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A Crown of Lies:
Chapter 6: Starlight Serenade

The stars hung over the vast countryside, illuminating everything in a soft pale light. The tones of white and black mixed together creating various shades of a gray, giving the illusion that life was standing still in a single moment of serenity. Innocence, peace and tranquility seemed to be living incarnates lounging about nature as the crickets chirped.

Yet in one sudden instant, the peace that had been created was lost as a bright flash washed off the soft gray and replaced it with a horrid distortion of life's true colors. A loud echo sounded out throughout the countryside as another bright flash appeared. Debris flew everywhere as three ships steadily uncloaked themselves and began to lay waste to the area around the Masaki home.

"Commander?" asked the young GP captain of the Grappler, one of the three Scarab prototype model ships assaulting the Masaki property. "Are you sure this is the right area? Shouldn't there be some residence at least?"

The visage of an older man with gray hair filled the video screen of the Grappler. The older mans eyes looked worn and weary, as if he held a deep sorrow. But then again, no one in his or her right mind would wish to kill an innocent that just happened to be in the way of the political spiders web. "Just stick to the coordinates," the older man replied. "Do not forget that Washu was staying with them at one point in time. She might have put in protective measures that could hide them from our sensors."

"Yes sir," the young GP captain responded, shutting down the video screen. "Continue bombing run," he ordered sitting down for the first time since the mission had started.

He put his hands on his head massaging his temples. As he opened up a video screen detailing the destruction that the other two ships were causing. Clenching his hands on the armrest of his chair he gritted his teeth his mind warring between itself.

'I can't believe they could do a thing like this…'

His mind was awhirl with thoughts. Jurai was setting itself up for destruction with its current actions. The empire had been hurt by the events transpiring under Kagato's evil reign. He had taken a planet, an empire that was the very essence of stability, and in one swift moment, destroyed everything Jurai had worked so hard to make.

'They have no clue what they're doing…'

He had seen it all. The food shortages… he had seen the people who had once had a good life, now hungry, homeless, dirty and poor. The economy has been in ruins. Emperor Azusa, one of the greatest Emperors in Jurai's history through brilliance had repaired it but now history was on the path to repeating itself.

'This is all happening again…'

If it had not been for Prince Tenchi, Jurai would still be in shambles… and now, two years later, history was at the crossroads of two futures. In one future, the universe lived happily, although bad things were destined to happen as happened in all life. However the other path was much darker in which no one could live happily. And the organization he was with was merely acting as a pawn to bring forth that darkness. The GP were again, showing a pathetic weakness in its ranks by supporting the new regime. But then again, the GP were always weak.

'All the suffering…'

Everything would be happening again. Everything he had hated about Jurai would happen if Tenchi were destroyed. The GP Captain smiled and looked at the officers surrounding the room. With one last thought of the past he smiled even wider. He would be damned before he ever let a Kagato incident occur again…

"The stage is set," he whispered to himself pressing the remote he had held in his hand. "Now let's play…"


"Sir, why are we not aiding the GP, in their mission," asked a young Jurain officer as he looked up from his console towards the commander standing in the middle of the room. The commander turned his attention to the young officer.

"Lieutenant, this is also a test of the Galaxy Police loyalty to us, as well as a test of the power of their new ships." He closed his eyes and opened them, a minute later inhaling deeply. "By destroying the ex-First Crown Prince, they are proving themselves as the allies of Jurai."

A hint of amusement was present on the commander's face. "And what happens if they fail?" he asked the younger officer.

"Our fleet is here to back them up and using any means necessary to destroy the traitor to the crown. Still sir, it bothers me," the Lieutenant responded. "It just doesn't feel right."

"Is that insubordination Lieutenant?" the commander asked. His face lost any hint of warmth and became cold, stern and altogether frightening. The Lieutenant cowered under the harsh gaze.

"No sir," he quickly replied.

"Well then get back to monitoring the sensors." The command was taken to heart as the Lieutenant quickly turned back, his hands flying across the holographic keyboard in front of him.

"What the hell?" He voiced in surprise. "Sir we've got a situation," the Lieutenant dictated as he signaled for the commander to come over to his station.

"What is it now?" the commander brusquely asked as he approached the sensor station.

"Sir, it seems like one of the ships in the fleet is breaking formation," the lieutenant replied. He pointed to the one blue blotch on the holographic screen that was breaking away from the others.

"What is the name of the ship," the commander continued.

"Hold on," the young officer murmured, his fingers flying over the keyboard. A bead of sweat trickled down the officer's cheek as he brought up the identification of the stray ship. "S-s-s-sir, it's the R-r-r-rocinante."

"Communication, open a line," the commander of the flagship, Tsunami's Pride, dictated as he returned to the center of the bridge.

"They're not responding sir," the communications officer responded. A cold feeling swept over the commander as he took the news.

"Try again," he ordered urgency in his voice.

"Still rejecting sir," the officer replied.

"Open connection with the rest of the fleet," he dictated as his mind began to wander, still not believing the events unfolding before his eyes. 'I'm going to have to shoot down the fastest ship Jurai has. Not even a ship in Jurai's Primary fleet can match the Rocinante,' he thought incredulously.

"Sir," the communications officer asked, indicating the connection has been made.

"This is Commander Shiara of the Secondary Fleet of Jurai," he addressed regretfully. "There has been an issue that has arisen that demands our immediate attention."

He took a deep breath before continuing his announcement. "I am hereby ordering you to destroy the Rocinante."

"It looks like our cover is blown," Chronostonya Salianita, or Chrono as everyone called him laughed. He held the position of second in command, and had a reckless grin that matched his strong but not bulky frame and short, wild black hair. He had an easy going personality, as well as the ability to charm most women with ease. He held a staff in front of him as his eye twinkled with excitement.

"C'mon now Chrono-chan," flirted the tactical expertise of the group. A truly beautiful green haired woman, Samantha Relona was a figure of playfulness with a high tied ponytail and a high spirit to match.

