Chapter 38- Hell, Fire, and Titanium

Rock pouted. "I can't believe Wily got away. Again."

Roll joined him and Light at the lab's work table, watching their creator solder together some wires inside Rock's opened wrist. "At least he was nice enough to leave us a pile of Roboenza pills," she said.

"Wily, nice," Rock muttered. "By the way, doctor Light, have you seen Protoman around? He just kind of disappeared after you repaired him."

Light shrugged, lighting a small welding torch and slipping a visor over his eyes. "Disappear he did," he said, beginning to seal Rock's wrist shut again. "His neural circuits were slightly decayed. As soon as I repaired them, he got up and left, saying something about acting out of character for a few years..."

Roll sighed deeply. "It was nice having him around, while it lasted."

"Yeah," said Rock, "It's going to be a lot lonelier for me."

"We're still here for you, Rock," said Roll.

"No, not here," said Rock, "I mean at the table!"

"T-table!?" Roll gasped. "Oh no. You don't mean-!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Wreckoning!" Rock announced to the roaring crowd. "You've waited for years, and with the robots of the world back to normal, it's time to see which of them is the greatest!"

Roll rested her chin on her hands on the announcer's table. "Well at least someone here is excited..."

"On the north end of the field, he's the lighter with more than just zippo, Heat Man!" The stocky golden robot slowly trudged out on the field. "And on the south side, he's the sultan of scorching, Flame Man!" The slender red robot strolled onto the field to come face-to-face with Heat Man.

"I see you've brought your own oven to cook yourself in, shorty," said Flame Man, who stood quite a bit taller than Heat Man.

"Let's see if there's a brain under that turban," Heat Man sneered back.

"Now that's some bad blood," said Rock.

"Good thing we've got the entire fire department on standby," Roll muttered.

Auto suddenly made his presence known in the front row of the stands behind the announcer's table. "Ro-battle, begin!"

Heat Man bolted off of his feet, morphing into a stream of flames and rushing through the air at Flame Man. Flame Man nimbly leapt into the air, letting Heat Man sail underneath him. Spinning on his heel as he landed, Flame Man unleashed a Fire Blast from his arm cannon, just as Heat Man reformed. The blast caught Heat Man on his shoulder, tipping backwards as he slung a handful of his own fire at Flame Man. Flame Man plugged his arm cannon into the ground, and just as the Atomic Fire was about to burn the paint off of his face, a massive wall of fire erupted between them, swallowing up Heat Man's fireballs.

Rock waved his hand in front of his face. "Getting a little too hot in here already," he murmured.

As Flame Man shot out another burst of fire from his arm cannon, Heat Man spread his feet and roared. A cloak of flames wrapped around him, absorbing the Fire Blast. Now nothing but a ball of flames, Heat Man again charged at Flame Man, with Flame Man easily dancing to his left to dodge the rushing fireball. Flame Man planted his arm cannon into the ground again, waiting for Heat Man to reform. As soon as the fire around Heat Man dissipated, Flame Man unleashed another Fire Blast into the ground, shooting up a column of fire underneath Heat Man. Heat Man yelped, quickly flipping down the lid of his golden armor. The flames raged and roared, and then suddenly vanished. Heat Man flipped open his armor again. "That all ya' got?" Heat Man taunted.

"There's more where that came from!" Flame Man retorted, launching another volley of Fire Blasts at Heat Man. Again Heat Man flashed a blanket of fire around him, absorbing more of Flame Man's shots. "Enough of this!" Flame Man snarled in frustration, "This ends now!"

With a deafening roar, Flame Man's arm cannon shot a terrific stream of fire at Heat Man. "Holy-!" Rock gasped as he and Roll shielded their faces, "I had no idea Flame Man could do that!"

The raging stream of fire blasted against Heat Man's shield of Atomic Fire. Then, with an agonized grunt, Heat Man began to trudge forward, braving the intense storm of Flame Man's flamethrower. Flame Man planted his feet even firmer into the ground, and unleashed a bigger stream of fire. Heat Man still kept coming, step by steady step.

Rock quickly raised his arm in front of him, and whispered into his transceiver, "Get the fire trucks ready, now!"

Flame Man's assault continued as steadily as Heat Man's march though it. And just as Heat Man finally reached the barrel of Flame Man's arm cannon, he quietly whispered, "Thanks."

A sudden shockwave ravaged the insides of the arena, flooring everyone nearby. Only Heat Man stood tall, still wrapped in flames. "Thanks?" Flame Man blurted out, "Thanks for what-?"

Flame Man looked up, and began to tremble. "Thanks," said Heat Man again, "For helping me charge my biggest ball of Atomic Fire ever!"

Heat Man shot his arms out to the sky, and in a flash, a gigantic fireball began to swell and grow in his hands. Flame Man quickly aimed his arm cannon at Heat Man and began shooting away. The flames licked and faded on Heat Man's armor, as tremors began to run through the arena. And with one last roar, Heat Man flung his arms towards Flame Man, launching the enormous Atomic Fire at him. A blinding flash and a deafening blast filled the air, along with a scorching wave of intense heat.

A few moments later, Rock and Roll peeked their heads up from under the flipped-over announcer's table. Only Heat Man stood before them, with a large, long streak of scorched concrete beside him. "Here- Here's our winner," Rock stammered, watching the firefighter robots begin to pour into the arena, "Heat Man!"

Asylum's Note:

8 years... better late than never, huh? And how many things have changed in those eight years since the last update, or even the thirteen years since I first started this (wow, I'm old)? I'm no longer a 17 year old with nothing better to do, that's for sure. As much as I would love to sit at home and do nothing but write stories and play vidya, I can't. And then there's my TF2 addiction, too. Since I rekindled the fire inside me, I've been focusing my creative efforts exclusively on my artwork and original fiction- which you can find on deviantart and fictionpress- PLUG! I thought I'd have all the time in the world to update this, since the classic Megaman series had been dormant since 1998. Imagine my surprise when Capcom suddenly made TWO new classic series games, less than five years apart! But since Capcom seems intent on shitting all over anything Megaman these days, I guess I have a golden window of opportunity to finally finish this monster I've created.

I make no promises, but if I'm not working on ROTRMS, I'm at least giving it some thought when I can.