Victory Unintentional

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May you live in interesting times. May you come to the attention of those in authority. May you find what you are looking for. Trinity of Chinese curses

Victory Unintentional

Chapter 1:


Captain's Log: I beg to report to the High Command that the Destroyer FarSeeker has established high orbit around the planet known to its inhabitants as Earth. We are currently on full alert pending sensor readings of the planet and its defenses. If all readings match missions parameters then we will implement Phase 1 of Operation Grab and Go. War Leader Dacht'his has expressed his contempt with our precautions and has stated that he could conquer the planet below us with a squad of WarriorPrimes in about one earth day. I have warned him of overconfidence and reminded him of a similar case he was involved in ten time cycles ago. He was not pleased with my reminder and has since retired to his cabin to consult with his seconds. This report filed on the Twenty-third year of our Majesty's Reign and the Three hundredth and Tenth year of the Imperium. Ten'Lav, Captain of FarSeeker, Head of Clan Lav. Order of the Imperium first class. Sept of Kath' less. Defender of Homespace.

End report.

To Admiral Nutchess'led

Chief of Staff, Imperial War Council

My old friend,

These milk runs are getting on my nerves, go to a planet, collect samples of the intelligent life, run tests and then release them. I would much rather face a squadron of enemy ships than keep doing this for another day, yet alone, the two time cycles I have to go to finish my tour of duty. I just wish something interesting would happen to liven up this dull duty.

Best of luck always,


P.S. You are right Dacht'his is an insufferable know -it- all that has managed to alienate every member of the crew. He is currently sulking in his cabin after I had to chew him out for arrogance above and beyond the call of duty. It may be unpatriotic, but, I find myself wishing he gets his comeuppance somehow.



Captain Ten'Lav sat in the command chair of his latest post of duty and considered the blue planet on the main screen before him, slowly turning beneath his ship, with the jaded eye of the seasoned traveler who had seen too many new planets and too many unusual sights ever to be truly surprised at what he found. With a sigh he turned to his duties.

"Alert the transporter room to prepare for operation as soon as suitable targets can be located." He commanded.

Lake Middleton Late evening:

At the edge of the lake sat a standard Global Justice two person hovercraft. In it sat the two teens known all across the world as Team Possible. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable had just finished up a difficult mission and Dr. Director had allowed the teens to borrow the hovercraft to return home with. It had been Kim's idea to divert to the lake for a late night make out session. Once Kim mentioned it to Ron, with him calling the 'rents to let them know where they were, she happily changed course toward the lake.

It was an odd looking couple that snuggled in the wide bench seat of the craft. Kim was dressed in her blue and white battle suit and Ron was in his standard grey cargos and black top.

"Ron, you never told me how you became such a spankin' good kisser." Kim questioned as she paused for air after a long and deep kiss with her BF.

"Practice KP, lots and lots of practice with my badical GF." Ron replied looking into her beautiful green eyes.

"Well they say practice makes perfect." Kim replied breathlessly as she looked into her boyfriends chocolate brown eyes and pulled him down into another deep kiss.

In high orbit above the planet….

"Sir, we have located two suitable targets next to a large body of water. They are alone and conform to all mission requirements." The Transporter Tech reported to his superior.

"Very well, lock on targets prepare to engage transport."

"Captain, we have locked on two suitable targets and await your order to proceed." announced the Transporter Chief over the ships communication net.

"Very well Chief engage when ready." Replied the Captain

"Transport." commanded the Chief.

"Aye Sir, transporting now."

Lake Middleton…..

If there was one thing Ron Stoppable like better than kissing Kim Possible it was just holding her. All those years as best friends, all the snuggling on those long, cold flights to far away lands when they huddled just for the shared heat took on added meaning now.

Holding her light but strong body against him, feeling her heart pumping as she snuggled,

running his hands through her flippy hair was as intoxicating as the strongest drink. He never closed his eyes when he kissed Kim like other guys said they did with their girlfriends. He wanted to drink in a sight few people could lay claim to Kim up close. The faint spread of freckles across her nose that she hated and covered with make-up even though he said they looked cute on her. Those eyes, the most expressive eyes. green eyes….green….huh?

Ron broke off the kiss and began to look around him leaving a startled Kim gasping for air.


"Kim does it look awfully green around here?" Ron asked releasing Kim to sit up.