"We did accomplish our infiltration of the Rocinante, and we even jettisoned the original crew without any problems," the woman said, one hand on her hips in an extremely provocative position.

"Your right Sam," he smiled earning a grin from tactician.

"Never mind the fact that we now have an entire fleet of Jurain ships chasing after us," pointed out the ten-year-old girl standing in front of the communication console. She had short blond hair that was tied in a bun, and much more modest clothing than the tactician she had contradicted.

"Aww don't be such a priss Priss," Samantha said as she sauntered over to the smaller girl. "It's not like I was the one who rejected the communication connection," the tactician continued.

"How many times do I have to tell you that it's Priscilla?"

"Now stop it, you two, we still gotta kick some ass," the dark blue haired pilot of the Rocinante cheered bearing an evil smile. Not many could doubt that Jade Telemonte was a hot-tempered women, with an aggressive nature, however those that actually took the chance to befriend learned of her much hidden soft side.

Beautiful, and violent was the usual description of the pilot but those who knew her knew there was more to it than that. She was the most trustworthy and faithful friend there could be. She would be anywhere for anything at anytime for her loved ones.

"And there she goes again…" Priss sighed.

"Watch it kid," Jade fired back.

"Perhaps it would be better if we addressed the current situation," sighed the mechanic/navigator in his normal calm voice. "A saying among my people is that one should beware the colors of the wild Trenalia if one wishes to keep their head while picking flowers in the forests of Planacia."

"What's so dangerous about a flower?" asked Sam naively as she brushed a few loose hairs out of her face. She regarded the large bulky, extremely strong mechanic with interest. Despite having the appearance of a brute, Rashe' Gonbada had a kind and gentle heart that was hard to find anywhere in the universe.

He had no hair on his head, or any facial hair to speak of, but his gentle purple eyes displayed his true being. That of a gentle and kind man. He was more of a father to the crew, especially the female portion, mostly because of his experience and the fact that he was the oldest man on the ship. His stories of his home planet and his experiences there intrigued the crew, Sam especially, to no end.

"Samantha, have you ever seen the Wild Trenalia?" Rashe' regarded her with a raised eyebrow.

"Umm… no," she responded.

"If you did, little one," he said with a smile, "you'd understand what I mean. What I'm trying to say as that we should be focused on the mission since we have already received the Captains signal."

"Well said Rashe'," Chrono laughed as he slapped the older man's back. "That's what I like about you. You can use a saying nobody understands and get the point across."

"Well I guess," the mechanic smiled.

"Hey Chrono," Priscilla called out from the communication console. "Do you think that the Captain is okay?" she asked showing some of her youthful innocence. She was hard pressed not to show any weakness to anyone and always seemed secluded around people other than her five comrades. They were in truth her only real friends. Her friends knowing this made every effort they could to keep from hurting the girl and to try and raise her as best as they could.

"Of course I do Priscilla," he smiled tugging on her bun eliciting a squeal and laughter from the girl. "Now don't you worry 'bout the Cap'n. He always makes it out alright."

He walked over Jade, watching as the fleet began to converge on them. "Jade why don't we show these Jurain assholes why we stole the Rocinante," he said with excitement. "Let's go get the Cap'n."

"Hell yes," the blue haired beauty cheered as the Rocinante catapulted towards Earth.


"I am hereby changing target from coordinates 250 to 564," the GP captain ordered, standing up and walking to the front of the bridge. The weapons discharges of the grappler halted as the tactical officer began to recalculate his aim.

"But sir," the tactician cried out, once he saw what the change in target would do.

"Is that Insubordination?" the GP Captain roared, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He began approaching the

"Sir that aim is directly in line with the other two ships," the tactician exclaimed. "You can't be serious!"

"I said fire damn it," the captain shouted slamming his fist down on the button designated to commence the attack. The ship rocked as it released laser blasts that met the shields of the other two Scarab type ships.

Suddenly a screen appeared on the main monitor displaying two officers and a man who looked exactly like the captain of the Grappler. "That man is a fake. A traitor!" the look a like exclaimed as he placed his hand on the fingerprint analyzer in front of him.

"Positive ID match," the feminine monotone voice of the computer called out. The GP officers at their stations immediately began to get to their feet.

"Well fellas, it's been plenty of fun, but I'm going to run," the fake Captain said as he began to back up. He had a cocky grin on his face that only served to annoy the GP more.

"Halt or we'll shoot," one GP officer called out as they began to close in.

"Sorry, no can do," the imposter said as he reached out and tore off a necklace that had been tucked away underneath his uniform. Immediately his appearance began to waver until a flash filled the room revealing a red haired man with a ponytail and warm smile.

*Sagami Aeoba reached into his Jurain robes and pulled out a small box. "See ya later fellas," he told the blinded officers as he pressed the red button on the small box. The ship immediately began to rumble as multiple explosives ignited all over the ship.

Sagami began to run towards the exit as the hostile officers struggled to regain their balance. Darting through the doors to the bridge he made his way towards the hangar as the GP officers tried to stabilize the situation. However there would be no stopping him, he had planned this too well.

"There he is," a voice called out as he turned another corridor in his escape. Before he knew it, a dozen GP's were in his way, blocking the corridor, and bent on stopping him by any means necessary.

"Sorry got to run," he yelled throwing down the necklace that had served to provide his disguise on the ground near the GP's. Sagami immediately covered his eyes, as a blinding flash ensued, temporarily blinding the officers.

Bracing himself, he ran through the roadblock, shoving some officers out of the way as he continued to advance. Breaking through the hazard, he grabbed a metal rod from his robes and pressed a button on it, causing both ends to extend, in turn forming a long staff.

"Chrono, I hope you get here," he said to himself as he brought his staff across the front of a GP officer entering the hallway from a door. The officer stumbled down onto the floor into unconsciousness as Sagami ran on.

"Just a little further," he pushed himself as he ran into the secondary hangar of the Grappler, only to be met with red laser blasts aimed at him. Quickly, the Jurain jumped behind some crates for protection, taking one laser blast hit in the arm.

