a/n: hello again my faithful readers and reviewers

a/n: hello again my faithful readers and reviewers! Imajazzbandnerd here, back again with your most voted for new story…SWEENEY TODD THE PREQUEL!! Most people wanted to read this one, and I have more of an idea of where I'm going with this one, although I really, really do want to write the sequel.

This is a prequel to Sweeney Todd: Madness, Vengeance, Redemption. Read that one first, por favor. And I love reviews :)

Summary: What would've happened if Larissa Wright never laid eyes on Lindsey Lovett? What if she'd stayed with her mother through the times Sweeney Todd occupied the shop over their shop? Well, this is what would've happened. THIS CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE!!

When it comes to the singing, Mrs. Lovett is in bold, Sweeney Todd is in underlined, and Lindsey Lovett is in italics.

Chapter One

Nellie Lovett and her fifteen year old daughter Lindsey stood inside their pie shop and the counter. It was early in the morning, and they had to begin making pies, just in case they received customers today. The two pounded dough in a rhythmic beat, one in perfect time with the other. They concentrated on their work so hard, they didn't even notice the man who entered the shop, until Nellie looked up and saw him standing there.

"A customer! Wait what's your rush what's your hurry?"

At this point, Lindsey looked up as well, and seeing the man in the doorway, joined her mother in luring him in. "You gave us such a fright, we thought you was a ghost!"

"Half a minute can't ya, sit, sit you down. SIT!" both women said at the same time, pushing him into the nearest seat.

Upon seeing the frightened look on his face, Lindsey added, "All we meant is that we haven't seen a customer for weeks."

"Did you come in for a pie sir?"

"Do forgive us if our 'eads are a little vague…what is that?" she said, flicking a bug to the floor.

"But you'd think we have the plague! From the way that people, keep avoiding."

"NO YOU DON'T!" Lindsey exclaimed, smashing yet another bug with her rolling pin. Her eyes met the strangers and she smiled, saying "Heaven knows we try sir, but there's no one comes in even to inhale."

"Right you are, sir, would you like a drop of ale?"

"Mind you we can hardly blame them! These are probably the worst pies in London! We know why nobody cares to take them, we should know, we make 'em, but good? No. The worst pies in London. Even that's polite the worst pies in London. If you doubt it take a bite…

Against his better judgment, the man took a bite, and immediately spat it out, before watching a beetle crawl out.

"Is that just disgusting?"
"You have to concede it!"
"It's nothing but crusting!"
"Here, drink this, you'll need it! The worst pies in London."

"And no wonder with the price of meat"
"What it is"
"When you get it"
"Thought I'd live to see the day"
"Men'd think it was a treat"
"Findin' poor"
"Wot are dyin' in the street!"

"Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop!"
"Does a business but I notice something weird."
Lately all her neighbors' cats have disappeared!"
"Have to hand it to her –"-
"Wot we calls"
"Poppin' pussies into pies!"
"Wouldn't do in our shop"
"Just the thought of it's enough to make you sick!"
"And I'm tellin' you, them pussycats is quick!"

"No denying times is hard, sir. Even harder than the worst pies in London! Only lard and nothing more – is that just revolting, all greasy and gritty? It looks like it's molting, and tastes like, well, pity, two women alone, with limited wind, and the worst pies in London! Ah, sir, times is hard. Times is hard!

Mrs. Lovett walked over to him. "C'mon love. You're gonna need a little more than ale to wash that taste out."

The two lead him into the parlor when he finally spoke. "You have a room over shop don't you? If times are so hard why don't you rent it out?"

"People think it's haunted!" Lindsey spoke up.


"Yeah," her mother replied, "And who's to say their wrong? You see, years ago, somethin' happened up there. Something not very nice. There was a barber and his wife…"

Nellie began telling the story Lindsey had heard so many times of the poor family who lived above them before she was born. She watched the man as her mother spoke. His expression was beyond what anyone else who heard to story had reacted. He did not look upset by the story; no, the look on his face was sheer horror. Suddenly, towards the end of her mother speech, he leapt up and exclaimed, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" He looked at the two bewildered women before him. "Would no one have mercy on her?" he said, breathing heavily.

Realization dawned on Nellie. "So it is you!" she breathed, "Benjamin Barker!"

"No! Not Barker," he replied. "That man is dead. It's Todd now, Sweeney Todd, and he will have his revenge."

Needless to say, Lindsey was a tad frightened by this intruder. If this really was the man who lived above their shop all these years ago, why was her mother not telling him what Lindsey thought was a very important detail of their story. She mentioned Lucy poisoning herself, but not that she was still alive. After helping Sweeney Todd settle in, she asked her mother, "Mum, why didn't you tell him Lucy's still alive?"

Her mother seemed to consider this for a moment. "Well…you see what she's become! You see how she lives! She can't even remember day to day, forget what happened fifteen years ago. He'd be devastated if he knew what she'd become."

Lindsey nodded. "I suppose," she said. She hoped her mother was right.

a/n: okay, okay, I know. Sucky first chapter. I just had to set everything up before really starting on the story. I promise the story will be more my own next chapter. Please review everyone!! It only takes a few seconds and inspires me to write more!!