The streets were blue


This came to me in a dream one night. It is a semi-love story, but really. So far there's not certain couples. I think I'm probably going to have all sorts of couples in here. And, I technically haven't gotten permission from the Empress of the Eclipse to use her band members yet, but if she gets mad I can always take the story off the net and change the names. But her band is just the coolest aren't they?

I don't own Digimon.


The streets were blue. Dark blue. And no one was around. The place was deserted, leaving him completely by himself. Where did everybody go? They had only been there a few seconds earlier. They were all partying with the pink and purple mice. It had been him, Akemi, Istu…

Wait. Mice? Where did that come from? Pink and Purple? Of course. All mice talk and are pink and purple, right? But now they were all gone. The blue road was changing colors again. It had been yellow before; now it was going to red. Kind of a pinkish red.

Pink? Wait, there's Mimi! "Hey Mimi!" Why doesn't she talk back? Or is she talking? Now he can hear her. Her voice is so melodic… so sweet… like honey. Too much pink. Why was everything pink? Where dolphins always pink? He couldn't remember them ever being…

Wait! Dolphins! He could see it now. Sea World. He loved Sea World. But where had the houses and streets gone to? What houses and streets? He'd been at Sea World since that morning. The houses started to fade from his memory. There had been no houses or blue streets… no party…

"Let's go on that one!"

He looked at Sora. "Okay."

They ran to the amusement ride, but it was hard getting there. Sora was ahead of him. He couldn't push through the crowd. What was up with this? Why was it taking him so long to get to Sora? He managed to run up the ramp leading onto the boat right before it set out to sea. Now where had Tai gone?

He frowned. Where was Tai? Hadn't they just been together? How'd they get split up? No matter. There are people talking to him. People he doesn't know. A girl with black hair... Sora would be jealous. Too bad. The girl was nice. He followed her to the front of the boat where a basketball game was being held. Wait, what boat?

None. There hadn't been a boat. He hated being on stage like this… in front of everyone… his band playing horribly. It was a nightmare. And why is Istu staring at him like that? It's unnerving. It's making it hard for him to sing. They needed to practice more. No one likes a band that can't play their instruments.

Does Davis have to keep staring at him like that? He just wanted to stop playing to tell Davis to stop, but Tai would be mad. Tai always got upset whenever he quit playing in the middle of a song to gripe at Cody. But still… it was tempting.

Wait. What's that? He'd never seen anything like that before. It was a hole. In the middle of the stage. It wasn't very big. He was drawn to it. Joe gave him a dirty look as he stopped. The fans seemed upset too. But he had to know. He had to see what was in it. He leaned over the edge and peered in.


It was a bottomless pit. Kari didn't understand it either. She shrugged and went back to swinging on the swings. The ice cream in his hand was melting so he through it in the hole, thinking that maybe it would make a sound when it hit bottom. Nope. It was definitely a bottomless pit.

But wait!

What's that? The poor thing! 'Oh no! It's Koromon!' Where was Tai when you needed him? Koromon was hanging on to the edge of the hole. Maybe if he could get TK to find Tai. No. He'd take too long. Koromon would fall. No need to bug Joe anyway. He could easily get Koromon out of the hole.

There's Tai.

Acting like a big shot as always. 'Yeah, well, I saved you digimon so who cares how great you are at soccer!' It still bothered him, though. He wanted to show Tai that he was good at… stuff… too. But how? There was nothing around. Oh wait! That's it! The hole. Tai was terrified of holes! If he could only jump down in but grab the edge and swing back up…

Where's the ledge? 'NO! Come back!' He couldn't grab it. He fell farther into the black hole. Sora stared down at him with a questioningly glance. Where was he going? Was he going to die? This was it! This was how he was going to die! Falling into some bottomless pit; never to see anyone ever again.

It hurt! Something was squeezing him! It made him feel like his insides were being crushed. Like a strong hand had taken a hold of him. The Devil's maybe? He was going to die. He was going to die. No more life. Everything was getting more painful now. The hand clutched him tighter and tighter, refusing to let go…

Then he was released.

"Matt! Get up! You're going to be late for school! Matt!"

Mr. Ishida looked towards his son's room. The door remained closed and no sound came, indicating that Matt was obviously ignoring him and choosing to sleep. Grumbling under his breath, Mr. Ishida stomped to the room. He banged on the door, but still got nothing. He could hear Matt's alarm going off. What was with his son anyway?

"Matt, I said get up!" Mr. Ishida shouted as he flung the door open. Matt had his blankets pulled over his head, but one arm stuck out from underneath. He didn't move. Mr. Ishida turned off the alarm clock. The beeping noise was rather agitating! "Now, Matt, I hope you don't plan to do this everyday because I am not going to fight you. Matt? Matt? MATT?"