Blood flowed out of the wound in his arm as he brought up a hand to help cover it. He grimaced as blood seeped through his fingers and onto his clothing. "Shut the hatch," a voice yelled amidst the laser fire.

"It's now or never," he whispered to himself as he removed his hand from the wound and reaches into his robes once more. He smiled as he pulled out a small thermal grenade with red lipstick forming the image of a kiss on it.

"Thanks Sam," he grinned as he activated the grenade and tossed it towards the laser fire. He pulled himself into a ball as the device exploded, casting debris and smoke every which way. Before the distracted officers could react, Sagami was taking off at a dead sprint towards the rapidly closing hatch.

Muttering a short prayer to Tsunami, he launched himself out the hatch and into the atmosphere of the Earth, watching the ground approach him below. 'C'mon guys,' he mentally yelled. 'Now isn't the time to let me down.'

His breath caught in his throat as the ground came ever closer at a pace that worried him… 'One last thing to do,' he thought with a slight grin. Reaching into his pocket he retrieved another small remote. Making sure not to drop the rectangular black box, he pressed his palm to the button on it.
"Identity confirmed," flashed across the small video screen, soon to be replaced by the number 5:00, which in turn began to count down in succession. "Five minutes till that ship is gone," he thought with a little bit of despair. "War is not fair," he murmured.

He slowly let the remote out of his hands, watching as it flew behind him, its lighter weight slowing it's descent. He rotated barely keeping track of the black box as it gave the illusion of flying away from him at unbelievable speeds. His slight grin became a full-fledged smile as the black remote impacted with the side of something solid.

"Way to go Jade," Chrono cheered over the radio as he braced himself in the open bay of the Rocinante. "Bring me a little closer!" he cheered, exhilaration and adrenaline coursing through his being.

"You sure as hell got it," the excited pilot cheered, taking heed of the monitors detailing her ship's proximity to her falling captain. Slowly shifting the ship closer to the falling man, she saw the gap between the captain and the ship decrease.

Her happiness that had come from watching the gap become non existent as Chrono reached out to Sagami's outstretched hand was destroyed as a laser blast shot in between the distance between the two men's hands. The two men immediately retracted their limbs as the two functional GP ships began firing upon the Rocinante.

"Estimated time for the Captains impact with the ground is five minutes," Rashe' Gonbada warned, his strong frame imposing the seriousness of the situation.

"Sam, get ready," Chronostonya's voice, echoed over the loud speakers. "Battle stations," he continued.

"Oh no…" Priss murmured. "What about the Captain?"

"Relax kid," Samantha uttered herself connecting to the weapons systems of the Rocinante. She pulled her normal visor over her eyelids as she sat down on the weapons operations seat. "All set Chrono-chan," she cooed.

"We'll still get the cap'n," Chrono reaffirmed as he walked into the bridge. "But first," he began his normal cocky smile forming. "We fight!"


"What the hell is going on Washu?" Tenchi asked getting a tighter grip on his daughter. The living room of the Masaki residence shook as another blast exploded on the Masaki premises.

"I'm looking it up Tenchi," Washu murmured while typing furiously on the keyboard in front of her. 'What I want to know is how they got past my sensors,' she thought as her fingers flew with desperation.

"It's the GP ships from before," Washu cursed as she opened up a video screen so that the other occupants of the room could see what was happening outside their house. "I underestimated them," she admitted regretfully. "They snuck past our sensors, however my last line of sensors must have detected some sort of disturbance, in turn, cloaking the house."

"It's sad to say," she said, scratching the back of her head, "but if it weren't for my genius, we'd be dead." She began to cackle at the usual mention of her superior intellect.

"This isn't the time Washu," Tenchi breathed out as another blast struck closer to where they were situated. His voice was neither overly loud nor overly harsh however the confidence behind the words declared immediate attention. Washu in a surprising show closed her mouth and listened to what the man had to say.

"Wait, what is that?" he asked relinquishing one hand from his daughter and pointing to the diving Jurain ship. "The GP are firing on a ship?" he murmured to himself, thinking as to what could be going on. "Time to take a chance," he said to the group turning around with a smile on his face.

"Aeka, please watch over Achika," Ryoko said with a mischievous grin covering her face. She cracked her knuckles in anticipation, her mind totally understanding what Tenchi was inferring that they do.

"Hold on, what are you planning?" Aeka countered placing her hands on Achika's shoulders as possession of the little girl was transferred. Achika held onto Aeka's hands as if they were a lifeline, her innocent heart worried for her parents and seeking strength wherever she could find it. But that worry was limited as her naïve mind believed her parents to be the strongest people in the universe. Actually, truth be told, she was debatably true with that assumption.

"We're buying you some time," Tenchi said with a smile covering his face. "Find out a course of action while we stall," he continued, directing his attention to Washu.

"Will do," Washu nodded, giving Tenchi a salute. "Kick some ass you two," she continued. "Just try and come back in one piece," she added with a smile.

"What do you say we have some fun Tenchi?" Ryoko asked, her demeanor making her strangely yet incredibly attractive. Her anticipation of the upcoming conflict added a hint of danger to her aura making Tenchi remind himself he was the luckiest man alive to have her. Not to mention that he had a lot to look forward to provided they survived, as her exact words had been "winning fights makes me hot, Tenchi!" She had also added that losing to him had the exact same effect, but only losing to him.

"Sounds like fun," Tenchi said cockily, displaying how much he had changed in the passing years, a direct result of his love for Ryoko. He was cocky but not overconfident, just the right mix to attain a victory. He would sure as hell protect his family with every ounce of his strength, plus the battle did bring him immense excitement and adrenaline began coursing through him even more so than before.

"Wait!" Kiyone shouted with concern evident in her voice. "You two can't be seriously planning on-" Matthias who looked away from the group, out the window, cut her off.

"Let them go," he firmly called out. He slowly turned his head towards the husband and wife, revealing an arrogant grin. "Just remember that you owe me a talk, Tenchi. And also a sparring match when I can truly show you my power when I kick your ass." His tone stunned the Royalty and knights save Aeka as she merely broke out into a smile. Such a tone, even lacking appropriate title was never heard uttered by Royal Knights, especially a second sword.