"Green….What….Wait it is awfully green around here .What's the sitch?" Kim asks as she looks around.

Kim and Ron look at each other and are shocked to see what appears to be the other one dissolving.



The green transporter beam winks off leaving a deserted hovercraft sitting abandoned along the shores of a large lake.

In high orbit above the planet…….

"Transport complete Captain. The test subjects have been delivered to the examination rooms as per protocol. All readings are normal"

"Very well," acknowledged the Captain. Pressing a control on his command chair he contacted the head of the science department's office. "Mr. Hanzar'Aq your subjects have been delivered to the examination rooms and have been secured."

"Thank you Captain." The head scientist replied with barely suppressed excitement. "We'll get right on it."

"Acknowledged, Captain Out." Replied Ten has he pressed the control that cut communications. Ten shook his head slowly. They may be some of the finest minds in the galaxy but, Captain Ten'Lav got the shivers every time he had to work with those little grey people with the big black eyes. They just took such joy in the work. He even wondered if they ever thought about what they did to their subjects in the name of science. Oh sure it left no lasting harm to the test subjects, but still, he shuddered, he couldn't understand for the life of him why they had to do those anal probes!

The Captain looked around his bridge and nodded in satisfaction. They were a good crew, doing a hard job, under trying circumstances. He noticed the polished professionalism they displayed going about their assigned tasks. I could do worse, he mused, too bad they won't see any real action this time out.

Sensei, the master of the Yamanuchi School., had once explained to Yori, and some of the other advanced students, just why Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were such an effective team.

"They are the perfect example of balance, the living proof of Yin and Yang, chaos and order, creation and destruction, children of both science and magic. Apart they are less than they can be, together they are more than they can imagine."

Examination Room One was located deep in the bowels of the Destroyer FarSeeker. A Red haired, green eyed, one hundred and five pound, senior head cheerleader was secured to a table. Her body was covered by the most sophisticated example of a cybernetic battle system ever created on the planet. In the pouch that hung on her right side sat some of the most unique tools ever imagined. All created by a twelve year child who was smarter than ninety-nine percent of the people on the planet.

Examination Room Two was located just a short distance away. In it a blonde haired, brown eyed, one hundred seventy five pound senior running back, floated approximately one foot above the table that had secured him, glowing with a blue light and with what appeared to be a Japanese Katana strapped to his back.

Ten'Lav, Captain of FarSeeker. Head of Clan Lav. Order of the Imperium First Class. Sept of Kath' less. Defender of Homespace. Sat in his command chair and watched his crew perform their assigned tasks. Had he been a superstitious person he would have felt a cold trickle creeping up his back. If he was a religious person he would have prayed to any god that might consent to listen to him. Unfortunately he was an ignorant person so he went about his duties unaware of the chaos that was about to happen to his ship, his crew, and himself. By the time his adventure was over he could fully understand, if he had been aware of it, a trinity of old Chinese curses: 'May you live in interesting times. May you come to the attention of those in authority, May you find what you are looking for.'

As Kim and Ron slept off the effects of the tranquilizing mist that had overcome them as they were transported to the ship in orbit, two sets of conversations were taking place on the planet below.

Possible Household, Middleton

Dr. Anne Possible answered her cell phone that was ringing in her pocket. On the other end a distraught Wade Load asked frantically.

"Dr. Possible, are Kim and Ron there?"

"No, I believe they are out at Middleton Lake, probably necking, and thinking I don't know about it. Why?"

"I can't get the Kimmunicator on line. I not getting any signal at all and their tracking chips aren't working either."

"You have Kim chipped? Does she know about it?"

"Well she knows about Ron's. It never came up about hers."

"And you didn't bother to tell her either did you?" Anne asked with a growl.

"Dr. Possible they go all over the world how else am I supposed to help them if I don't have a way to track them?"

"I'm not saying it's a bad idea Wade, I just think you should tell them and let them make up their own minds about it. Now why are you in such a hurry to find them? Is something wrong?"

"There may be, I'm not sure."

"Explain please."

"Do you remember how the first battle suit was shorted out by Synthodrone 901?"


"Well I improved the next one with better shielding so that couldn't happen again. Then Ron borrowed it to get on the football team, Dementor managed to get control of it, then Kim's cousin Larry wore it. Mrs. Possible that suit is too dangerous for untrained people to use, so I improved the one Kim has so that no one but her could use it."

