Hey, so this is my first ever twilight fan fiction. I hope it's not crap. Please be honest and let me know what you think. For now, it's rated M, but I'm not sure if it will stay. Same with the title, I might change it if I happen to think of something better. Enjoy, :).

The Assistant.


I always knew it was wrong. She put her trust in me and I betrayed it. As I stared at the sleeping figure next to me, I couldn't help feeling the same guilt I'd been feeling for a year now.

Elizabeth Masen had hired me to be her assistant and instead, I was sleeping with her son.

I had tried so hard not to fall in love with him because I knew how much he meant to her. Edward was her only son and all she had left after the death of her husband. She had no other immediate family except him. No parents, no brothers, no sisters, no in-laws. She didn't even have any real friends. Edward was her son and her best friend. She had trusted me to be around him and I had failed her, unbeknownst to her.


"Welcome to my home, Isabella. I'm very pleased to have you" Elizabeth smiled as I entered her Seattle mansion. "I only hope Charlie has provided you with some background on what you'll be doing…" she continued.

Charlie Swan was my father and also the chief of police in the tiny town of Forks, Washington. He had a police conference in Seattle one weekend and stumbled upon a drunken underage Edward. It happened that Elizabeth was in search for an assistant to help her run her deceased husband's multi-million dollar company and Charlie was in search of a job for myself. Charlie explained his situation to Elizabeth and she offered to hire me in exchange for Edward to be let free and the whole thing just forgotten, thus leaving Charlie happy, me with a job and Edward out of jail and without a criminal record. A week later, I was having business-free lunch with Elizabeth so she could get to know me better and find out if she could trust me. She was ecstatic to learn she could and by the end of dinner, she said Edward being caught by my father just might have been the best thing to happen all year. It made me happy to hear that. Three days later, I was at her house ready to begin my first day.

"He was quite vague" I answered truthfully. I wasn't really sure how the whole "assistant" thing worked. A maid took my jacket and hung it in the coat-closet.

"Well, before we dive into work, we'll start with a simple tour of the house so you can find your way around" Elizabeth smiled warmly as she touched me arm and guided me through the first floor of the house, explaining each room as she went. "Now, you should know that the basement is Edward's territory. He goes down there mostly when his friends are over. Other than that, he spends most of his time in his room or out with whomever" she explained when we reached the door to the basement; however we didn't go down into it.

Then she took me upstairs. There was a master bedroom that was her's, a room next to it, not quite as large, but still fairly huge that was considered a guest room, where she said I would sleep had I ever needed to spend the night. It was decorated a collage of gold, tan and ivory with a queen bed and a small office space. Across the hall from those two rooms was just a very large room that served a duel purpose as both an office and a library. Then I was taken up another flight of stairs where there was a hallway with one door on each side. She led me to the door on the right and opened it to reveal a very pink room that was amazingly decorated. There was a queen bed with a pink canopy hanging over it, a full-round mirror surrounded by mannequins and fabric. A sewing machine sat on a table by the full-length window.

"This room belongs to Mary Alice Brandon. She's a very close friend of Edward's and he insisted she had a room here. I think he like's having her around because she has the ability to always put him in a good mood. You'll see what I mean when you meet her. She's very into fashion-design and shopping" Elizabeth explained, waving her arm at the mannequins and fabric everywhere. "She doesn't sleep here often, maybe two or three times a month"

As she closed the door to that room and turned to explain the other door, it opened and the most beautiful man I'd ever seen stepped out. He had bronze hair in a perfect mess on his head, a tall lean figure and chiseled features. As I stared into his emerald green eyes, I tried to remember how to breathe.

"Ah, just the man I wanted to see" Elizabeth said as she took one of the guy's hands in her own and brought me a step closer to him. "This is my son, Edward and Edward, this Isabella. She'll be working as my personal assistant" she introduced us.

Edward let go of his mother's hand and took one of mine. Bringing it up to his lips, he kissed the back of it. He smiled a crooked smile as he let my hand slowly fall before letting it go.

"It's very nice to meet you, Isabella. My mother has said wonderful things about you" he said in a gentle velvet voice. All thought's left me.

"Please, call me Bella. Elizabeth has spoken highly of you as well" I replied, once I was able to form a coherent sentence. He smiled as his response and then I felt Elizabeth's hand on my arm, turning me away from him and leading me back towards the stairs, Edward following close behind.

"You'll learn to ignore him as he can be very distracting at times" she said, looking over her shoulder to jokingly scold her son. I heard him chuckle behind us and at that moment I knew. No matter how hard I tried, ignoring him would inevitably be impossible…

(End of Flashback)