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A/N: This is basically detailing why Bella decided to bring Ali back to Forks!



The summons echoed through my tiny little apartment. Suddenly all signs of sleep vanished. I dragged myself out of bed and rushed to my daughter's room, tying up my hair as I went.

"Mom-my" she called again. I could hear a tremor in her voice. The tears were coming. As I made my way over to her bed, I saw a tear flow down her cheek, her lower lip was trembling and her cheeks were flushed.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked soothingly as I picked her up. I cradled her close and rocked her gently, humming absently.

"They were coming to get me" she whimpered after a moment.

"Who was?" I questioned patiently, making a mental note to cut television out of her routine. Well, maybe she could watch preapproved programmes.

"The witches" I was informed. Even though she was feeling traumatised, there was an air of authority in her voice. She was always so certain about everything and she was convinced that she was never wrong – a Cullen trait, me thinks.


"Yes!" There was definite defiance in her voice. It was as if she was daring me to contradict her. My three year old was challenging me at five in the morning...surreal or what?

"Okay" I soothed. "Well Ali, Mommy is here now and Mommy will never let anyone hurt you." I gently kissed her bronze curls – his hair.

"Mommy?" she said after a long moment's silence. "Tell me a story?"

"About what?"

She had stopped crying, but I could feel that my pyjamas were soaked with her tears. I tightened my arms around her, holding her closer. I was going to protect her no matter what. And if that meant enduring the torture of not having Edward and the Cullens, I could live with it.

But I knew that she would want to meet her family sooner or later. She was getting older, and asking more questions. I still tried to be evasive but she would eventually stop believing the fairytales. I often thought the sooner she met Edward, the easier the whole vampire thing would be to handle. But she's still too small...too vulnerable...and she would never be hurt while I have anything to do with it.

"About...the time when you had to go to Italy with Alice to save Edward" Ali answered sweetly. Her brown eyes twinkled up at me, meeting my own. I couldn't suppress a smile of my own as an adorable smile played across her face. She obviously had no intention of going back to sleep again tonight.

"Oh, I like that one" I lied, as I quashed the dreadful memories that flooded back at the mere mention of my impromptu excursion to Italy.

Obviously, Ali got a highly edited version of the events. I never mentioned the attempted suicide of Edward, or the near massacre or anything that she was too young to understand. Instead, I painted a lovely picture about how Alice and I saved Edward from danger (the danger went unspecified and Ali seems satisfied with this). Then I detailed a Happily-Ever-After situation in which Edward swept me off my feet and we drove off into the sunset.

Needless to say, my daughter loved this story. Every time she heard it (and she heard it a lot) I could almost feel her glee as I told her how Edward gave me a big hug (that was as much romance as I was willing to expose my three year old to!). I often wondered how she would feel about the real Edward, my Edward. I knew that my fictional version didn't quite depict his utter perfection but would she make the connection between the Edward of my stories and the Edward that I had fallen for.

Would she be scared of the Cullens or would she feel as at ease around them as I did? Would Esme love her the same way she had loved me? Would Alice treat her like a life-size doll? How would Jasper act? But most importantly, would Edward love her as totally and unconditionally as I did? Would he ever believe me when I told him that she was his?

To my surprise, Ali did go back to sleep after a mere half hour of storytelling. I gently put her back in her bed and kissed her pale forehead. She looked so angelic when she slept. Maybe more so than any one of the Cullens.

I didn't think that I had any hope of going back to sleep. I was well and truly awake now; sleep had evaded me yet again. With a yawn I settled on the couch and picked up a magazine from the coffee table. I stared unseeingly at a page about celebrity Botox for almost ten minutes. And then for no reason, other than I wanted to, I picked up my phone and dialled his cell number. After thinking about him so much tonight, I guess I just needed to hear his voice.

"Hello?" His velvet voice echoed down the line.

I was careful not to make a sound. He didn't have to know who he was talking to. I was already certain that he couldn't trace this number.

"Hello?" he said again, this time more impatient.

There was tightness in my chest. I barely managed to stop the imminent sobs from escaping. I just missed him so much.

"Emmett, this is really juvenile," Edward chastised, "not to mention really annoying."

There tears started cascading down my cheeks.

"I love you so much" I gushed before I could stop myself. "And I miss you like crazy."

There was a horrendously long silence on the other end. "Bella?" he asked eventually, anguish drenching each syllable. "Bells? Is that you?"

Before I let anything else slip I hung up and let the silent tears consume me. But I couldn't let this depression take over; if I did I would never function again. That was obviously not an option because I had to put my daughter's wellbeing before me. And if that meant living in a permanent state of false happiness, so be it.

It wasn't only Edward and the Cullens that I missed. I missed Charlie too, and all my friends from school and Jake (even though he visited every few months). I even missed the constant rain.

Without quite knowing what I was doing and why, I went to my room and pulled out my suitcase. I proceeded to throw some random clothes into it. I did the same in Ali's room.

It was high time I brought Ali back to Forks. She deserved to meet her grandfather properly and I needed to see him too. I decided that I would be safe to go back because the Cullens should be gone now. I would bring Ali down to La Push, she would love the beach! Or I could bring her for walks in the forest. I could already imagine her glee as she picked the wild flowers and paddled in the streams. The rain wouldn't bother her as it had bothered me. She would love to splash in the puddles and play in the mud. Yes, Forks would make her very happy.

I rang the airport and booked two tickets to Seattle.

Ali and I were going back home.

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