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Mélisse was a very elegant restaurant. It was very classy in a way where you could dress formally or casually and still fit in. It was large and dimly lit with round tables scattered throughout the room. There were a line of booths at the back where the ceiling acted like an archway over each one. There were a few abstract paintings that commented the rooms' décor very nicely. I'd been here many times before as it was mothers' "special occasion" restaurant. I could see nothing special about this occasion.

My mother even went as far as to make us dress very formally. I had intended to where black slacks and a white button up shirt, but imagine my surprise when I entered my room to find a suit and tie laid out on my bed. I didn't think it was necessary, but put it on anyway and was about to meet my mother downstairs when I saw her in the living talking to someone I barely recognized.

Had I not been so in love with Bella, I would have never figured out it was her who was talking to my mother. I stood on the stairs out of sight, staring at Bella as she laughed at something my mother said. They were both dressed in evening gowns and looked absolutely stunning.

My mother's dress was gold and flowed all the way to floor. It had a low cut neckline with a pleated bust and a beaded band at the empire waistline. The straps were normal in the front, but criss-crossed in the back. She had her auburn hair pinned back into a perfectly placed messy bun. I thought she looked beautiful, even with all of the very noticeable make-up.

Bella looked like a Grecian goddess. That was the only way I could describe her. The dress was a strapless white number that, like my mothers, flowed to the floor. It had a pleated bodice with beading on the circular cut out bands at the empire waist. Her hair was pinned half-way up and then done in soft curls that fell gracefully on her shoulders. Her make-up wasn't done anything like my mothers. You could barely tell she was wearing any. The only thing really noticeable was the black eye-liner and the red lipstick. Other then that, it looked very natural.

I took a breath, not knowing how I would survive not being able to touch Bella for this entire event and made my way into the living room. Both women turned to face me, still smiling about whatever they had been talking about. Bella's eyes lit up when she saw me and I was glad she had her back to my mother or else she would have noticed the lust at which Bella was looking at me with.

"Well Edward, you clean up nice," My mother complimented me as she stepped forward to hug me.

I hugged her back, careful to not damage her appearance. "I could say the same about you mother. You look stunning." I told her as she pulled away and smiled her thanks.

I didn't want to seem rude in front of mother, so I turned to Bella and picked up her hand. I brought it to my lips and placed a small kiss on the back of it. "Bella, beautiful as always" I hoped that wasn't giving too much away.

I released her hand as she pretended to blush for my mothers' sake. "Alice held me captive in my apartment for nearly two hours before she was finished," she smiled as my mother and I laughed.

"Alice will be Alice," my mother said, shaking her head, probably recalling the many events Alice had gotten my mother all dolled up for special events.

I smiled. "Shall we?" I asked, holding my arms out so they could hook their arms around mine.

They each took an arm and I walked them out to the limo my mother had arranged to pick us up. I thought this was all a bit much as it was just dinner, but my mother just laughed and said "You can't expect us to ride in anything less while dressed like this,". I shook my head, glad that my mother was one of the few who still had time to be silly when she wanted.

I spared a glance at Bella who too, was smiling at my mothers comment. I wanted to reach over and kiss her cheek, but there was no way I could do it without being caught. I mentally promised myself that I would do it later, when we were out of sight.

Bella and my mother both let go of my arm as the chauffeur stood holding the limo door open. I stood opposite to him and held my hand out to help the women get into the limo without ruining their dresses. It didn't take a genius to know how expensive the dresses probably were and ruined, they wouldn't be very useful.

After both Bella and my mother were seated, I slid in next to them and the chauffeur closed the door and walked around to the drivers' seat. The limo started and then we were off. I didn't feel nervous because I knew that whoever this "Tanya" was, she was nothing compared to my Bella.

The ride to Mélisse didn't take long. If I had to guess, I would say about ten minutes. I got out first, allowing the chauffeur time to open the door as it was part of his job and I didn't want to make him walk the whole way around for nothing. Once out, I resumed my position by the door with my hand out to help my mother and Bella back out of the limo. I thanked the chauffeur and then turned back to Bella and my mother. I held out my arms again as they each took one and then I led them inside. We stopped where a girl was standing at a podium with a vest and pants suit.

