Victory Unintentional

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I've had a wonderful evening - but this wasn't it." - Groucho Marx

Victory Unintentional

Chapter 6

Revenge of the Med Tech.

Just outside of Corridor 23, Deck 37 the ships chief security officer stopped to brief his troops.

"Remember the plan: you are to drive the two humans toward Recreation Room Three. You are not to actively engage them. You are not to cause them any harm at all. Is that clear?"

"Sir, what if ……?" one nervous security member started to ask.

"Drive them only trooper. Only drive them. Remember 'Standing Order One': 'No test subjects are to be harmed before, during or after examination.' Ok now remember they have, so far, caused massive failures throughout the ship, made the ship do some things I had no idea it had the capability of doing and defeated all the Warrior Primes on the ship."

The last was said with a certain sense of satisfaction, as he recalled the WarLeader's dismissive comments about his security people.

"So be careful. Now the Captain had told me that we have control of the ship's systems again. He has also told me that all the doors and corridors except those leading to Recreation Room Three are closed and locked. We drive them to the room, lock them in and wait until we are told to go in. Understood?"

"Yes sir!" they replied in unison.

"Keep your communication devices on broadcast, the Captain wants to monitor the situation. Let's move out."

Team Possible

"Ron, I don't like it. None of the doors we've tried will open."

Well KP, maybe they're always locked. I haven't tried to open many doors since I got free. And I pulled all the MMP out of the systems so I don't think I can make the ship obey my commands anymore."

"Do you think you could, you know, infect the ship again?"

"Thanks KP. You make me sound like a bug. And yeah I think I could but, it's a big ship and it might take time. Do you want to stand out here like this while I try?"

"Point taken, I just get the feeling that the whole sitch is sort of ….."


"Still pretty sure that's not a word, but, yeah."

Kim stopped for a minute and cocked her head a bit to hear better.

"Ron do you hear something?"

"You mean the sound of a lot of running feet coming this way?"

"Ron! You heard that and didn't tell me?"

"Well I was kinda hoping that I was hearing things KP."

"Ron….." She began when she saw movement up the corridor in which they were

currently standing. "Run."

Team Possible began a dash down the corridor, followed by the ship's security force in hot pursuit.


"Communications, keep an open line to the security people trying to herd our troublesome guests to Recreation Room Three please." Ten'Lav requested of his bridge staff.

"Yes sir. Do you want it on speakers?" the officer questioned.

"Go ahead."

The communications officer flipped a switch and the bridge was filled with the sounds of a running pursuit.

"Come on people don't let them get too far ahead of us."

"Sir, what is that goop…….."

"Keep away from that stuff it will ……."

"Sir, I have three of my squad stuck to the wall….keep back, keep back!"

"Watch out for that pink stuff. You don't want to know what it will do to you."

"Too late!"

"Is that stuff dissolving their uniforms?"

"Medical, Medical get up here quick!"

"What is that loud noise?"

"It's the other human, the male; it's screaming and running around."

"Don't let it get between ….."

"Don't shoot, you……"

"Nice going you idiot! You just stunned five of your own men."

"The male is running around the corner. Where's the female?"

"Watch out it's ……….."

"There's more of that goop coming….."

"Duck you idiot!"

"Great six more stuck to the wall. What IS that stuff?"

"It's not as bad as that pink junk."


Team Possible

As Kim was causing chaos among what was left of the security people, Ron had his glove off and was pressing his bare hand against the bulkhead, a look of intense concentration on his face. 'There, that's it.' Ron thought. "Just a twitch and….."

"Kim!" Ron called out. "Let's get out of here. It's about to get really messy pretty soon!"

"Coming!" Kim called out as she flew past him. "Let's go!"

The two members of Team Possible ran down the corridor and ducked into the only door that was open to them just as fire suppression foam began to spray from concealed nozzles all over the ship. The door of Recreation Room Three shut just as the foam began to fill the corridors outside the door and in compartments all over the ship.

On the bridge, Captain Ten'Lav sat in his command chair and watched, as his crew and every square inch of his bridge got coated with white sticky foam that would soon turn into a sludge with the consistency of snot, with a resigned air.

Holding his hands over his eyes to keep out the foam, he bellowed: "Turn that foam off and get the security people back on line!"

"Yes sir. Security detail back on speaker." the muffled reply came back to him.

"Where are the humans, Chief?" Ten questioned.

"We have them sealed off in Rec. Room Three sir."

Captain Ten'lav turned to call out another order when, all over the ship, the most horrendous noise began to emit from its speakers, drowning out all conversation

Ten looked over to his foam encrusted second in command and asked. "Is it……?" he screamed to be heard over the dim.

"Yes sir, it's that opera, again." his second screamed back.

"Turn it off before I loose what's left of my sanity!" Ten roared.

When the impromptu opera concert was suddenly cut off, Ten then turned to his communications officer and ordered: "Get me the Transport Chief please."

"Transport Chief on speaker sir."