'Matthias is finally back to normal,' Aeka thought happily. She watched as Ryoko began to laugh.

"You know what? I'm beginning to like you more and more," she laughed as she looked at the second sword. "I'll have to have a go with you too," she taunted.

"Beware, her wrath," Indigo warned with a haunted expression on his face. "No matter how bitchy she acts never call her or her evil sister a bitch," he warned. His error became clear as the two said woman, both glaring at him with evil eyes, hit him to the floor.

"Watch it," Nagi hissed.

"It's a deal," Tenchi agreed as he stared hesitantly at his wife and sister-in-law. "Well come on Ryoko, let's play," he said, trying to supply the needed diversion.

"Let's go," the cyan haired ex-pirate cheered as they both tensed and teleported to the outside leaving behind there extended family to decide the course of events. An alarm on Washu's holo-computer sounding off immediately grabbed the attention of the "family."

"Soldiers from the damaged ship have been transported to the ground," Washu warned. "My cloaking device only sets up a field in the sky to cover aerial views. They'll all be able to see us from the ground."

"It looks like we get some action," Matthias said reaching into his robes and retrieving his Jurain tree-sword. Kamidake clutched his staff and Azaka ignited the Azusa-ken.

"Count us in too," Kiyone declared signaling that she and her partner were not to be left out in the battle.

"What are you waiting for idiot?" Nagi asked as she poked Indigo on his back. She watched with mute amazement as Indigo knives appeared in both his hands. He turned around, showing one of his seldom-held serious expressions.

"Let's go," the Space Pirate agreed.

"Now that's what I want to hear," Washu cheered. "You all protect us while we formulate a plan."

"There's no way your outdoing me. That means both you and Ryoko," Nagi said to Indigo as she grasped her sword and her purple whip sprouted to life. "And how about you teach me to use my powers like Ryoko after this," she prodded.

"Sure thing pretty lady," Indigo responded as he followed the Jurains who were now exiting the house. He grinned at her earning a rare blush from the bounty hunter.

"Well just don't stand there, get going," Nagi yelled in embarrassment. Soon the warriors had left the house not willing to give in without a fight.

The door to the front door shut leaving the rest of the group under the protection of Washu's various inventions. "Now let's get down to business," the genius declared, beginning to type on her keyboard.

"What is it Sister?" Funaho asked as Misaki ignored the genius, instead, scratching her chin in thought.

"Oh nothing," Misaki declared looking back at the group she was with. "It's just have you ever seen so many sexy men before?" she asked innocently, causing Aeka to cover Achika's ears, Funaho to do the same to Sasami and Washu to face fault on the floor wondering what she ever deserved to be with the company she was with.

Katsuhito merely cleared his throat and sipped his cup of tea.

"Eat that Bastards," Samantha yelled triumphantly as she let loose a volley of laser blasts at the attacking one man ships that had emerged from the two functional GP Scarab type ships. The apparatus she sat in began to rotate as she targeted a ship flying fast to the right of the Rocinante.

Perspiration ran down her face as she continued to attack the surrounding ships, a direct video feed complete with a projected lock-on-targeting system in her vision due to the clear green visor covering her eyes. "Jade, turn hard right," she commanded.

"I said right," Sam corrected angrily as the Rocinante lurched to the left. Samantha fired another volley of laser blasts, the gloves she wore on her hands in conjunction with the visor on her head forming a sort of link between her and the ships weapon systems.

The items gloves and visor were one of a kind, rumored to have been created by the evil genius Washu. The inventory were truly amazing, and she was lucky to have stumbled across it in a pawn shop sold by some man who had once been a high-to-do in the scientific community but was now a down-on-his luck drunk. Not only did it present any trained gunner an incredible control that was surpassed by no other system, but also it was highly portable, and capable of synchronizing to any ship that sailed the sea of space.

"Damn it, I'm trying!" Jade rifled back as she dodged a laser blast that tore too close to the ship for her tastes. "Suck on my fumes," she said with an evil grin causing Chrono to gulp loudly as she slammed the accelerator down. The ship launched ahead of the pursuing fighters and without warning to the ships behind stopped in midair as the engines used the thrusters on the nose of the ship to come to a stop. As quickly as the ship had stopped it had launched to the right, heading between the gaps of the two GP scarab ship.

"Jade, what are you doing?" Priss yelled as she clutched her seat in a desperate effort to avoid falling to the floor. With a quick glance to the eldest member of the Rocinante's crew, Roshe' Gonbada, she wondered how he could stay standing and keep up the appearance of not shifting at all with the quick maneuvers the pilot was putting the ship through. She shook of her astonishment, adding it to he list of things that she couldn't understand how Rashe' did. "Are you trying to kill us?"

Jade gritted her teeth as she dodged a laser blast. "Hold on kid," she growled as she slowed down, only to quickly accelerate, altering her height by sharp dives or upward thrusts, all the while trying to make her way in between the GP ships that were flying away from her.

"Trust us," Samantha called out with a grin. She flicked up her visor and winked. "I've never let you guys down before," she cockily pointed out.

"Never mind, the Beggar's pass at Sharazar, oh and how could I forget the Dawn Patrol on Lucretia amongst all those other times. But don't listen to me, I'm just the incompetent child." Priss held her hands together in front of her face, wearing a mask of pure innocence.

"Watch it kid," Sam growled, the vein on her forehead popping out in anger. "Believe me, I can handle it," she declared pointing to herself with her thumb as she leaned back in her chair.

"Girls, girls, girls," Chrono eased waving his hands downward in order top cool off the rising tempers. "Priss, I'm counting on you to monitor the captain, and try to decipher the code to the channel the GP are using. And of course Sam can do it!"

"Yes sir," Priss replied, sticking her tongue out and pulling down on her bottom eyelid, all the actions directed at Sam. With a cheery smiled she turned around and began typing on the console in front of her.

"Grr," Sam growled at the young blond haired girl. Her green hair waved as she forcefully pulled down her visor.

