Princess on the Run


by Skye-Sama


Dear Daddy,

I am sorry for always disappointing you. I know that you love me and you only want what's best for me. But

"Too dramatic," I muttered as I crumpled the paper. Soon, my desk was filled with balls of crumpled paper

Dear Daddy,

I'm leaving. Don't look for me.

I finally gave up. Glancing at my watch, I groaned when I saw the time. I just spent a freaking hour trying to compose a stupid run away letter. I should stop watching soap operas. They're corrupting my innocent mind. Ha! As if!

I stood up and crept quietly out of the house. As expected, everyone was asleep. Who would be awake in the middle of the night anyway?

When I reached the gates, I saw Sai leaning against his car. Lucky for me, our gates were computerized, thus we don't need any guards. I quickly pressed my thumb into the small screen and waited as it verified my identity. Soon, the gates opened and I immediately stepped out. The moment I was outside, the gates automatically closed. Cool huh?

"Let's go," I said to him and we both got inside his car.

Okay, you might be at a loss right now. Let me start off by saying that I, Yamanaka Ino, only daughter of Yamanaka Inoichi, and heiress to his multi-million company, am officially running away, and NO I am NOT eloping with Sai. People who know my family might be wondering why. They have always thought I was the luckiest girl on the planet. I have everything a girl would dream of.

Ha! If only they knew. Yes, I can have anything I want. But I never had freedom. My Dad, well, I love him so much but he controlled me like a doll, which I'm not. For eighteen years I tried my best to please him so he would be proud of me. I tried to show that I can take care of my self. Boohoo for me, he never noticed. That was fine with me though until his most recent announcement.

He wanted me to get engaged to the heir of some wealthy and influential clan. The horror! First of all, I am just eighteen years old. Second of all, I don't even know the man. Third, an arranged marriage was so freaking old fashioned. I can't believe it still exists!

So, I thought of a plan. Don't be surprised. Just because I'm blond doesn't mean I'm dumb. It took me two weeks to get everything done. Secretly, I bought my own penthouse and a small flower shop. I also bought a new car which I left in Paradise. Paradise is the name of the apartment building where my penthouse is located. Don't ask me why.

My first destination is the airport. I had purchased a ticket to France and I needed to log in to make it look like I really went there. But of course, I didn't go on board.

The truth is that I am only moving two cities away. I'm a genius, am I not? My father would think I went to France and knowing him, he would send a search party for me there. Good luck to them.

As for me, I'll start a new life at my new home. I'll keep a low profile and live like an ordinary citizen.

The trip to Osaka was quite a long one. By the time we arrived, it was already dawn. As soon as we hauled all my suitcases inside the main bedroom, I tiredly plopped myself onto the king size bed. And guess what? My blond hair flew off.


Sai chuckled as I picked up the wig and untied my real hair. "I guess I have to get used to your new look."

"And my new name," I added with a grin.

"What was it again?"

"Mihara Izumi." That's right folks. Yamanaka Ino, pale blond hair, blue eyes, is now Mihara Izumi, golden reddish hair (a.k.a. orange blond), and green eyes.

"Well, Izumi, I hate to leave but I've got work to do."

Like hell I was allowing him to drive without sleep.

"Forget about work," I said, tapping the spot beside me on the bed. "You need to sleep."

He hesitated at first.

"I'll cook your favorite meal." I'm a good cook in case you don't know. By the look on his face, I can tell that he was having an internal war. To fully convince him, I batted my eyelashes and said, "Please?"

He sighed. "Okay."

I grinned triumphantly as he settled himself beside me. We both know that he couldn't refuse the moment I say the magic word.

I cuddled close to him and rested my eyes. Sai is a very good friend. He is my second most trusted confidant. I love this guy. When I told him about my predicament, he immediately offered to help.

First on my list, is of course my long time best friend Hinata. She wanted to come along but I didn't want to cause her trouble. She belongs to a wealthy family like me and we're pretty much in the same situation. She's just too soft-hearted to go against her parent's wishes. She's coming over this weekend though so I'm happy.

"Sai?" I whispered, though my eyes remained close.

"Hmm?" he mumbled sleepily.

"Thank you."


A/N: In case Sai becomes OOC in this fic, I apologize. I don't know him too well to write. :)