"Chief have you got a lock on those two walking disasters?"

"Checking sir…….Yes sir, locked on and ready."

"Captain, the Chief Medical Officer is asking for you." the Comm. Officer announced.

"Stand by chief. Yes Doctor, what can I do for you?"

"Sir, are you going to send the humans back anytime soon?"

"As quickly as we can doctor."

"We have to wipe their short term memory before you can do that."

"How is that accomplished Doctor?"

"A simple injection, it disrupts neural functions and causes short term memory loss."

"How much of this wonder drug do you have?"

"Not much. Why Captain?"

"I was just thinking that it would be nice to give it to the entire crew Doctor. I don't think that there are many crewmembers that would wish to remember the last five hours, that's all. Does it have to be injected?"

"That's the normal procedure. Is there a problem with that method?"

"The problem is that all the Warrior Primes on this ship and three quarters of our ships security people haven't been able to get near them. I doubt that they will let you get close enough to give them a shot. Is there any other way to administer it?"

"Well we could make an aerosol of it, I suppose, then distribute through the ventilation system."

"Excellent Doctor, do it that way and as soon as possible."

Team Possible

Oddly enough, or maybe not Recreation Room Three was the only room in the entire ship that hadn't been flooded by foam or subjected to the empire's version of opera. Kim and Ron studied their surroundings with a practiced eye and did not like the conclusions they had reluctantly drawn.

"We were driven here Ron. It's the only reason they haven't come here after us." Kim stated as she ran to Ron.

"Yeah, KP, but why? I don't see anything dangerous in here." Ron replied as he opened his arms to her.

The young couple came together for a crushing hug. They kissed, gathering both strength and assurance from the presence of the other. Kim placed her cheek against Ron's chest and sighed. This was the first time since they awoke that something wasn't happening to either one or the other. Ron held his love close, luxuriating in the feel of her body against him. He closed his eyes and buried his head in her hair, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her shampoo.

"So KP what do we do now?" Ron whispered into her hair, his eyes still closed.

"You got me.", Kim sighed into Ron's chest, "but whatever happens they'll know that they messed with the wrong people this time."

So intent were the young lovers on each other that they did not notice the room filling up with a light green mist.

Ron opened his eyes and remarked, "Kim is it just me, or is it awfully green in here?"

Kim pulled back. "Green? What do you mean green….."

"Captain to Chief, transport, now."

Lake Middleton

"Ron what do you mean ……… Where are we?"

"Where's the hovercraft? Why are we clear down here by the lake? I thought you parked further up the bluff." Ron questioned.

"I did. Why are we down by the lake anyway?" Kim responded as she looked over their surroundings.

"Wow, talk about being caught up in the moment." Ron remarked. "I didn't think we spaced out this much when we kissed."

"Come on Ron." Kim replied as she grabbed his hand. "Let's find the hovercraft and go home. I have no idea what time it is and I don't want to get grounded."

The couple climbed the bluff, hand in hand, to where the hovercraft was parked. Just as they arrived two vehicles pulled up, almost at the same time. One was a G.J. hovercraft like theirs and the other was Kim's dad's bronze Jaguar.

"I told Dr. Director that letting amateurs use official vehicles was a bad idea. Kimberly do you and your boyfriend have nothing better to do than use official vehicles to make out by a lake?" Will Du questioned.

"I would like to hear the answer to that question myself Kimmie-cub." her father remarked standing near the open door of his Jag. "Do you know its two hours past your curfew? What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Daddy I can…." Kim began, if it was one thing she disliked worse than Will Du, it was being yelled at by her father in front of Will Du.

"Not another word young lady." Dr. Possible growled cutting off his daughter's explanation. "We'll discuss this when we get home."

"And as for you Ronald," Dr. Possible rounded on Kim's boyfriend. "I thought I could trust you to get my daughter home at a reasonable time."

"Not a word." Dr. Possible said as he cut off any reply Ron was about to make. "Get in the car now."

Kim's dad turned to Will Du as the former was getting behind the controls of the hovercraft that Kim had flown to the lake.

"Agent Du, I would like to thank you for helping me find my daughter."

"Think nothing of it Dr. Possible. Perhaps Kimberly should stick to babysitting, less chance of her misplacing valuable equipment that way." Du remarked, as he engaged the rotors and began to fly away.

James Possible watched the agent fly away for a minute before climbing behind the wheel of his car. He looked in his rear view mirror at two anxious teens in the back seat.

"Kimmie-cub….." he began.

"Yes Daddy….."

"Is he always such a pompous ass, or did he do it just for me?" he questioned.

"Actually Daddy he was being nice for you." Kim explained, a slow smile spreading

across her face.

James Possible snorted in amusement. "Maybe I shouldn't punish you for your stunt just for that comment."

He put the car in drive and started to leave the lake side. "You do realize that some punishment is in order for the stunt you both pulled tonight don't you?" Seeing Kim's head nod in the rear mirror he grunted. "Come on lets get you two home. I want to know want you two have been up to all night."

