Rumble of the Robot Masters


Rockman yawned. He sat on the living room chair watching yet another soap opera rerun with his sister Roll. The plot on the soap was as boring and repetitive as usual to Rock. To Roll, however, every episode was as emotion packed and thrilling as the last. "That's so sad..." Roll sighed to herself, dabbing at the tears in her eyes watching some boy band wannabe pretty boy tell the Britney Spears idolizer that he has to move to some other country tomorrow.

"You're right Roll, that is sad..." Rock grumbled.

"Rock! Have you no heart?" Roll gasped at Rock's comment.

"Well, It's kinda' hard to have one once you've watched one episode repeat itself over and over and over again, calling itself a new episode every time," Rock sighed, "and then there's the killer robots always after me."

"Rock!" Roll sounded disgusted.

"I mean, the episodes are so predictable it's not predictable that there's gonna' be something new!" Rockman defended himself. "I mean, first the poser guy meets the tramp, they go out together, guy cheats on girl, break up, make up, someone has to move or find someone else or die...the same thing every episode."

"Honestly Rock..." Roll trailed off.

Just then, Blues ambled into the room. "Hey Rock, what's up bro?" Blues said cheerfully as he walked by the couch and plopped himself down between Rockman and Roll. "Hey sis'," Blues said while playfully ruffling Roll's amber blonde hair, "What's on?"

"Another one of her soaps," Rockman said gloomily, "she forced me to watch it with her."

"Again?" Blues chuckled. "I tell ya' though, it sure beats fighting robots bent on world domination scrapping everything in sight. You above all should know that, Rock," Blues jested, nudging Rockman in the ribs.

"Get off it, Blues," Rockman snorted with laughter, playfully whacking Blues' shoulder.

"Boys, I have some bad news for you," the voice of Doctor Light said from behind them. The three androids turned their heads around to look at their creator in the doorway to the living room. Auto was standing behind the Doctor, his arms crossed around his round body.

"What's up, Doc?" Blues said, a worried tone playing on his voice.

"Boys, I know how much you like that television," Light sighed, making his way to the couch where they sat, "but I'm afraid we can't afford the seven- thousand channel satellite dish anymore."

"What?" Rockman couldn't believe his audio receptors.

"Well boys," said Light, "recently public interest in my profession has, well, declined," Light said cautiously. "Our funding has been significantly cut short."

"Oh well," Blues hummed, "at least I can keep my stereo."

"What for, Doctor Light?" Rockman asked inquisitively.

"Well, people simply don't believe that robotics is the field of the future, Rock." Light sighed. "And at this rate, and at our current budget with cutbacks and all, my work will go under in about three months or so."

Roll gasped. "That can't happen!" she squealed, "You're Doctor Light! The smartest guy in the world! No one could doubt you! No one!"

"I'm afraid it can, Roll," Light sagged, "I'm afraid it can."

"There's gotta' be something we can do! Something that will get people back into robotics!"



Roll found herself unable to continue.

"Wait!" Rockman gleamed jumping to his feet, "I've got it!"

"Got what?" Blues asked.

"I've got an idea that will get almost everyone back into robotics!" Rock exclaimed.

"What is it?" Light asked his robot.

"We'll- umm," Rockman trailed off. Soon, he was looking at Roll. "Roll, could you come with me for a second?" Rockman asked his sister as politely as he could.

"Umm, okay..." Roll murmured as she got to her feet.

After they brushed by Auto in the doorway, Rockman led Roll to the adjacent kitchen. "Listen, Roll, we both want Doctor Light to keep his job, right?" Rockman asked his sister. Roll nodded once.

"So?" she asked.

"Doctor Light is famous mainly because he built me as a fighting machine to keep Wily at bay," Rockman said. "So, I guess that means that most people are interested in robotics because of robot battles," Rockman reasoned, "does that sound right to you?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Roll shrugged. "So what's your great idea?"

"My idea is that we get all of Wily's and Doctor Cossack's misfit robots from the Robot Museum, reprogram them, and hold a tournament!" Rockman explained.

"That's crazy!" Roll blurted out, "No one would want to see that! Remember what happened last time an idea like that was made? Wily stole all the robots for himself and tried to dominate the world with them!"

"Wily's in hiding now, remember?" Rockman reminded his sister, "I don't think he'll give us any trouble."

"Okay, so let me get this straight: you want to get all of the rouge robots from the Museum, right?" Roll asked his brother calmly. Rockman nodded.

"And then you want to hold some kind of tournament, where people pay to get in to see a pile of robots beat the circuitry out of each other?"

"You got it." Rockman smiled.

"What an absurd idea!" Roll exclaimed. "What if the robots don't want to fight? Even though they'll have to, they'll be sluggish and won't even try to fight! It'll be a disaster!"

"Who says they won't want to fight?" Rockman smirked, looking at Roll.

At first, Roll had no idea what Rockman was getting at. And then, after a few seconds of silence passed between them, Roll caught on. "Oh no. No no no!" Roll pouted.

"Aw, please?" Rockman pleaded.


"Please? For me?

"You heard me, no!"

"For Doctor Light at least?"

Roll paused and bit her lip. "Oh, fine," she grumbled.

"Well then, we'd better start preparing then," Rockman said, completely shifting thought as he walked back into the living room.


-The Asylum's note

So, the tournament begins! And just what did Rockman have in mind for Roll's place in all this? What? You think I'll tell ya' now? Ha, dream on. You'll just have to keep reading, won' cha?

-The Asylum (Chill Man)