"Again that sounds like a good idea, why are you worried?"

"I covered the entire inside of the suit with thousands of neural interfaces, so that it connects electrically to Kim's nervous system. There is a three point reference that has to be implemented so that the systems can come on line."

"And those are?" Anne asked, beginning to get worried.

"The three are Neural, DNA, and Brain Wave scans. All three must match in order for the suit functions to come on line. Anything less than all three and it's just a one-piece suit that looks different and is insulated."

"Are you saying that this suit can physically connect to Kim's nervous system? What happens if she can't take it off? Is she stuck with it on forever? What about feedback, does an injury to the suit cause Kim pain like it was her own flesh?" Anne was almost shouting at the tech genius now.

"Mrs. Possible please, I thought about all that before I ever built the suit. It's connected electrically not physically; Kim can take it off whenever she wants. It uses the electrochemical functions of the nervous system in the skin cells. It has no pain receptors so it can't feel pain. What I didn't expect was that the suit may be modifying itself to Kim better than I designed it."

Dr. Anne Possible could feel a headache forming in the back areas of her brain as she tried to digest just what this young boy was saying.

"Just how is the suit modifying itself?"

"Kim has been reporting some glitches in the suit operations, nothing serious, just odd occurrences that the suit has been displaying. At first I thought it might be just the normal problems that any new tech displays when you go from the lab to the field. But, I begin to run some virtual simulations on what happened, where, and under what conditions. The suit went into stealth mode when Kim was trying to avoid some reporters. It went into shield mode when Ron was annoying her. The grapple fired when she was trying to avoid some fans. Kim swears that she didn't activate any of the functions herself. I think that the suit maybe reacting to Kim's unconscious desires. The suit, may be adjusting itself to comply with any thing it interprets Kim wants done."

"Are you telling me that suit can think?"

"No ma'am, but the processors in the circuitry are the most advanced on the planet. It can't think but it can process information so fast it might be mistaken for a rudimentary intelligence. It can literally act at the speed of thought."

"What do we do now…?"

"We find Kim, let me examine the suit and run tests on it to be sure it's acting the way I designed it to."

"This means we have to find Kimmie as fast as we can…."


The Yamanuchi School, Japan

"The essence of magic is deceit." Sensei explained to his students this night. 'The first deceit is that the magician must fool nature into doing something it would not normally allow. This involves the magician using his abilities in a carefully controlled way to chance any outcome into a result he desires. The second deceit is that the magician fools himself into thinking that he can foresee all the changes that his manipulations will allow. This is especially true of the Mystical Monkey Power, it personifies the chaos of the universe and the randomness of the primates it is named after. Any one practicing this magic must keep careful control over the forces they work with or disaster will follow."

Wade had been right about Kim's battle suit not being intelligent, it couldn't think, only do what it was commanded to do by the user. However that didn't stop Kim's brain from finding the proper pathways to access the suits functions on an instinctual level. The logical side of her mind ran through all suits functions and determined the proper commands for proper operations. The emotional side of her mind decided that the suit didn't have any offensive weapons, which had been left out by Wade at the insistence of Kim, and did something about it by absorbing the pouch hanging on the right side of her suit and integrating all of the gadgets Wade had made into the suit proper. With both offensive and defensive systems ready and on-line the fully integrated Mark 3 Battle Suit awaited its mistress's commands.

Just down the hall Ron's Mystical Monkey Power was having an almost similar effect on its user. The MMP was different from the battle suit in several ways; it was a force of nature, the living example of the chaos of the universe. It also was, in its own way, intelligent. It was able to indirectly influence the wielder of the power in subtle ways. It was, by its very nature, destructive. Chaos seeks to destroy order whenever it finds it. It should be no surprise then that Ron's MMP was radiating from his body like a small blue sun, seeking out the ships computer systems and attacking them like a hungry Ron would a plate of nachos.

Kim and Ron began to wake up. Kim with a slight headache and a fully realized battle suit, possessing capabilities she wasn't fully aware of. Ron with a huge grin from a fading dream about Kim and a silk nightgown, his MMP racing through the computer systems of the large star ship on the microprocessor level rewriting code as it went.

And Sensei was correct. "The essence of magic is deceit."