"Relax Sam," Rashe' advised. "Anger in such times is not good for the outcome of the battle," he warned. Sam immediately accepted the statement and realized its truth.

"And there you go again," Chrono cheered slapping Rashe' on the back. "Man you always have those wise words no one gets but we still get 'em, ya know? And I'll help you out Sam so don't worry about those extra guns.

"Let's hurry up so we can get the cap'n," Chrono said as he sat down in the seat next to Samantha and flipped a couple switches on the monitor. Immediately a control stick and holographic monitor appeared. "Let's go Jade, wait watch out!"

"What the?" Jade asked as the cloaked third ship emerged from the twilight abyss of the night sky. Before she knew it the blip of a ship was in front of her, in the process of firing it's main means of destruction, a weapon that would instantly lay waste to Rocinante when fired. The experimental weapon would almost destroy any chance of having enough mobility to win the battle.

She immediately tried to fly out of the range of the blast, but the readout on her immediate left told her that she needed at least ten seconds to clear the area. The fact that GP ship was turning to keep the Rocinante in its range meant trouble for her.

"What's that?" she suddenly wondered as she pulled up a view of the radar screen Priscilla was monitoring. Her eyes were met with the image of two rapidly moving blips moving across the said radar screen. Technology was great in the world outside of Earth. A video link could be established in a place totally devoid of light that could show an image seen clear as daylight without the pains and lack of color deviance as with the Earth's night vision. Taking full advantage of that technology she said: "Priss, I need as Vid link of the GP ship that's trying to get us."

"Well I'll be damned," Chrono muttered as he glanced at the Video screen that appeared in front of the Pilot. "Looks like the Cap'n was right…" he thought, remembrance of the day before clear in his mind.

"Cap'n why exactly are we going to all this trouble," Chrono asked as the rest of the crew went to sleep. Tomorrow was the day where all their plans would come to fruition. "I still don't get what's so important about saving this Tenchi."

Sagami laughed as he turned his head towards the sky. "Chrono my old friend, if there's one man who can save the universe from its current fate, he is the one who can do it. Not only does he have the power to do it, but you can bet he'll have a powerful following with him," Sagami said reminiscing about just who had been with Tenchi when they had met.

"They managed to make a joke of a Jurain checkpoint," he continued laughing a little. "When you see his group in action," he said, tossing a stone he picked up off the ground out into the night sky, "you'll understand just why we have to save him."

'You're definitely right Cap'n,' Chrono thought. "I see it but I don't believe it," he murmured his eyes rapt on the outside. For on the video, the first stage of the resistance to the Attacking forces was beginning. The Masaki clan was truly proving that they would not go into the darkness of death without a fight.


"You think you can destroy my family," Tenchi yelled as he flew straight towards the glowing apparatus on the recently uncloaked GP ship. He smiled as a blue laser energy ball appeared in both his hands. "Well not a chance in hell as long as I'm still living," he yelled as he chucked the energy balls at the glowing device.

Flames consumed the prototype, Gravitational Blast Canon, as Tenchi's energy blast hit home. The energy that had been gathering for the blast was unleashed back on the ship. The sheer magnitude of the energy consumption for the Canon was so much that all the energy needed for Stealth mode was taken. In short, they could not remain cloaked when firing that weapon. This double edge sword had brought the ship in view of Tenchi and had left him with the option of taking it out or being taken out. Naturally the former choice was more attractive and as Tenchi's blast hit, the energy that had paralyzed the ship except for engine control was released back on itself.

"Way to go honey," Ryoko cheered as she teleported next to her husband. She had been providing cover, distracting and eliminating the fighters that could distract Tenchi from his mission. "Now let's help that ship out over there and hope that other ship is on our side," Ryoko continued to Tenchi. "The sooner this is over with the better," she taunted.

"Why's that 'Oko?" Tenchi asked, creating an energy sword in both of his hands. Neither sword was as long as Ryoko's energy sword, as they were aiming for speed and maneuverability while sacrificing range and power to some degree.

"I'm starting to get turned on by all this excitement," she said with a wink as she turned her attention towards the three fighters approaching her in a v formation. "Time to get down to business," she said with a smile as she formed a doppelganger. The newly formed Ryoko created an energy sword and looked to her counterpart. "One, two, three, go," they counted in unison teleporting behind each of the fighters on the wings of the "v".

"Oh boy," Tenchi muttered to himself as he turned around and began to scan the area for more enemies. With the heightened awareness that his Jurain powers brought, his senses were augmented to unbelievable levels. And for exactly that reason, he was able to spot the figure below him falling quickly towards the ground.

He shot towards the ground in an instant, rapidly trying to catch up with the falling figure. In the process he only managed to pick up a fighter who began to fire on him. Ducking left a shot flew by him in the process missing the figure below him. 'Oh great,' Tenchi thought to himself. 'Now I'm dodging for two.'

"Well here, goes nothing," he said with a smile as he increased his speed even more.

"Nice shooting babe," Ryoko A shouted to her counterpart as the doppelganger shot an energy blast at the ship she was pursuing. An explosion ensued, as the main thruster of the small craft cut out leaving the ship without any propulsion.

"Your not too bad yourself," Ryoko B complimented back. "Let's just face it, we have got to be the sexiest, most powerful women alive," she continued.

"Definitely," the other Ryoko agreed. "But why don't we take care of that pesky ship over their so we can go train with Tenchi," she proposed. The two Ryoko's simultaneously hugged themselves with blissful grins on their faces. "I love nighttime training," the Ryoko's admitted as they fused back together.

A sudden shot emerged from the night sky. It cut through darkness like a knife through butter, with perfect aim. The laser blast drew it's course across the black canvas, the afterglow of it's own life streaking across existence. It triumphantly made it's way to the unsuspecting woman, ready to suck out her life force as a ferocious beast or parasite. It was almost upon her, it's desire flooding it's mind, her being apparently without knowledge of the threat, when it deflected off a shield.