Still nothing.

"Matt…" Mr. Ishida said softly. He reached over and touched his son's arm, withdrawing quickly. It was icy. Frightened, Mr. Ishida jerked the blankets off. Matt was pale. Terrifyingly pale. His lips were blue and he looked so… cold. Was he even breathing?!?!?!

"Matt! Oh my Lord! Matt? Please!" Mr. Ishida cried. He pulled his son up to a sitting position and shook him lightly. Matt was limp in his arms. He carefully laid Matt back down and grabbed his wrist. "Oh please don't be dead. Please…"

A heart beat.

He gave a sigh with relief. It was faint, but it was there. Gently setting his son's wrist back down, Mr. Ishida ran to the phone. What had happened? Matt was so healthy the night before… Was he sick? But how? He couldn't get that sick in so little time, could he?

Where was he falling to? Where was he now? The only way he could tell he was falling was because of the giant spirals that were zooming past. Other than that, his hair wasn't flapping like it normally would if you were falling, or his clothes. There was no wind. No air. It was all nothing. Just blackness. And the spirals whooshing by, of course.

What had happened? He'd thought everything was a dream! He KNEW it was! But now everything was real. He'd fallen into a black hole in his dream… what had happened to his body? Maybe his mind was trapped somewhere. But where? How could your mind get trapped in your own head?

He had to get to those spirals. There was something about them that made him feel an urge to grab onto one of them. But they were so far away… How could he get to them? Maybe if he tried walking… on what?

He still tried. He could walk… while he was falling… this was… possible? He managed to reach the closest spiral, though it seemed like an hours. Walking on nothing was rather hard to do.

The doctor closed the hospital room's door quietly. Matt's mom and dad, and friends were waiting outside of the room. They were all stricken with fear and wondered what was going on. The only thing that most of them knew was that they'd been taken out of school because something was wrong with their friend, Matt Ishida.

Everyone watched the doctor walk towards them apprehensively. He looked solemn, making them all think the worst had happened. The doctor sighed and started. "I'm sorry, but your son has fallen into a comma. We don't exactly know how, but some serious brain activity is going on. We're completely stumped to be frank."

"A c-comma? You don't know how? He just slipped into a…" Matt's mother said. She burst into tears "Why Matt? What has happened to my baby?"

TK tried to comfort her, but was doing a very good job considering he was in shock himself. Matt? In a comma? For no reason? That didn't make sense to him… that didn't make sense at all! How could someone just fall into a comma? There must have been something wrong. The doctors must have done something wrong.

"Can we see him?" Tai asked. His voice shivered. What if Matt had some rare disease? What if Matt never came out of his comma? No, that wouldn't happen. Matt would make it. He always made it through everything. He reminded Tai of a dog that just kept coming home.

The doctor nodded and they rushed into Matt's room. He still looked incredibly pale and sickly. Tai, Sora, and TK crowded on one side of the hospital bed and his parents got on the other side. The others stood at the bottom. Matt looked so… lifeless. He looked so away from reality, and, shockingly enough, like he'd never come back to them.

How far was this thing? It couldn't really be a bottomless pit could it? There was no such thing. He looked up. The hole he'd fallen through had disappeared, or at least he couldn't see it anymore. He frowned and turned around to look at the spiral that he was standing on. It was pinkish white. Why did everything have to be pink? Maybe he'd fallen into Mimi's mind…

"That probably would happen to me. My life is full of such fun stuff," he grumbled. But his hope sparked when he saw a door. He ran to it and opened it. The place on the other side was dark. 'Great, more blackness. Pink and black, I'm beginning to hate those colors…"

To his surprise, lights flickered on. He could now see that it was a white room. A very LARGE white room and went on forever, like the hole. Everything was so white! It was blinding! He'd been told once that it took .03 seconds for a person to go insane if they were stuck inside a completely white room with no end. 'Well, there's only one way to find out…'

He stepped inside.

"Look! Matt's eyes are opening!"

Everyone gasped as Matt's eyes opened. They didn't seem to be staring at anything, but to them it was a flicker of hope. Yolei ran to get the doctor while the others prayed that this was an advance in his condition. Yolei and the doctor came running in, the others moving out of the way so the man could check Matt.

He sighed. "I'm sorry. This isn't an improvement. Sometimes a comma patient's eyes will open for a little while. They'll probably be closing in a few minutes."

Their hopes were shattered.

The white room changed almost immediately. As soon as he took a step, everything went from completely white to something familiar: his house. He didn't understand it. His house was so… clean. And what had happened to the white room? He knew it had been there. 'Maybe I've gone crazy like I guessed.'

"Matt! Hey buddy!"

