-1AN: I decided to make a start on a sequel to Shock to the System, but I might not continue it if people don't want me to. Anyway, here we go. This is set about a month after the last part.

Ianto pressed various buttons on the coffee machine, humming to himself, whilst always keeping an eye on Cerys.

He always was skilled at multitasking.

He heard Jack's key turn in the door, and the familiar, cheery 'Hello' called out from the front door as his partner slipped off his shoes and walked into the kitchen, greeting Ianto with a kiss, and lifting his daughter from her chair, spinning her around and pressing a noisy kiss to her nose. He stuck his tongue out at her, her giggles filling the room.

He eventually stopped spinning around, securely holding Cerys against his hip, and picked up the small paper bag that lay at his feet, brandishing it in front of Ianto. The jewellers sign was imprinted on the bag, and when Ianto turned and noticed the bag dangling in his face he knew straight away what it was.

"Guess what I got today?"

Ianto decided to play along. "What?"

"Just guess. Come on."

Ianto chuckled at the impish grin on Jack's face, and put on a face that would hopefully convince Jack he was deep in thought. "Oh, I give up! Just show me."

Using his one free hand, Jack plucked the small black velvet box from the bag, watching as the bag fluttered to the table, and used his thumb to pop the box open. He turned it to Ianto, a small nervous smile brandishing his face, as he took in his lover's expression.

The Welshman's face was masked with a mix of shock and pure joy, as he looked Jack straight in the eye. "You finally bought it?"

Jack just nodded his head, his grin still firmly in place as Ianto took in every detail of the simple white gold band tucked in the white satin of the box. When Jack held Cerys out to Ianto, signalling he wanted Ianto to hold her, he took the box in his right hand, holding it steadily between his thumb and forefinger as he dropped to his knee.

"So, I know I've already asked, but this time I'm doing it properly. Ianto Jones, will you do me the honour of marrying me?"

A single tear trickled down Ianto's cheek, as he silently nodded his head, and Jack placed the ring on his finger. He pulled Jack to his feet by the collar of his blue shirt, and kissed him passionately, Cerys still balanced on his hip, clapping excitedly and filling the room with her infectious laughter.

When Jack and Ianto pulled apart, Jack offered his finger for Cerys, and she grabbed it in her chubby fist, smiling widely at him.

"So, now it's official, guess we better start telling people."

"Might as well get my parents ticked off the list first then. I'm guessing telling them won't be a bundle on laughs. They don't even know I'm with you. Never mind that we have a daughter and are engaged."

"Oh." Jack couldn't hide his hurt that Ianto hadn't told his parents about them, and dropped his head to the ground, obviously confused as to how Ianto couldn't even tell his family he was in a serious relationship.

Was he ashamed of him?

Ianto placed a finger under Jack's chin, looking him dead in the eye as he spoke.

"Hey, it's not you. I haven't spoken to them for years. They don't even now about Lisa. But I guess I need to tell them, instead of them hearing from someone else." He gave Jack a faint half smile, and added, "Do you think maybe they'll think that you're a woman?"

"Nah. Somehow, no matter how dodgy their eyesight is, I think they'll realise I'm a man. A pretty hot man at that."

"I can't disagree on that one."

He smiled, and Jack kissed him, softly this time, his finger still wrapped in his daughters hand as he pulled back and said, "Anyway, if they don't like me, there's something seriously wrong with them."

Ianto chuckled, and rest his forehead against Jack's, holding his daughter tightly against his side, as he couldn't help the sinking feeling that was taking him over.

His dad was not going to take too kindly to seeing his only son settled down with another man.

AN: Sorry it's really short. I never seem to be able to get my opening paragraphs over the 1000 word barrier. Anyway, feedback as always is appreciated. Basically this story will be about Jack and Ianto telling everyone their news, and then the last chapter will be the wedding, (civil partnership, whatever you want to call it.) xx