The ex-space pirate spun around to be rocketed by the sound and current that the guilty fighter had left in its wake as it flew by her. Her hair flew straight up, caught by the torrent of wind from the thrusters of the ship. "Damn it!" she cursed to the sky.

A glow surrounded her as she took after the fast fighter, matching its speed and flying parallel to the fighter so the pilot could see her. She promptly extended her hand out revealing a raised third finger directed solely at the pilot who was desperately trying to maneuver away from her while targeting her with his weapons systems. She provided him no chance as she formed a huge energy ball and sent it tumbling into the ship. "That's what you get for playing with my maiden-like innocence and charm," she snorted scanning the battlefield.


"Almost there," Tenchi said confidently as the ground became ever closer. With a burst of speed he pulled beside the man who looked strangely at ease for the circumstances he was facing. They both did a mid air double take as recognition grew apparent on their faces.

"I guess I must have left some impression Miss Tenko, didn't I," Sagami laughed, although he shouted the words, fighting to be heard over the environment they were in. Tenchi gritted his teeth. That comment almost deserved him to let the Jurain fall to the ground. Tenchi quickly rebuked himself for a thought like that, though he was hesitant to initiate physical contact due to the nature of the two men's past occurrence.

He still felt uncomfortable about Sagami hitting on him when he was dressed in drag. Of course the females of his unofficial family had found it a riot, but here he was, actually having to engage physical contact with that man.

"Don't worry Tenchi, I'm straight," Sagami laughed, picking up on the distress of the Prince. Needless to say Tenchi almost let him drop again. But forever the kind hearted man; he grabbed Sagami's feet and teleported back to where the battle was taking place, leaving behind a stunned fighter.

"Ten-chan," Ryoko called as Tenchi teleported back into sight of his beautiful wife. She teleported next to her love, raising an eyebrow at the sight of the redheaded Captain dangling by his foot when she arrived beside him. "Oh I remember you," she said with a laugh slowly lowering so that she was eyelevel with him. "You're the one who was hitting on Tenchi!"

She began to laugh along with Sagami as Tenchi got flustered, clearly not relishing in the past occurrence. "I believe Tenchi didn't exactly enjoy that experience Ryoko," Sagami pointed out gesturing to Tenchi.

"Ohh poor Tenchi," Ryoko laughed, draping herself on his shoulder. "But by the way, what are you doing here?" she asked the Rocinante's captain.

"Let's get to my ship," Sagami pointed out, "they need me there and the battles not over." He grimaced showing his impatience as he watched his ship in pursuit of the two remaining GP Scarabs.

"You got it," Tenchi replied, as the three warriors flew after the warring spaceships.


Darkness can be a blessing and a curse. To a large group hunting for something that they had no idea of the whereabouts, the darkness was a horrible hindrance. But to a small group of warriors, slowly decreasing the size of the large force by stealth and guerilla tactics, the night was a godsend.

"This is getting us nowhere fast," Matthias whispered to Azaka and Kamidake. The three knights crouched behind a patch of tall grass as they monitored the large group of GP officers. "We can't take them on, and we're not delaying them at all," he pointed out.

"He's right Azaka," Kamidake agreed.

The knight of Azusa merely stood still stroking his beard in thought. The crackle of a radio caught the three's interest though, prolonging any further debate. "We've found the residence," an excited officers voice called over the standard issue GP Radio.

"Shit," Matthias cursed. He clenched his fists with the news that the radio of an officer walking by their hiding place had brought.

"The group that the others are monitoring must have found the house," Kamidake rationalized. He looked to his old friend for guidance as he finished his sentence.

"We go," Azaka, declared standing up and running back towards the Masaki home while evading the troops and remaining totally silent. Soon, the other two knights followed him as the Jurain knights fought against time to save their "family".

"Mihoshi you bubblehead," Kiyone yelled at her partner as she grabbed the blond and ducked behind a tree. Laser blasts fell upon the area where they had just been. Kiyone turned the safety off of her personally modified standard GP issue blaster and prepared to trade shots, no matter how outnumbered she was.

"I'm sorry Kiyone," Mihoshi said remorsefully. "When they asked if anyone was there after you stepped on that twig, I forgot we were supposed to be hiding from them." The blond started to cry as she clutched her partner's legs and buried her face in the teal haired woman's knees.

"Cut it out Mihoshi," Kiyone ordered trying to pry her partner from her legs. Laser blasts followed as the GP soldiers followed the detective's voices to there hiding spot. The tree was quickly made short work of as Kiyone dived to the side as best she could. The tree was left a smoldering mess as Mihoshi finally let go, instantly reaching for her gun and firing into the darkness from whence the laser blasts had come.

"Stop picking on Kiyone," she reprimanded. "She'll get really angry at you and then it won't be pretty. And I don't want you to hurt my partner," Mihoshi yelled as her trigger finger went away with her and she began to fire crazily.

"Detective, get your partner down," a male voice called out piercing the night's aura. Kiyone immediately reached out and grabbed Mihoshi's feet, in turn pulling the GP officer to the ground. Two indigo energy knives flashed by as a GP officer fell out of the tree that hung over the top of the two women. They both yelled in fright at the surprise and immediately began to retreat back to where her friends were covering.

The GP forces had split up into two groups to cover more terrain and in turn, so had the group of warriors defending the Masaki home. Kiyone, Mihoshi, Indigo and Nagi had tried as hard as they could to keep the forces away from the home, but it looked as if they were closing in. A stray soldier had accidentally stumbled upon it and after reuniting with his team, had begun to lead the GP's to the Masaki house. It was only a matter of time before the troops would arrive at the home, and with another force bearing down on the small team of warriors, things did not look good.

One GP officer cried out as a purple line emerged from the trees ahead and tangled itself around he as well as two of his comrades. With a short scream they were hoisted upward, into oblivion.

Indigo showed no surprise when moments later, Nagi was at his side as they continued to fall back. He clenched his teeth as the forest he had been weaving his way through abruptly ended revealing a clearing that held the Masaki home. Three figures were across the clearing in a flash as Indigo's group ran towards the house.

