There's no turning back

By: Shannon

NOTE: I don't own the rights to the "Sound of Music" movie/musical.

As he watched them drive away from the convent that night, Rolf wondered whether or not he'd see Liesl again. He remembered their carefree days before he joined the Nazis. Long walks in the sun, picnics in the woods, innocent kisses under a tree. How h longed to hold her. How he wanted to break free from the Nazis and be with her. But there was no turning back.

She was 16 going on 17 and he was 17 going on 18. He had wanted to spend so much time with her, but their time was cut short since he joined the Nazi party. He looked down at a revolver in his hand. Here he was, a 17-year-old boy doing a man's job. He had thrown his life away for something so horrible, so despicable. He longed to run after the Von Trapps, to apologize to his beloved, and get on with his life. But he couldn't.

imagined it all. The day he'd escort Liesl down the aisle, their honeymoon, their children, their golden years. All of it gone and for what? A militant organization set on purifying Germany. He wanted to kick himself so badly. He wanted to accept Baron Von Trapp's offer to come with them, away from the Nazis. But he felt compelled to stay obedient to Der Furer. But he also felt compelled to leave the life he thought was adventurous. But he couldn't. There's no turning back.

"Hey, you!" snapped one of the Nazis. "Get over here!"

Rolf snapped out of his reverie and left to attend to the officer. "We need you to go somewhere and contact headquarters immediately!" the Nazi officer continued. "And we need to follow the Von Trapps!"

He wanted to follow the Von Trapps, but not by hunting them down like animals like the officers wanted. He wanted out of this Nazi society and to be free. But there's no turning back.