A/n: This might suck

A/n: This might suck. I haven't quite thought the entire thing through. But I knew I had to end this one before I go crazy with In the Arms of a Killer. That will not be a oneshot, just because I love the Sweeney/Lindsey thing so much. As for the MVR sequel, there won't be a whole new story, just a continuation of MVR, because people already know my story and I don't want to have to start a whole new one.

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Chapter Nine

Her eyes opened and she gasped and jumped back. One of her feet was halfway off of the roof. Why was she on the roof? And why was she walking towards the edge?

"Who are you?" she said to the new figure.

"Whatever he's told you, whatever you believe, this man, this thing, is not your friend!"

And for the first time, she saw the leering face of her "Angel". His eyes, more sunken and shadowed than before. His skin, if possible, paler and looking stretched and waxy. His face, still coated in blood, showed an emotion halfway between delight and malice at her almost demise. It was the face of Sweeney Todd.

Lindsey gasped and fell backwards. Her new protector jumped between her and her attacker. "Get downstairs Miss Lovett."

Lindsey was thinking how? Her attacker-could it really be Mr. Todd?- was standing near the ladder she'd used to get up here in the first place.

As if he'd read her mind, her protector said, "Through the window of the barber shop, lift the latch on the top window."

Lindsey didn't need telling twice. The man, still standing between her and the attacker, blocked his access to her. "I suggest you go on your way," he said. "As long as I'm here, you're not going to get anywhere near her."

She didn't hear the rest of their conversation. She lifted the latch on the top window of the barber shop. She jumped through, just barely fitting. She landed hard on the floor, but unharmed. She couldn't stay in there. She went through the door, down to the pie shop, and hid behind the sofa in the parlor. It was probably only five minutes before she heard the door of the shop open. "Miss Lovett?" she heard someone call. She breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't her "Angel of Music" after all.

He found her sitting in the parlor. "He's gone now. He's not coming back."

For the first time she found the confidence to speak. "What was that thing?" she said, sitting on the sofa.

The man sat next to her. She was a little unnerved that she could not see his face either. A hat was pulled down over it. He smiled gently. "That was the soul of Sweeney Todd. It can't rest, because he did not die the way he wanted to."

Lindsey blinked and shook her head. "No! He would've killed himself over Lucy anyway."

"But that's the difference. He'd have killed himself. He did not wish to die at the hands of another human being, especially you Miss Lovett. And now his soul can't rest until he takes you down with him."

Lindsey's eyes went wide. "So…he's going to kill me?"

"No, he's not. That's why I'm here. I'm your guardian angel. I've been sent to make sure nothing happens to you. And to give you the chance to bring your mother back."

"What?" she said, bewildered. Did he even need to ask? "So, you're dead then?"

"No. Not exactly. In a way, I died fifteen years ago. I'm someone from your past, connected to you in some way. That's why you can't see my face. Not until I'm sure you won't need me any longer."

"But you can help me bring my mother back?"

"Yes. There's a catch though. You can't just bring her back. You have to bring Sweeney back as well."

She nodded. "I guess that's fair."

"It will also have to be under different circumstances. You will still be her daughter, but you will not have been raised by her."

"So, she'll be alive, but I'll never see her again?"

"That's up to you. If you are able to find her again, you can stay with her. You are still her daughter. You will also remember none of this. Nor will she, nor will Mr. Todd. And I can't just poof them all back. You will return as a sub-conscious, and have to talk Mr. Todd out of killing your mother. Then you will return to being Lindsey. Do you understand?"

Lindsey nodded. This was hard to take in. Convince Mr. Todd not to kill her mother? And…his sub-conscious? And not being raised by her mother? But if this was what it took to be with her mother again, then she was willing to do it.

"Are you ready to go back then?"

"I'm ready," she said. With that, the parlor dissolved, and the bake house reappeared. She saw Mr. Todd and her mother. She had to restrain herself from running out and protecting her mother.

"You can stop them anytime you choose. Just snap your fingers. I'm going to leave you now."

"You're not going to stay with me?" she asked.

"No. I'm afraid you don't need me anymore." He smiled and pulled the hat from over his face. She saw the face of her guardian angel. She saw the face of Benjamin Barker.

She smiled and suddenly felt much more confident. She saw the two dancing closer and closer to the oven. She had to pick the right moment.

"And life is for the alive my dear," she heard Sweeney sing, "So let's keep living it, just keep living it. Really living it!"

Sweeney flung Mrs. Lovett towards the oven. She snapped her fingers, suspending Mrs. Lovett in midair. She did not remember Lindsey Lovett. She only remembered that she was here to stop Mr. Todd from doing something stupid. She walked out to where he was. He turned, frightened when he saw her.

"Who are you?" Sweeney asked, backing away slightly.

"Me?" She said with an unsettling smile. "Naught but a figure of your imagination. Or did you forget?" She leaned close to his face. "You've gone mad Mr. Todd."

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