Lungs of Steel

Story Summary #1: "One day, you're going to realize that you don't hate me, Waldorf," he said smiling. "Don't hold your breath," she said back. DanBlair.

Author's Starting Notes: Well, this is my first DanBlair fic. I'm mostly a CB fan but after reading a fan interesting DB fics, I just couldn't resist trying one. if it's crap, please tell me, so, I know it's best I stick to something else. This is pretty scattered brained but whatever. And FYI, the italic narratives are not Gossip Girl but Dan's writing. He's writing a book. Also, I apologize in advance for such a short chapter. it's necessary to the story, so, I'm not going to call it a preface.

Chapter Summary: It's the introduction chapter, ew. It's a year after the pilot episode and at least eight months since "The Thin Line". And just guess who's come back.

September 26th, 2008.

Looking back, he wasn't even sure how practically a year could go by so fast. It seemed as if it was only yesterday that the world came crashing down atop the Upper East Siders. During that time, he had felt like Will Smith in I Am Legend, because the drama didn't affect him. It was almost funny. He had woken up that morning feeling like things were going to go straight back to the point. He was right.

The first bell of the day rang and students far and wide jerked to get to their respective classrooms in time for first hour. Girls scrambled left and guys scrambled right, all hoping that nothing would get in the way of that attendance record they were working on. Hopes, as they should have known, were like wishes, you should never say them aloud and you shouldn't hold your breath for them to come true. In some cases, those hopes turned into floats of fame, popularity, and happiness. Jenny Humphrey was one of those cases. She'd wanted a way into the high graces of the it-crowd and had gotten it through ease dropping, ditching possible true friends, and befriending horrible people. Thus she spent the beginning of her sophomore year partying in the mother of all parades. The thing about parades, though, was that just a bit of rain could send them crashing into trees and falling into ditches. Too bad for them, a storm was on the horizon. And that storm was called Blair Waldorf.

Allow me to tell you something about Blair. Blair was the queen of the UES for as long as anyone could remember. Some people even said she had been in charge way back in kindergarten. That's beside the point. She ruled up until January of that very year when people she trusted, and people she truly didn't care about, turned on her and ruined her reputation. In a burst of inspired rage, Blair had stuck around after the trashing until the end of the first semester just to see what her school was turning into. Then, she had left. No one quite knew where and no one knew when she would return. They just knew when she did Constance, and all of the Upper East Side, would be turned upside down.

Constance was an all girls' private school located in the swank UES district of Manhattan, New York. It's sister school was the all boy's private high, St. Jude's. The two schools worked together on many fundraisers and projects but until that year there were never any joint classes. Once it reached the students exactly which classes had both genders, suddenly, things like Advanced Literature and Travel Studies were all the rage.

When alas the bells tolled, the classes began. Jonathan Price, who was referred to as only Johnny, took out the lovely attendance sheet to look over. The way the two schools worked made it damn near impossible to know things about both schools at the same time. Seeing as he taught at St. Jude's, knowing things and people that had to do with Constance was always a hassle, even when one of those people was a new student in his class. He went off calling familiar name after name until he reached a name that was familiar but had to be a joke.

"This must be a joke," Johnny said shaking his head at the paper

"Who is it?" asked the aggressive ass in the first row. He was Chuck Bass. Anyone could tell because of the 'attractive' scarf adorning his neck. Most teachers had a problem with the boy but Johnny knew how to handle guys like him.

"Well, I don't think she's here but Blair Waldorf,"

There was a tense silence that came in almost as soon as the words left his mouth. Eyes roamed the room checking to see if the brunette had truly returned. There was no sign of her. Johnny was about to continue when the door opened and in she walked. Jaws hit the ground and every eye was on her. She was gorgeous.

Blair looked at the room confusedly as everyone gaped at her. Gosh, it wasn't like she'd changed that much. Her fashion sense changed a bit. Gone were the innocent headbands that always adorned and constricted her long chestnut hair. When the headbands left, so, did the little ribbons and butterfly hairclips. She'd grown up as a person and her body had done the same. She more of a mature look about her and if the drool collecting on the desks was any sign, she didn't look half bad.

"Present," she said placing her right hand delicately on her hip. She looked over the class spotting all the people she had returned for and all the people she had run from right there. This was going to be interesting.

A/N: Hey, in this Dan is writing (as I mentioned earlier) and I was wondering if you guys have any ideas for what to call the character like him? If I can't get a good name, he'll end up being Penn, so unoriginal. Review please.

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