"Nothing much, Mr.Dr.P, nothing worth remembering anyway." Ron replied as he cuddled with Kim in the backseat of her father's car.

In high orbit

"Navigator best speed away from this planet before it does something else to us."

Ten ordered.

"Yes sir." the officer replied. "Breaking orbit now."

The Destroyer FarSeeker lifted her bow and sped away from the planet as if the hounds of some netherworld were after her. The crew began to notice a shudder that passed through the ship at odd intervals as it increased speed toward the outer planets.

If the ship were a living thing you could almost say it had developed a nervous twitch.


Sensei had watched for hours as the Lotus Blade flickered in and out of visibility upon its stand of honor. After everything appeared to be finished, he smiled with relief.

'Stoppable-san has acquitted himself well.' the old master thought. 'Even though he awoke in a strange place and in possible danger he cared only for the welfare of Possible-san and did only enough to free them. I wonder if he realized that, if he wanted to, he could have destroyed the ship.'

Sensei nodded and arose from the lotus position he has been in while he watched the performance of the sword. He was convinced, more than ever, that Stoppable-san had been chosen by the blade for a reason beyond his connection to Ti-Shing-Pec-Whar.

"An interesting solution to your situation Stoppable-san," Sensei murmured, walking back to his quarters. The smile he wore was hidden by his long, flowing beard "I would not have thought of the septic system as a weapon. A most pungent weapon indeed……"


The young tech genius of Team Possible had been examining Kim's battle suit since she had returned from her mission and detour to the lake. If there was one thing Wade liked more that inventing things for the team it was puzzles, and he had a beauty here. First of all neither Kim nor Ron had any clear memories of the last five hours.

Questions asked by two sets of parents about what they had been doing had produced little in the way of answers that satisfied anybody. Wade had been able to get the suit just before Kim and Ron had been grounded for a week for breaking, ok shattering, Kim's curfew.

The second problem had been Kim wondering where her pouch, that carried her specialized tools, had gone along with her tools. Wade had been surprised to discover that, somehow, they had been absorbed into the suit. What had made the surprise even more perplexing was that almost all of them were either low or empty. What had Kim been doing that she now didn't remember?

Outer reaches of the solar system

The Far Seeker hung in deep space just beyond the edge of the solar system and awaited its Captain's orders. Ten'Lav had briefly considered placing a warning buoy at the far reaches of this system, a warning to any intelligent race to stay away from the third planet from the sun. He rejected the notion as soon as he recalled having read reports that a Lowardian ship had visited that world once. In Ten's opinion any race stupid enough to go back to that planet, with the possibility of running into those two, deserved anything it got.

Ten'Lav sat down in his command chair and said, "Prepare for the jump to light speed."

All around him, the great ship came to life as it prepared to leap back into the vast reaches of space.

He looked over his bridge crew. The same people filled the seats but the attitude was decidedly different. Where once there had been a happy, relaxed group of professional spacers, there was now the general feeling of a hunted animal that had just barely escaped the predator's jaws. He had offered to delay jump so they could get out of their snot-like encrusted uniforms and into something more comfortable. They had insisted, well begged actually, to be allowed to jump as far away from that planet as possible before some other calamity befell them.

Ten'Lav thought they were being a bit paranoid about the whole thing and was going to order them to change, when a huge glop of snot-like foam dropped down from the ceiling and landed on the back of his head, and then began to ooze down his back.

"Helm, engage engines and jump now!" he commanded as he squirmed in his seat.

The FarSeeker engaged its engines and leapt into the darkness, with a Captain devoutly

hoping he would never have to return to that planet again.

"Captain we have a call from security on line one." his Security Officer reported.

"Captain here, go ahead."

"Sir this is Security down on Deck 37 and we have an incident."

"What happened?"

"Sir a Senior Med Tech attacked three security personnel and did considerable damage to them."

"A Med Tech? What happened?"

"Well sir, we were doing a room by room search for any damage because of the unpleasantness that happened on this deck. We entered the exam room were the earth female escaped from and found the Med Tech strapped to the exam table. She was just babbling when they released her. She then turned around and attacked them all. We finally had to drug her to capture her."

"Did she say anything that might explain why she did that?"

"Just babbling sir, only one word was clear and it made no sense."

"What was she saying?"

"She just kept repeating the words anal-probe sir."

"Anal-probe, that's all she said?

"Yes sir, anal-probe."

Senior Medical Technician Rehsup'Lip lay restrained in the ships medical department. She looked straight ahead,seeing nothing of her surroundings while slowly stroking something that was in her tunic pocket. It was the anal probe that had 'examaned' her so thoughly for almost five hours as she had been on that examination table.

"Soon," She crooned softly. "Soon they will forget all about me. Then they will see how it feels. Then I'll show them what its like."

She suddenly smiled as she thought of what she would do to the Chief Medical Officer. She couldn't wait.


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