I went to sleep right after that, but found myself waking up soon after. It was about 5:30 the second time, and I saw the orange and red sun rays barely come through the window as the sun was just beginning to rise.

I sat up in bed and took a quick look around my room. I saw Kyo sleeping on the chair by the desk, but other than that, everything was in the place where it was before I went to bed. I swung my legs over after I lifted the sheets off of me. I rubbed my eyes tiredly as I began to stand up. I suddenly had to hold on to the wall because I got a sudden and painful wave through the back of my neck.

Once I had regain myself once again. I headed to the bathroom and took a long shower to calm my nerves about the two daggers that laid innocently on my desk. As the warm water washed over my body, I thought, Were those guys from my dream really those daggers?

Finally she gets it! I hear a voice say that sounded oddly familiar.

I tried to cover myself up as I looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. "Wh-who's there?" I ask out, shaking slightly.

Now look at what you've done, brother. You scared her. I hear an equally familiar, but different voice say.

Oh my God. I think I'm going insane. I think as I look again around the room, still not finding anything or anyone.

You've been insane even before you met us. the first voice says in a kinda low mumble.

I pout a little when I hear this, but then I turn off the shower and walk out, while wrapping a towel around me. I slowly walk into my room and look around. I spot the two daggers that lay on my desk. They just sat there exactly where they were when I placed them down. They just looked like daggers. I walked up to him and gently touch the handle of the black one.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door that made me jump and back away from the desk.

"Lily, can I come in?" I hear a very familiar voice say.

"Um, yeah, sure Granny." I reply, still a little shaky, as I tighten the towel.

The door opens up slowly and I see Granny gradually come into the room and close the door behind her. "Good morning, Lily. How was your night?"

"Ok." I sort of lie.

She then looks over to my desk and sees the daggers. "So, this is it. Your zanpaku-to?"

"I guess."

"Hm. They're small. And there's two of them." She talks about it like it was strange.

"Yeah, I guess they are."

She gingerly touched the blade of the dagger with the white handle, but not the edge of it. When she lifted her hand from it, she started talking, "I need you to come with me. You need to bring these two also."

I looked at her very confused. "Umm, Ok. Can I get dressed first though?" I ask her.

She looks up and looks at me like this was the first time she noticed that I was only in my towel. Actually, I think it was. "Oh, yes, of course. I'll be waiting out here." she replies as she heads out the door.

When she closes the door, I sigh in relief, like I was holding my breath the entire time. I then grabbed a top (you chose color) and a pair of jeans. I look suspiciously at the daggers and walk into the bathroom. I got changed and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I walked out and up to the daggers. I held them once more and looked down into the box that held them before. I noticed two bumps underneath the cotton that protected the blades. I lifted up the layer and saw two twin black sheaths that I guessed carried the twin daggers.

They were made of black leather and both had the roman numeral I pressed into them, like the blades did.

I put down one of the blades and picked up one of the sheaths. I gently began to slide the blade into the sheath. Fit like a glove. I then put that down and picked up the other blade and sheath and fitted them together.

It was when I heard a knocking on my door that I remembered that Granny was waiting for me on the other side. "Almost." I yelled out to her as I quickly slid on some tennis shoes and walked out, with the twin daggers and sheaths in each of my hands.

I saw Granny leaning against the wall that my door was on and she looked in my direction when I walked into the hallway. "What took you so long?" she asked.

"Just thinking." I replied. What? It was the truth. "So, what's going on?"

"Your shihakusho is done."

"Really? Already?"

"For something this important, they do put a rush on it."

"Humph." I grunt, not really interested in getting that stupid uniform. I don't think that it will look all that good on me. Well, at least they were pants and not those skirts that my school almost made me wear. Thank God that I got out of that.

Granny started walking away and I quickly followed after her, not wanting to get lost in this giant maze of a building.

When we were almost to the end, a man was walking towards us. He was wearing a hat that looked like it was in the era and also a pink overcoat with flower designs on it. He had black hair and black eyes. I also noticed that he had a scruffy almost-beard growing on his chin.

He looked to Granny and said, "Good morning, ou-sama(your majesty)(Yes! I finally found the translation). Good to see that you are well."

"Good morning to you, too, Shunsui tai-chou." Granny replied, stopping a few feet away from him. And they continued talking.

I stayed out of it, knowing it was none of my business, and also I didn't even want to know. I moved to the wall and leaned up against it with my shoulder. I stuffed my hands into my pockets; putting the daggers into one of them as well.

I sigh as I ignore their talking, until I heard the man say, "My, and who might this be?"

I look over to him and see that he is looking at me. It was kind of a weird feeling that I was getting from him, and it sorta freaked me out a little.

