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5.27am Mai stared at the digital clock next to the bed, she'd been glaring at it out of the corner of her eye for the past couple of hours, which now currently felt like an eternity. The whole excruciating time she'd lay there pressed up against the wall, trying to shift as far away as possible from the girl who's searing hot breath was coming in gusts on the back of her neck.

The heat was traveling down her spine and filling her body with every deep breath Sayuri took, all Mai could think was 'this is unbearable, I swear if I last tonight with my sanity intact it'll be a miracle'. The sweat drops collected on the back of her neck as she felt uncomfortably hot and sticky. Her concentration completely focused on keeping her breathing steady and her desires under control.

The bed creaked and a faint hum of a mumble leaked into Mai's ear as Sayuri changed her position trying to get comfortable, the alcohol from the previous night still lingering on her breath, stinging Mai's nose as it wafted past her face. Mai winced and hugged her body as tight as she could trying to dispel any arousal coursing through her veins. She desperately wanted to spin around and lock lips with the sleeping angel behind her, but she didn't even entertain that thought, of course Sayuri didn't harbour the same feelings as Mai, it wasn't possible. Mai couldn't even bear to think about what would happen if Sayuri found out and took it the wrong way, would she even look at her again? would they even be able to live in the same apartment anymore? All these thoughts sent a chill though her body, which contrasted greatly with the growing heat between her legs every time Sayuri's breath hit the back of her neck.

Mai didn't know what to do, she couldn't possibly risk waking the angel behind her, she didn't want to consider the consequences of what would happen if Sayuri were to look her in the eye right now. Her body was brimming with desire which wasn't made easier with the soft flesh that was currently caressing the back of her thighs. Mai gazed at the black wall in front of her, listening to the noises and deep breaths passing through the soft lips of the girl she desired and adored above any other. Mai tried hard to focus on anything else but Sayuri's lips, the scent wafting past her face gave her a faint idea of what they'd taste like a mix of the alcohol from the previous nights drinking and the sweet honey like scent of Sayuri herself. She wanted to feel those lips on hers, to claim them as her own and have all of Sayuri to herself, to touch and feel those lips, how soft and warm they are, to ease her tongue inside that delicate mouth, their tongues clashing and caressing each other. Mai winced 'what the hell was she thinking, Sayuri was her best friend, her closest friend this wasn't right. She shouldn't feel this way'.

With another loud creak of the bed, Mai's back suddenly felt cooler as the night air passed between their two bodies, she felt a sudden pang of loss in her heart as the heat shifted away from her body. Quickly glimpsing over her shoulder she saw that Sayuri had shifted onto her other side leaving Mai with the perfect escape route. Although only a few inches separated them it was just enough space for her to escape without waking the sleeping beauty.

Mai placed her hands on the wall in front of her, and using her knee's crawled caterpillar fashion down the bed praying she's left nothing at the foot of her bed that would make a loud noise should she land on it. She felt the heat rise again as she moved down under the covers gripping and sticking to the wall for dear life, at least the sweat on her palms was working well as suction cups as she moved down, but her perspiration drenched body wasn't coping well with the sheets which kept sticking to her thighs and torso as she propelled her body down towards the floor.

She managed to just drop off the end with as quiet a thud as she could muster, she then sat there ridged as Sayuri's body shifted in the bed again obviously the sound of her decent was enough to disturb but not rouse the sleeping girl, quickly her breathing went back into it's deep slumber filled rhythm. Success she had actually done it now just to get out of the bedroom. Mai on hands and knee's crawled towards the door, she knew full well if Sayuri woke now and saw her shadowy form at the end of the bed she'd have a heart attack and believe she was an intruder. Mai thanked the gods Sayuri in her intoxicated state hadn't closed the door all the way. She sat on her haunches beside the door as she attempted to open it as quietly as possible, when she gauged there was just enough space to squeeze through she shifted her body through the tiny space, she was more than thankful for her good reflexes tonight and her agility as it may have saved them both a lot of embarrassment tomorrow morning.

Finally able to raise herself up to her full height, Mai staggered across the room and clutched the end of the sofa as if it was the only thing keeping her body from dissolving into a puddle on the floor. She was breathing hard now, the thoughts flashing through her mind intense. She missed Sayuri's warmth and part of her wished she's stayed in Sayuri's arms and faced the consequences just to have a few more hours of that warmth, that closeness she constantly desired. 'No' she shook her head hard, trying to erase all the thoughts and flashes of Sayuri's body as they streamed past her eyes like a projected slide show. Mai fell over the arm of the couch and onto something soft, it smelt of Sayuri and instantly she was comforted. She snuggled up into the garment intoxicated by the scent the enveloped her senses. She was so tired she didn't even have to think and a shroud of darkness soon over took her conscious mind and she was fast asleep cuddled into Sayuri's ball-grown.