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Pairings: Guardians x Tsuna, Slight!Ken x Tsuna, Slight!Chikusa x Tsuna, Slight!MaleOC x Tsuna.

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Tsuna sighed as he was finally allowed to leave the classroom; his hands aching from all the torture it had gone through. He had been given detention, and his punishment was to write, 'I will not bully students' endlessly until his teacher told him to stop.

And it wasn't even his fault in the first place! When some guy had insulted Tsuna in hearing distance of Gokudera, said boy then proceeded to pounce on the boy and beat him up. A teacher arrived just as Tsuna had gotten the student out of Gokudera's grasp, making him look like the one who was guilty.

His attention focused on trying to flex his hand, he was caught off guard when he turned the corner and bumped into someone. He stumbled back, tilting precariously to one side when they grabbed his arm to catch him. Unfortunately, they pulled too hard and Tsuna fell into them… They didn't fall to the ground, but their lips hovered dangerously close, the other boy's back against the wall.

He heard someone gasp. "Tenth!"

Tsuna sprang back, his face red, and looked at Gokudera. The boy was fuming, glaring at the shocked boy he had bumped into. "How dare you," Gokudera growled lowly, reaching inside his coat pocket to pull out two handfuls of dynamite.

"Hii!" Tsuna cried, knowing what would happen next. "Gokudera! S-stop!"

He was ignored. In a flash, the dynamite was lit by the cigarette hanging loosely from the boy's mouth, their edges sizzling dangerously.

"Run!" Tsuna yelled at the boy, fearing for his safety.

The boy didn't even hesitate. He turned and ran just as the dynamite was thrown in his direction. There was a fiery explosion that traveled through the entire length of the hallway, throwing debris of cement and shards of glass everywhere.

Tsuna crouched down, his hands covering his head to protect himself from any stray rubble. When the last of the explosions stopped, he peeked up curiously to see that Gokudera still stood there, staring in the direction that the boy had gone, his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Tch, he got away."

Springing to his feet, Tsuna opened his mouth to reprimand the boy when he was interrupted.

"Gokudera! Tsuna!"

They both turned and saw running towards them was Yamamoto with Reborn riding on his shoulder.

"Ciaossu," the infant greeted, unperturbed by the wreckage that surrounded them.

"What's going on?" Yamamoto asked.

Before Gokudera could reply to either, he was interrupted by a shout of, "Extreme!"

Ryohei ran up to them, wearing nothing but his boxing shorts, boxing boots, and boxing gloves. He surveyed the scene with a curious look on his face.

"There was an extreme explosion here! Whoever did it, I want them to join the boxing club!"

Before anyone could answer him, there was another interruption. An icy cool voice said lowly, "What happened here?"

Tsuna turned toward the sound and felt his blood freeze in his veins. "Hii! Hi-Hibari!"

Hibari looked around the scene with apathy, but Tsuna could swear he saw a tick developing in his right eye. He turned toward the group, all of whom were staring at him and drew his tonfa slowly and deliberately, the sunlight glinting off the tempered steel. "Was it you?" he asked Tsuna.

Tsuna shook his head in negative wildly.

"If the perpetrator doesn't step forward, I'll be forced to bite you all to death."

Before anyone could answer yet again, a patch of dirt could be seen rising toward them steadily, as if something underneath it was burrowing toward them. When it finally reached the group, a hole opened in the ground and out popped Iemitsu, wearing a yellow hardhat and carrying a pick-axe.

He looked around the scene, his eyebrows raised, but before he could even open his mouth, Chrome, Chikusa, and Ken walked up to them.

Everyone stood there, staring at each other in silence.

"Is anyone else going to come out of nowhere?" Tsuna wondered.

They watched the destroyed entrance, waiting for someone new to enter the scene. But when none did, everyone finally asked, "What happened here?"

"Nothing!" Tsuna said quickly, hoping to explain things before Gokudera could make it any worse. "Nothing happened! I just tripped, and that guy just happened to catch me--"

"Yeah!" Gokudera interrupted. "With his mouth!"

Silence descended upon them. It was Reborn and Iemitsu who broke it, both speaking at the same time, their voice filled with deadly iciness, "What?"

Tsuna stared at them in silence, not liking the quiet intensity that burned behind their eyes. He was used to them being unconcerned and wacky, not the serious people who stood in front of him now.

"That guy molested him!" Gokudera cried, waving his arms wildly. "Molested the Tenth!"

Silence returned, this time even more suffocating than before.

"N-No!" Tsuna said vehemently. "I wasn't molested!"

They all ignored him and Tsuna looked at each and every one of them, finding that they all had the same look in their eyes -- even Hibari! The look read one thing: There would be hell to pay.