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Chapter 1: The Case

It was around noon when the call came in. The last week had been long and a bit boring since the only cases the BAU had were all "stay at home" cases. Which would have normally been nice, except all they could do all day was talk on the phone to other police departments or catch up on paper work. So when Hotchner and J.J. walked into the bullpen with the new case it was to find Prentiss basically yelling over the phone, Reid quietly working on a mysteriously large stack of paper work, and Morgan distractedly working on a report while smiling and talking on the phone.

"We've got a case in Tennessee." Said Hotchner after Morgan let out a loud laugh.

Prentiss immediately said good bye and hung up the phone. "Thank God. If they don't want our help they should stop asking for our advice."

By that time Reid had put his papers up and was standing next to JJ. "Should we call Rossi?"

"No, he hasn't had a good vacation in awhile." Replied Hotch as he continued to scan the files in his hands. "Who's Morgan talking to?"

"Garcia" The three agents replied in unison. With that Hotch looked up and saw Morgan joining them.

"We leave in ten minutes, so we'll brief on the plane." Hotchner informed the team.

"I'll go give Garcia a copy of the file so she can look over it." Replied JJ. And with that each team member went their own way with no idea what awaited them.

Sorry this chapter so short, the next should be longer. I'm not sure how soon I can update because I'm going to try to write a sequal to "One of Those Days".