"They found the house?" Matthias asked as he met up with the Indigo's party.

"A stray," Nagi answered gritting her teeth.

"Damn it," Azaka swore as the group brought up next to the house. "We better alert Miss Washu and the others." With a sigh he looked towards the sky. "I just hope that Lord Tenchi and Lady Ryoko are doing better than us…"


"What's our status?" Sagami asked as he walked into the bridge of the Rocinante. He walked with purpose and resolve, smiling as he reflected upon the plan he and his friends had formulated.

"Captain?" was the immediate response from his crew as they all stood up in confusion. He had been falling towards the ground with barely any time left and they had just been preparing a dive to retrieve him… but yet there he stood, alive, and in command.

"Relax everybody, we have some help now, who coincidentally were the ones who saved me. But more importantly we need to get into action now," he said reassuringly. The crew broke out into smiles with renewed vigor at the return of their commander. "All right, Jade lets spread them wide apart," he ordered pointing to the two remaining GP ships.

"Roger," she confirmed as the Rocinante launched forward.

"Afterburners Jade, I want to show them why we stole the fastest ship known to the galaxy," he said with a smile leaning over the back of her chair.

"You read my mind, captain," she laughed as she slammed the throttle down followed by pressing a large glowing green button. The ship vibrated wildly as the engines flung the ship forward.

"Phase one, initiated," Sagami said to himself. "Okay no firing, we're just attracting their attention," he ordered. "And Jade, I'll need you to engage the engines at maximum output when I tell you. I want this ship going as fast as it possibly can when I give you the signal."

"Roger," she repeated. "You think you can handle that Rashe'?"

"I can give you at least fifteen percent more output from the engines," he replied happily. "And it seems that there is a separate engine not currently being used is located on the ship. I believe that it's for short lasting bursts of incredible speed," he continued. "At least that's what I can gather from examination."

"Good job," Sagami said with a nod.

"Estimated time to contact is twenty seconds Captain," Priss noted chipper as ever. "Wait captain, I'm detecting two other incredibly small fighters, at least that's what I think, in front of the GP scarab ships. Wait they're entering the ships captain, each new contact in a Scarab," she informed.

"That's part of the plan," he said with a grin. "Video feed to both Scarabs," he ordered.

"Link established captain," Priss told him with a smile as she dared a glance at his face. He smiled back at her leaving her a blushing stuttering mess.

"Thanks Priss," he said kindly. She immediately snapped her head away as her face grew even a deeper crimson.

"N-n-n-n-n-no p-p-p-problem," Captain she stuttered shyly.

"Sir?" Jade called out sparing a glance at the video feed. Both ships shifted awkwardly in the air as smoke began to billow out of the top. A blinding flash filled the screen followed by the side on each ship bursting out into flames.

Out of the flames of each ship came two figures, which immediately began to drop towards the ground. "Now it's up to us," he told the crew resolutely. "We won't fail. Isn't that right?"

The crew chorused their agreement. "Five seconds till we're at the ship," Priss called out.

"All right, Chrono, Jade, hit them with everything we got on my mark," Sagami ordered as the ship entered the smoke filled gap in between the two ships.

"Mark!" he called out as the Rocinante pulled beside the ships matching their speed. "Rashe' we need that fifteen percent and activation of the spare engine in ten seconds. Keep on unloading on them you two," Sagami declared.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Sam cheered as she sent a present in the guise of missiles to one of the ships. "Happy Birthday," she declared with a chuckle.

"Captain, my sensors are detecting the enemy weapons systems preparing to fire on us," Rashe' pointed out. "And we have the necessary conditions you requested."

"Jade get us the hell out of here," he declared. "Our diversion is all used up!"

"Roger!" In a flash the ship capitalized on all it's resources and was out of the way of the weapons of the GP ships before they were fired. Unfortunately for the two GP ships, in a stupid act of aiming to destroy the enemy, they had taken off all the safeties on their ships. As their laser blasts fired, the blasts passed through the air in which the intended target had once occupied and planted themselves in the counterpart ship.

"Jade, take us low to the ground in that empty clearing," he said bringing up a map and pointing to a clearing. "We'll see something there, hopefully," he laughed.

"Where are we going Cap'n?" Sagami's second in command asked standing up from the weapons console where he was stationed. His black hair was matted down from perspiration and his cheeks were red from excitement.

"To get the group that can save our world Chrono," Sagami answered with a smile. "We're going to save the universe."

"This isn't going to buy us any time," Nagi murmured as she tilted a chair so that it's top stood under the handle, in effect jamming it shut. "This isn't going to slow them down at all," she pointed out.

"We have to do everything we can do Miss Nagi," Aeka responded holding on to Achika's hand tightly, ready to protect her godchild at any moment. With her life if need be. Matthias stood nearby, still fulfilling his mission of protecting Aeka.

"Hey there you two," a nasally voice called out from the stairwell. "Are you three coming up or should we let the enemy have you?" Washu called out. She stood with her hands on her hips.

"I still don't see the point of going to the roof," Matthias pointed out as the group made there way up to the third floor and began to trek out through the window of Tenchi's room and onto the roof of the Masaki house. Mathias grimaced at the slow pace they were all making as he heard footsteps entering the house.

"Hurry up," he urged as the group filtered out. Before he knew it however Tenchi and Ryoko had teleported next to him both holding their hilts out in front of them. In a burst of energy, the Shin-ken and Tenchi-ken ignited their red and blue blades casting a purple glow around the room.

"How are you all holding up?" Tenchi asked preparing a battle stance. "Oh and Washu, disable that cloak on our house!"

"Oh just fine," Matthias grinned igniting the green blade of his Jurain tree weapon. He brushed a bead of perspiration off of his face as Washu called out to Tenchi telling him that she had complied with his wishes.

"Well here they come," Ryoko called out from next to her husband. "Who feels like tying up a little GP?"

"Sound like fun," Tenchi laughed.

"Count me in," Matthias added. "They haven't tasted anything until they have tasted the power I hold." He struck a battle pose, his ego beginning to run away with him "Here we go," the knight called out as the door that they had barred was shot down.

