You guys I'm bored, so I might be doing lots of oneshots today. I'm not sure. I guess we'll find out. Thanks to all the people who love reading my stories, and my cousin just told me that she tried to create a C2 Community, I'm sorry for those people she mailed for the staff. She asked me for some PenNames and I gave her some. When I asked why, I deleted it. I'm gonna go ahead and apologize now. Now for the oneshot.

"Kenan! Where are you?" yelled Kel. He was in the park playing Hide & Seek with Kenan and he had hidden in a place Kel couldn't find him, again. "Why do you make this so hard on me? WHY?!" he yelled dropping to his knees. Kenan popped out from under the bench and said, "I was right there in front of you, big Drama Queen." Kenan rolled his eyes at Kel. "Makin' me hide in the dirt for 20 minutes," he muttered. Kel may be his best friend but he was dumber than a can of orange soda. "Ohhhhhhhh. See, I didn't see you 'cause it was dark under the bench and stuff."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Kenan said ignoring his friend and looking at the car in front of him. It was a sweet car. It was a deep purple Explorer with purple spinners to match. "I bet it even bounces, too," he said to himself. "What bounces?" Kel asked. Kenan pointed at the car in front of him. "This baby right here." He walked up to it and patted the hood lovingly. "Imagine all the chicks we could get with this car, man!"

Kenan's dream sequence:

Kenan pulled up into a parking lot and girls surrounded him. Especially this one particular girl. She was smoking! She had soft, chocolately milk skin and she had a perfect smile. "Well, hello there, missy," he said, trying to act all suave. She smiled and went 'Well, hi you big hunk of man!" He took her in his arms and kissed her cheek, "Would you like a ride in my chariot, my sweet?" She nodded. "Very much so." Kenan snapped his fingers and Kel came running to open the door for her.

"Thanks, buddy. Here ya go." Kel was given a can of orange soda and yelled, "Oh boy!" Kenan climbed into the car after the girl and he leaned into kiss her.

Back in reality:

Kenan was leaning into kiss Kel and they were in public, which meant weird and awkward stares from people. "Kenan." Kel waved his hand in front of his friend's face. "Hello! Kenan! Back up!" Kel threw some dirt in his face. He felt dirt in his mouth and sputtered. "Dude, what the heck?" Kel looked at him and said, "You were trying to kiss me, and let me emphasize you are not my type, Kenan." He did a Z-Snap.

"Look, dude, let's just go home. Please. You are embarrasing me more than you usually do," Kenan said trying to wipe the dirt of his face. "Ok, fine. But we have to get some orange soda first. Kel likes his orange soda," he said rubbing his belly. "No, we aren't going through that again," Kenan said sternly. "Aww, why not? It's fun." Kel looked disappointed.

"No, but I do have an idea. It involves a pillow, a VCR, some zuchinni, and stillettos." Kel knew what was happening. He was getting an idea. He was not going to be involved in another crazy scheme. "No! And how do all these three things relate to each other. Huh, Kenan?" Kenan smiled and said, "You'll see soon, Howdy Doody. Oh, we're gonna need the aquarium, too." Kel watched his friend walk off and yelled after him, "Kenan get back here! Please? How is a zuchinni gonna wear some stilletos? And we can't put the VCR into the water, it'll electrocute the little fishies! Kenan? Are you listening? Awww, here it goes!" he said running after his best friend.

I'm bored as crap. This is what comes from my mind. I hope you guys find it funny. Thanks. Oh and R&R!!