"Hi, how can I help you?" I didn't miss the double meaning to her words as she stared at me.

Apparently, neither did my mother as she narrowed her eyes at the girl and spoke with a slight warning in her voice. "We have a dinner reservation under the name Masen," she told the girl whose nametag read "Mallory".

Mallory looked down at the clipboard in front of her as her eyes scanned the list for our name. "Ah, here you are" she said, seeming to locate it. "Will it just be three?" she asked.

My mother shook her head. "We have one more coming."

Mallory nodded and then looked at a different sheet of paper. "And would you like a table on the floor or a private booth in the back?" she asked.

"Booth," My mother answered, seeming to have already thought about it beforehand.

Mallory nodded and then picked up four menus. "Right this way then." She said, noticing Bella for the first time though I couldn't understand how anyone would miss her.

Mallory glared at Bella and then turned her back and led us to a booth in the corner. She set a menu in each of the four places where we would be sitting and then left, mentioning that our waiter would be over shortly.

Bella slid in first and then my mother sat beside her, saying I should sit on the other side so that when Tanya got here, I could sit next to her. I put on my best fake smile and nodded, sliding in on the bench opposite of Bella.

"So what has Bella told you about Tanya?" my mother asked curiously, resting her chin on her hand that was propped up on her elbow.

I sighed. "Not much. Bella thought it would be better if I got to know Tanya on my own terms. After all, what would there be to talk about if I already knew everything about her?" I answered, saving Bella who had suddenly looked very worried as she had not told me anything about Tanya other than her name.

My mother smiled and turned to Bella. "That was very good thinking Bella, thank you." She told her.

Bella pretended to blush and ducked her head. The three of us continued to talk about random things until our laughter was interrupted when Mallory brought over a fourth to our party of three.

"Tanya, how lovely to see you." My mother greeted her as Tanya took her seat next to me.

Tanya looked very nice, I would give her that. She wore an orange evening gown that had rhinestones adorning the plunging neckline and bodice. There was a sash that tied in the back and cascaded down the front into a ruffle. The flowing ruffle skirt part of the dress reached the floor with a high front slit in the middle. Her blonder hair was tied up with the exception of a small curled strand left out with her bangs that were straightened and pushed to the side. She reminded me very much of Rosalie. The only difference was that Tanya's beauty paled in comparison.

Though I might have been a bit biased, even with all the make-up Tanya wore, Bella was still the prettiest at the table. Tanya's beauty was very made up where as Bella's was natural. Even my mother looked better than Tanya and she was pushing forty-five.

"Lovely to see you too, Elizabeth." Tanya said, and then turned her attention to Bella. I could see the displeasure on her face as she nodded her head towards her. "Bella."

"Nice to see you again, Tanya. You look great." I knew Bella was just being polite, but I couldn't help but notice the look of worry that took over Bella's features as she took in Tanya's appearance.

I knew what she was doing. Bella never saw herself as beautiful. I knew that she was looking at Tanya, thinking I'd be swayed by her beauty to leave her for Tanya. I felt a bit offended that she would even entertain the idea of me leaving her, but I knew it was just her self-esteem telling her lies. I moved my foot to let it rub reassuringly against Bella's leg as her eyes darted over to meet mine.

I stared at her and gave her a smile, telling her I loved her without needing to use words. She smiled and looked down before we could get caught during our silent exchange.

My mother and Tanya were discussing what Tanya did for a living which turned out to be model, go figure. Bella and I were silent, but laughed when it was appropriate and answered when we were spoken to. Other than that, I mostly just stared at Bella, imagining all the things I'd rather be doing with her instead of just sitting here.

My fantasies were interrupted when our waiter showed up. This time, it was a guy, but it made no difference as he stared back and forth at Bella and Tanya. His eyes lingered on Bella a bit longer than I would have liked. I wished he would focus more on Tanya and not look at my Bella at all.

"Good evening, I'm Sam and I'll be your waiter tonight," He started as he smiled. "What would like to start with?" he asked.