"Nagi, get Ryo-ohki and Ken-ohki in ship form," Washu ordered. "I'm preparing our little surprise as we speak," she said pushing a button on her holo-keyboard. Suddenly a machine roughly the size of a washing machine appeared on a hover-cart in front of her.

Without warning a ship began to descend out of the sky, coming to an abrupt halt in front of the roof of the house, startling the group save Washu. A loading hatch on the ship opened revealing Sagami Aeoba and Chrono Salianita.

"Quick we'll split this up," Tenchi called from the inside. He and Ryoko let loose an energy barrage retreating with Matthias to the roof. "Jurains, knights, and Achika with Sagami, Nagi and Indigo in Ken-ohki, Me and Oko' in Ryo-ohki and Washu you can…"

He was cut off as Washu pulled a black top hat from a subspace portal. With a grin she reached in the hat to pull out none other than Mr. Cuddles.


"AIEEEEEEEE!" Kiyone screamed in terror.

"Mr. Cuddles," Washu cooed rubbing her cheek against the crab. "Alright battle mode." The crab glowed for a moment, it's visage gaining power and growing in size when it had finished. The claws on the crab had nearly doubled in size, giving way to a very powerful looking crab.

"All right Mr. Snappy Claws!" she cheered.

"Snappy Claws?" Achika questioned from her comfortable position in her fathers arms.

"Yup, that's what I call him when he's in battle mode or real angry! Isn't that right Mr. Snappy Claws?"


"Okay, Mr. Snappy Claws, Yagami mode!" Washu called as she threw the crab up into the air. The crab let out a terrifying gurgle as it elongated and began to change its form. Kiyone found herself speechless as she was thrown about her bout of hysteria due to her phobia, and her eyes met a clone of her now destroyed ship.

"I know you said you made me another Yagami," Kiyone started looking over to the scientist. "But why is that thing my Yagami?" she demanded, enraged and at the same time feeling very afraid.

"Perhaps it might be better to continue this some other time," Noboyuki called from his spot standing next to Katsuhito. "It looks like they're coming up." Laser blasts began to fly out of the collapsed doorway in response to his statement.

"Listen. This old thing here," she said pointing to the invention she had brought out of subspace, "is capable of creating portals provided the object it transports has attached this uplink to itself. This will get us through the Jurain fleet with no problems."

"Jurain fleet?" Indigo cried out in astonishment.

"Just take one!" Washu declared shoving an uplink into the hands of Ryoko, Nagi, and Funaho. "I'll transport us when we get up there, since the one drawback as to this invention is although it's range is gigantic, the object must be moving incredibly quickly. Meaning we have to fly through space for a little while till we build up enough speed. Then you'll be transported to the coordinates I programmed into it."

"I suggest we hurry," Katushito calmly stated as the GP officers almost broke through the collapsed doorway. Tenchi set his daughter down signaling for her to head over to her aunt Aeka.

"Don't worry, Achi," Tenchi said. "Our ship is going to fly cover for everyone else so we can protect you all." Tenchi smiled as he looked at his wife.

"You just focus on getting everything squared away and protecting the royalty," Nagi stated to the others. "I can't sit back and watch Ry… my… sister show me up can I? We'll fly cover as well." She grabbed Indigo by his ear not bothering to turn around as she was transported into Ken-ohki.

"Aeka, keep an eye on her," Ryoko said as she watched the Jurain Royal family and Guardians become surrounded by a green light.

"You have my word," Aeka said as she was drawn up into the air by the green light and transported into the ship. Ryoko watched wistfully at the place where her daughter had just floated in the air.

"Everything will be all right," Tenchi comforted as he hugged her from behind. "Don't worry, you'll see. Everything will turn out okay."

"Snappy Claws bring us up," Washu commanded. In an instant, Washu, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Katsuhito and Noboyuki were inside the Yagami-2 prepped and ready for action. "Okay let's go Snappy Claws," Washu cheered.

"Come on honey," Tenchi eased as the GP's broke into the remains of his room. "We have to go help," he said pulling her up with him as he began to fly up into the sky. He heard a whimper as Ryoko fought to control her emotions.

"I can't help but feel that this might be the last time I see her Tenchi," Ryoko whimpered. "I don't want to lose her," she said, her voice thick with emotion.

"Ryoko, we'll go escape from Earth and then we'll be back together before you know it. But first we have to help everyone escape, so what do you say we go fight?" he asked giving her a quick kiss on the lips as he ascended towards Ryo-ohki. She nodded as they teleported into the ship, ready to take on the world if need be to protect the ones they loved.


"There are too many ships," Washu muttered as she scanned the radar screen. Her own little armada had almost reached speed needed to jump through her portal system however she could not help but admire the Jurain's determination in destroying Tenchi. They had forked over their second fleet in the hopes to destroy one man.

Of course, she was about to foil their plans, but still, their perseverance was staggering. An innocent voice saying: "Ooh, I wonder what this is?" brought the genius out of her internal reverie.

No it couldn't be happening. Of all the things it couldn't be her doing what Washu though she was doing.

Spinning around her hopes were dashed as she was Mihoshi hanging over the invention that was about to save their lives. And as she watched Mihoshi press the one button that could foil it all, it seemed as slow motion. Mihoshi's finger hit the self-diagnostic button a moment before the velocity needed to jump was hit by the ships in her small fleet.

She cried out but it was too late as she felt the ship lurch forward as the Portal generator she had created began to transport the Yagami-2. And in an instant, every hope she had had was dashed. As the genius watched Ken-ohki, Ryo-ohki and the Rocinante enter their respective portal her heart threatened to leap out of her chest.

Darkness swallowed her being; it's cold comfort of ignorance numbing her sense leaving behind one rational thought before she was enveloped by unconsciousness. "Oh Tsunami no…"

*Sagami appears in Tenchi Muyo TV episode I forget titled No Need for checkpoints in which the gang sneaks through a Checkpoint to enter Jurain airspace.

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