"That is my granddaughter, Lily." Granny replies to him, as I stand straight once more.

He takes one on my hands into one of his, and kisses it. I was kinda grossed out by this since this is the first time that anyone has ever kissed my hand. "It's always a pleasure to meet Hime-sama." Cringe. And I almost did too, but I somehow held it back and smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too." I reply, gently taking my hand back from his grasp, trying to not let him notice.

"I'm Shunsui Kyoraku, tai-chou of the 8th company." he introduces himself.

I just nodded, trying to make this meeting as short as possible. What I wanted was to get the stupid shihakusho and get back in my room. But it didn't seem like that is going to happen. I then saw that he was looking down at one of my pockets. I looked down and saw that he was looking at the small daggers that were hanging out of my jean pockets.

"So, she has two too." he says, like in deep thought.

"Yes, one of the very few." Granny replies.

I looked at her very confused. A small, "huh?" came from my mouth.

"Including you, there are only three people in all of Soul Society that have two zanpaku-tos. And Shunsui tai-chou is one of them." she replies while holding up three fingers.

"Welcome to the club, little Hime-sama." Shunsui says with a small smile on his face.

I was still confused about the fact I just found out, that I didn't pay any mind to what he called me. Instead, I took the two zanpaku-tos out of my pocket to get a better look at them.

"They're so small though." I hear him say with the thoughtful voice again.

"I was wandering about that myself." Granny says in the same tone, "Maybe it's because she hasn't been trained."

"Might. But maybe it's something different, like they're bigger in shikai or bankai."

Again, I was so lost. I look up at them with a raised eyebrow, but it seemed that Granny was the only one who saw.

"Don't worry, I'll explain it all later Lily." she says.

Shunsui tai-chou let out a sigh before saying, "Well, I better be going, before Nanao-chan throws a fit for me being out so long." He then bows in front of Granny and I, and says before he turns to walk away, "It was a pleasure meeting you, Hime-sama."

As soon as he rounded the corner and I knew that he was out of ear-shot, I let out a grunt. "God, why do they call me that?" I ask mainly to myself.

"You mean, why do they call you by your proper title?" Granny asks me.

"I don't even want a title." I tell her, griping my zanpaku-tos hard.

She looks at me hard as I look at her the same way. She gives no reply, but turns sharply and tells me to follow her.

Soon after we reach the shop, I try on the shihakusho and show it to Granny.

"The sleeves are long." she says with her hand under her chin and giving a very thoughtful look.

"I like it." I say as I tug on the ends of the sleeves to somewhat hid my hands.

"It might affect your fighting skills."

"We won't know till we try."

"I don't think they suit you."

"Like I said; I like 'em."

Granny sighs in defeat and gives up trying to get me to agree to change them and I shout in success in my mind. She stands up and tells me that we're leaving. I quickly follow her out and walk beside her down the streets.

As we passed the sixth company station, I noticed Renji walking into it. Apparently, so did Granny, because she called him over before he got into the building.

"You need something, ou-sama?" he asks. It was now that I noticed his outfit.

"Are you doing anything today?" Granny asks him.

"No, it's my day off, so I'm just going to visit the prisoner." he replies, kind of looking confused.

"I have a small request for you Renji." she starts off, "Would you please look after Lily for a couple of hours? I have things that I need to prepare."

"Umm, sure, I can do that." Renji replied, still very confused.

When I heard what Granny said, I peeled my eyes off of what Renji was wearing and looked over to her with dinner plates for eyes. "What?" I wanted to yell, by I restrained myself as much as I could.

"Don't worry, it's only for a couple of hours. And besides, don't you want to see Rukia?" She had me there. I've been dying to see her since I got here. Rukia was the only person that I could really talk to now.

In defeat, I sighed and walked over to Renji's side. All the while giving Granny a small glare.

"Don't worry, like I said, only a couple of hours." Granny said with a smile on her lips as she walks away.

I give a small wave, but she doesn't see it because her back was to me.

"Alright. Let's go." Renji says, walking into the building. I quickly follow him and make sure to stay at his side.

After a few moments of silence, I speak up after noticing his attire for the second time. It was a white yukata with pink petals on it. "Nice outfit." I tell him with sarcasm dripping from the two words.

"Yeah, well, yours isn't half-bad either." he replies with the same tone.

"At least I was forced to wear this. You wore that on your own."

He just scoffed and looked ahead of him.

Soon we came to a large door. Renji pulled out an almost square thing, but it was sort of jagged on one side. I guessed that this was the key that got us in. He twirled it around his finger before putting it in a slot.

The door opened and we walked in to see a boy with a butterfly net.