Her mother cries for her.

("Oh, my daughter, trapped in that world of black!")

But she herself does not weep.

(Why should she weep? She has a kingdom of her own over which to preside, and an enamoured husband at her side.)

She smiles quietly, and strokes the arms of her throne, and bides her time.

Her former complexion, once rosy and colourful, is now pale and ethereal – but no less beautiful.

Hades, beside her, caresses her cheek and whispers his devotion to her. This she already knows. He may hold the title, but it is she who truly rules the Underworld.

The dead, her loyal servants and subjects, mourn as loudly as they can when she is snatched from their midst by the upperworld gods.

(Once she waited eagerly to be rescued each year, but now she is weary of traveling between worlds; and in the end, she will stay in her domain, where she does not need to continuously wear a pleasant façade – because someday someone will see through that charming veneer.)

And they rejoice when she is returned to them

(and it is then that those snowflakes, tiny dancers of beauty that mirrors her own, float down the encompass the earth).

They call it winter, and it is her welcome back to her loving people. It is a time of joy.

(Mother, why do you weep? All birds must leave the nest sometime, and not all make it into the sky. I am happy here, mother.)

Here, she is powerful. Here, she is Queen. Here, she rules above all.

(Here, mighty Hades is a mere pawn, manipulated for her pleasure.)

She regrets leaving her kingdom when spring comes, forcing the empty smiles onto her face for the flowers to bloom, but it will not last.

Someday, the gods will abandon her down in the dark.

(But can they really abandon a monarch where she reigns?)

When the humans in their folly distract the gods and destroy her mother, even her loving father will forget her.

(And the immaculate specks of snow will fall forever, because their Queen will stay with them for eternity.)

But Hades and the dead love her, and so she will wait, and she will stay down in the Underworld.

Someday she will stay forever. She sits and waits

(because really, she can do nothing else)

and as she waits, she tends the seeds of darkness that have already sprouted.

(She is leaving her family for power, something whispers, but is her husband not her family as well? And the dead need her. She is Mother, Queen, Sister, Daughter, Wife… She is so much, and they need her.)

She can already feel those dark tendrils twining around her heart.

(But light cannot exist without dark, and perhaps the Underworld is merely the reflection of Mount Olympus in the reflecting pool of time.)

Persephone sits back and smiles softly at Hades. She is Queen of the Underworld, and someday she will rule forever.

I'm obsessed with the idea of PersephonexHades. This time, she's a little more evil, but I figure that being trapped in the Underworld would do that to you, right?