We first ordered our appetizers. I went with a seasonal vegetable salad and Tanya of course, ordered the same. Bella and my mother instead went with a mixed organic green salad. To drink, we all agreed to get a bottle of 1998 Domaine Robert Groffier Bourgogne to keep at the table. Sam wrote it all down and then hurried away.

"So Edward," My mother started, causing Bella and Tanya to both look at me. "Why don't you tell Tanya about some of your compositions?" she said.

Tanya turned to me, a look of confusion. "Compositions?" she asked.

I looked at Bella who was staring at her hands looking extremely uncomfortable. I touched her leg with mine again, before turning to Tanya. "I play the piano," I explained.

She smiled. "So you write your own music?" she asked.

I nodded. I didn't want to talk about this with her. My music was very personal. I only ever shared it with two people. My mother as she was the one who taught me to play and Bella because I couldn't play a single chord without creating something that reminded me of her.

Suddenly, I felt Tanya's hand reach up on top of the table and wrap around mine. "Will you write something for me?" she asked to which I didn't know what to say.

I wanted to say no, but that was not an option. I saw Bella briefly glance at me to tell me with her eyes that it was okay for me to say yes. So I did.

"Sure" but I didn't have to mean it.

Tanya smiled and then looked at Bella as if to rub it in her face that I was writing her a composition. Bella noticed and instead of ignoring it, she smiled back knowing full well that I had written countless compositions about her and that I intended to write nothing for Tanya.

"Your very lucky Tanya. He was amazing the first time I ever heard him play. He's only gotten better since." Bella complimented me, looking right into my eyes as she said it.

I was the only one who could have understood the double meaning to her words. The first time she had ever heard me play, I had to stop halfway through the composition because she was just too tempting. My composition quickly turned into a blur of clothing being removed and a lot of moaning and screaming of names. Hands down, it was the best composition I had ever written.

"I'm only amazing when I'm inspired," I said, attempting modesty.

Bella smiled. "Oh stop, your amazing all the time," she said and I smiled and bit my lip to hide a laugh because our conversation seemed so innocent, but was quite the opposite.

I had forgotten that Tanya was holding my hand until she squeezed it, surprising me and causing me to break my eye-contact with Bella.

"You'll just have to show me how amazing you are," she said, using a double meaning herself.

I caught Bella's eye and saw her biting her lip trying to stifle a laugh. I almost laughed myself, but I nodded my head to Tanya so I wouldn't say something to offend her. I couldn't trust myself to speak just yet.

Luckily, I didn't have to say anything because our appetizers arrived, so I pretended that I was busy eating. We ate our appetizers and drank some of the wine with a reasonable amount of talking. Whenever silence would start to take over, one of us would talk. Usually it was my mother trying to make Tanya feel comfortable. I could care less whether or not Tanya was comfortable. I just wanted to take Bella and leave already.

I wasn't really paying that much attention to the conversation around me, but my head did shoot up when my mother spoke.

"Perhaps you should come to the house with us after dinner. I'm sure Edward would love that and it would be the perfect opportunity for him to play one of his compositions for you" she said as Bella shot me a glance, reminding me of the plans we'd already had and the consequences if we didn't follow through with them.

I nodded my head at her, assuring her that I hadn't forgotten about our plans for after dinner. Bella and I were under direct orders from Alice to meet her, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper at the park down the street so we could brief them about Tanya and start "Project Torture Tanya", as she'd called it. Anyone who knew Alice knew better than to disobey her. You never want to have a devilish pixie like her as your enemy. Trust me.

Tanya was about to accept my mothers offer, but I spoke before she could. "Actually, I don't think tonight is really a good night" I started as my mother shot me a dark glance.

"And why not, Edward? Don't tell me your spending the night at Emmett's or Jasper's because there's no reason you couldn't cancel" she said, letting her anger at my refusal show.

I sighed and was about to respond, but Bella beat me to it. "Actually Elizabeth, Alice wanted Edward and I to meet her and gang after dinner. She said she had a surprise for us and would never forgive us if we didn't show" she spoke calmly and very believably.

Bella had gotten good at thinking off the top of her head. I was grateful because that saved me from trying to come up with a good excuse.