He spun around. "Tai?"

"Of course! Who'd you think I was? Santa Claus?" Tai appeared to be quite happy. It made Matt smile.

"I must be in another dream…" Matt said. Tai's eyes twinkled.

"Not quite, but very close," Tai laughed. He smiled warmly at Matt. "You're not afraid are you?"

"No. Just confused. Where are I if not a dream? Am I alive or dead?" Matt asked. With each question he got more and more confused. Tai chuckled at his bewilderment and took his hand, still smiling just as warmly as before. Matt smiled back, although a bit uneasy now.

"You'll be fine. You're not dead. And I'll take care of you," Tai whispered.

"Uh, Tai?"

Tai laughed again, more wild now. "You have no idea, do you?"

"Idea about what?" Matt asked. He shook his hand away from Tai's, eyeing the brunette suspiciously.

Tai suddenly became very serious. "I love you Matt."

"WHAT?!?!?!" Matt yelped and leaped away from Tai. "Okay, now I KNOW this is a dream! This is all a dream! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Matt shut up!"

Matt spun around only to come face to face with TK. "TK?"

"Well duh! You are seriously stupid, you know that?" TK growled. Matt backed away from his younger brother, bumping against Tai. He yelped again and moved away from Tai also.

"What's going on?" Matt asked, shivering.

"TK! Let me!" Tai said abruptly. TK scowled and looked away. Tai turned to Matt and said softly, "We're the same people Matt. You're not in a dream. You're deep inside yourself – inside your mind. You're seeing the things about us that you've known all along, but hid inside yourself and refused to believe."

Matt took this in and frowned. "So I've always known that TK's a jerk and that you… love me?"

"That's right. Do you want a cookie?" TK snorted. Matt and Tai ignored him.

"Yes. You always pushed these things down. Now you get to see your subconscious version of us! Isn't that fun?"

"No. It's not. I want to go home." Matt slid down the wall and pulled his knees up to his chest. This was not happening. It couldn't be. This was all a dream. This was all a dream. This was all a DREAM!

Something buzzed and a little screen popped up above Matt. He stared at it, a bit confused, not that he hadn't been already. He gave Tai a questioningly look and the brunette happily explained.

"Your seeing what's going on outside," Tai said cheerfully.

Matt frowned. "Out side?"

"Yeah! Like as in – how should I put this – what's going on outside of your mind. What you're seeing," Tai explained. Matt nodded and looked back at his screen. He could see his mom, dad, brother, Sora, the other Tai, and everyone else. They looked so worried… so upset. Some of them were crying.

But there was no sound. Matt glanced back at Tai. "Why can't I hear what their saying?"

"Because that's your eyes, not your ears stupid," TK grumbled. Matt felt like telling his brother to be quiet, but somehow got the feeling that that wouldn't help. If this was TK's inner self that he'd known all along, then there was nothing he could do to change it. But damn, TK was being a complete jerk.

The screen flashed and then disappeared. "Your eyes closed," Tai clarified. Matt nodded and got to his feet.

"So, what now brown cow?"

Akemi and Istu leaned over Matt. They were the only two in the hospital room other than Matt's parents, brother, and Tai. The others had to leave, most regretfully. Gendo and Toshiki couldn't come but sent their best wishes. Now the two band members leaned over Matt with the most mournful expressions on their face.

Akemi sighed. "Now who's going to be our lead singer?"

Istu gave him a good whack on the head.

"AKEMI!! What are you doing here?" Matt shouted happily. "Wait, don't answer that. You must be in my mind, too."

"That's because I'm here!" Akemi said just as happily and gave Matt a hug.

Matt cocked his head. "Huh?"

"He's with you right now in real life, so your body somehow makes the connection. Cool huh?" Tai explained.

"Hey Matt, now that you're lost in your own mind… ?" Istu posed. Matt glared at him.

"Forget it. I may not know what's going on, but I still won't sleep with you! Stop asking," Matt complained. Istu laughed and gave him a wink. Matt scanned the room. "Does this mean that TK is no longer by my bedside – or whatever?"

Akemi and Istu shrugged. Tai nodded. Matt looked at Akemi and Istu blankly. "Please don't tell me that you act exactly the same as you normally do!"

"Yep! There's not much about ourselves that we keep from you!" Istu smiled. He added, "Or anybody for that matter!!"

"So how do I get out of my mind?" Matt asked.

"You have to reach the hole in which your mind slipped through or you'll be trapped forever inside this dream world. But things wont be easy. Trying to get back to the real world is very hard to do. You may not be given the time to reach the top either," Akemi said. They all looked at him. "WHAT?!"

Matt laughed. "Nothing. Forget about it."


Okay, not finished yet. I hope you all like the plot.