

After a while she decided that she was hungry. As expected Charlie had no proper food in the house. I made the decision to go to Olympus and do a food shop before Ali got tired and cranky.

Ali kept up a constant chatter that required very little listening on my part. That left me free to remember the memories that I had been trying to suppress for the last three years. My eyes welled up but I had to wipe the tears away. Before my baby was born I made a promise to myself that she would never see me cry. Consequently I never let myself cry or show emotion for fear of breaking beyond repair.

Ali kept her constant chatter up when I parked the car in the parking lot; or when I sat her in the trolley; or while I wheeled her around the tiny mall Olympus has to offer.

"Mommy" she said eventually, put of by my silence "why aren't you acting like normal?"

"I'm fine baby, I'm just thinking" I assured her.

I stopped suddenly when I saw a lady in a shop in front of me. She was small with dark hair and sunglasses. She resembled a pixie and radiated immense beauty.

"Crap" I muttered.

"Mommy" Ali gasped in disbelief "You said a naughty word!"

"Sorry sweetie. I just got a fright" she tried to explain but need not have bothered, Ali was already babbling contentedly.

I couldn't help but stare. I was still as drawn to her beauty as I was when I first saw her across the cafeteria all those years ago. She seemed to sense my stare. As soon as her gaze found mine, her eyebrows rose in surprise.

I quickly turned the trolley and walked toward the supermarket. It wasn't long before I felt a cold hand restraining me.

"I guess Edward was right; he always says that if we waited around the store you would turn up eventually." She declared, obviously amused by my reaction.

I didn't meet Alice's gaze, instead I looked at Ali. I remembered all too clearly how threatening the Cullen's looked when I was seventeen. I could only imagine what they looked like to a three year old.

Sure enough Ali looked terrified. So much so that a tear slid down her cheek and her lower lip trembled. I lifted her out of the trolley and held her close; I hated my baby to be afraid.

"Hey Alice! It's…um been a while."

"So are you coming home with me?" although she phrased it as a question, I knew that I actually had no option.

"I have to buy food. She's starving." I gestured to Ali who was crying into my shoulder. "I can't expect her to go hungry just so I can fix the mess I left behind."

"Tell me what you want, I can go get it for you and you can cook what you want of it at home. You can feed her there. Who is she anyway? Are you her babysitter?" she enquired curiously.

I ignored the last two questions; I really didn't want to go into that now. "Are you sure?" I asked uncertainly.

"I'll do it in quarter of the time you will" she smiled, confident as ever.

Reluctantly I handed her my shopping list. She ordered me to stay where I was and she would be back in a few minutes. She reminded me that if I did run, she would find me. I gladly obeyed her orders; it was nice not being the responsible adult.

As I waited I took Ali off my hip and stood her on the ground. I took a tissue out of my bag and wiped her tears. Even with red eyes she looked cute!

"Ali, we are going somewhere with that lady. There is no need to be afraid; Mommy will be with you the whole time." I whispered.

"She nodded but her eyes screamed the opposite. They were begging me not to let her go anywhere but home. I kissed her forehead and held her hand until Alice came back.

On the way out to the car I rang Charlie to let him know the change of plan. He was not happy and he begged me to bring Ali home to him. I politely but firmly told him that she would be happier with me. Alice took everything in.

Alice also rang Rosalie, who she was shopping with. She informed her that she had a lift home and would see her later. Alice was talking rapidly; I took no notice of this if anything I was comforted by it, my daughter on the other hand stared at Alice with eyes as big as saucers.

"I assume you're driving?" asked when we arrived at the car.

"That's probably a good idea, I do want to get home before nightfall" Alice smiled.

As soon as I was sitting beside her, Alice started talking incessantly. I noticed, for the first time, how like my three year old that was. Alice asked no questions. She was probably keeping them until we got to the house.

"Is Edward home?" I finally got the courage to ask.

"He should be; but you never can tell with Edward" she commented, before she launched into another story.

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