"I suppose it would be a bad idea to have Alice angry at you" My mother mused, probably imagining all the times she'd seen Alice have a fit.

Bella and I nodded our heads in agreement.

"Wait, who's Alice?" Tanya asked, still clinging to my hand.

Bella responded. "She's a close friend of ours. You'll meet her soon enough, I would imagine. Any person who even dreams of being with either Edward or me must first pass the Alice Test. She's very protective of her friends and if she doesn't like you, you'll find out pretty quickly" she told her.

"What about Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie? Doesn't anyone who wants to be with them have to pass the Alice Test?" My mother asked, looking slightly confused.

I smiled. "No. You see, Alice is just elated that Rosalie and Emmett are together, so they're okay as long as they stay together, which we're all pretty positive they will. As for Jasper, that should obvious. The only person on the planet fit for Jasper is Alice and I doubt either of them would have it any other way" I explained.

My mother nodded her understanding. The rest of the dinner went on much the same. We all talked about random things. I managed a few more double-meaning sentences at Bella without notice from anyone and then our entrées came and we had to eat.

Soon, it was time to leave and I tried my best not to sound too eager to leave. We stood outside the restaurant as we waited for a car to pick up Tanya as well as the limo to pick up my mother. I checked my wrist-watch for the time and saw that Bella and I had five minutes to reach the park before Alice would become impatient.

"Um, as much as I'd love to stay and wait with you guys, Bella and I have to go. We've got five minutes and then I'll have angry voice-mails courtesy of Alice" I told Tanya and my mother.

My mother laughed and hugged both me and Bella. I placed a kiss on her forehead and told her I wouldn't be out too late. Bella gave Tanya a polite hug, but I caught the dislike on both of their faces. I tried not laugh or smile about it. Then it was my turn to say goodbye to Tanya.

I wasn't really sure what one does when saying goodnight to the woman their mother expects them to marry, so I settled for simply taking her hand and placing a small kiss on the back of it. It was gentlemanly and romantic enough to satisfy my mother and Tanya didn't seem upset about.

"It was wonderful to meet you, Tanya" I said in the most sincere voice I could muster.

She nodded her head and surprised me when she leaned over and kissed my cheek. I tried very hard to not act childishly and wipe it away with the back of my hand. Instead, I smiled politely and then held out my arm for Bella to take.

Bella smiled to Elizabeth and Tanya once more before hooking her arm around mine and letting me lead her down the street in the direction of the park where everyone was waiting. I could feel Tanya's eyes burning into mine and Bella's entwined arms, but I figured she would get over it. It wasn't like we were being inappropriate or anything, I mean, I walk like this with my mother.

We reached a street corner where we had to turn and once we were out of sight, I shoved Bella against the wall and held her face in my hands and kissed her until she couldn't even think straight. Then I pulled away and held my arm around her as we continued to walk. She leaned herself into my side and rested her head on my shoulder as we walked.

It didn't take very long to get to the park. But when we did, Emmett wolf-whistled at Bella and Alice started shooting questions at us. Rosalie and Jasper were laughing in the background. They were all standing around a swing-set. There were three swings, two of which were occupied by Alice and Emmett. Jasper was leaning casually against one of the poles while Rosalie stood next to him.

"Damn Bella, you clean up nicely" Emmett commented to which Bella blushed furiously.

I laughed and sat down on the empty swing, pulling Bella onto my lap. Her feet didn't touch the ground, but mine did so I started moving my feet to make us slowly move back and forth.

"So tell us, what was the demon-lady like?" Jasper teased, flicking his head, so his hair would stay out of his eyes.

I grimaced. "Terrible. My mother must be extremely gullible in order to have let Bella choose a girl like that" I told them, my voice conveying my dislike for Tanya.

Rosalie raised her eyebrow. "That bad?" she asked, looking like she actually cared.

I nodded and Bella smiled. I couldn't help but smile back at her because I knew she was happy to know Tanya hadn't left a good impression on me. Why she ever doubted me, I didn't know. Did I not tell her I loved her almost every day?

We all looked at Alice when she started rubbing her hands together with a devious grin. "Alright, down to business" she said and even Rosalie looked eager to begin.