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Gin Ichimaru walked towards his room. It had been a long day, he had worked hard and was tired. Hueco Mundo had recently undergone a labor shortage. Apparently, fewer hollows wanted to become arrancars after Aizen had started his policy of killing any arrancar that looked at him funny. In short, he now spent all of his time doing various chores. Cleaning Aizen's throne room, doing the laundry, helping Aizen plot universal conquest; the usual stuff.

Finally the day was over, and Gin was free to go to bed. He entered his spacious bedroom and lied down in his bed. He sighed in relaxation; he was lucky to have such a nice bed. Doing all of those chores were beginning to give him back problems. Luckily, this nice comfy bed always made him feel better. It was certainly nice of Aizen to go all the way to the human world just to get a good matress for him.

Wait, Gin thought, Aizen did something NICE?! The thought seemed impossible. Since when had Aizen ever done anything nice for anyone? He only did things that benefitted himself, why would he go to the trouble of getting gin a good mattress, unless…

That's it! He thought. Aizen's been using Kyouka Suigetsu on me all of this time to trick me into thinking I have a nice matress! I should have known! This is probably a piece of granite I'm lying on; he just hypnotized me to think that it's a soft and comfy matress.

Gin thought about it. He supposed that as long as it felt nice, it didn't really matter. But wait, what if he were paralyzed from sleeping in a bad spot?

Something else struck him. If this bed was not real, what else had Aizen been tricking him into believing? Was there really a door to his room? What if that door was an illusion so that people could look at him as they passed. These thoughts panicked Gin.

What if my foods not real? I could be starving right now! What if my zanpakuto's not real? What if my dear little Shinsou is just an illusion? What if the floors not real in some places and I'll fall down a bottomless pit. What if my clothes aren't real? Grimmjow's been looking at me weird lately, what if I'm really naked whenever I go out? What if my shoes aren't real? What if my chair isn't real?

A horrible thought struck him. What if I'm not real?

What if Aizen had just created him as an illusion to mess with people? What if there never was a Gin Ichimaru? He could be all made up! But if he weren't real, how was he concious? He recalled an old saying regarding this. I think, therefore I am. Of course, he had been silly. If he could think on his own, it meant he couldn't be an illusion.

But wait, He thought, Is it possible that if I were an illusion, he could control my thoughts? If I'm not real, could he be giving me fake thoughts. Can Kyouka Suigetsu do that? It can't do that on other people, but if I'm an illusion, could it do that on me? Thoughts are sort of a feeling and a feeling can be a sense, so a zanpakuto that controls the senses might control the thoughts. But if I am an illusion, how would he show me the release to hypnotize me? I would only be here after he had already released it.

Gin's head was hurting from all of this. He began clutching his head and muttering aloud to himself, "I think, therefore I am. I think, therefore I am. I think, therefore I am."

Okay, okay, I am. But what? I am what? Aizen could still be hypnotizing me and giving me a fake view on life. I probably exist, but is what I see and feel now what I really am? Maybe I'm just a human Aizens playing a trick on. Maybe I'm some guy in an asylum wearing a straight jacket muttering about arrancar and zanpakutos.

Gin rubbed the sides of his head. Tousen was so lucky that he didn't have to deal with this crap.

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