Well, this marks the end.

Sigh, it's been fun, guys. I started this story March 30, 2008. Can you believe it's been, like, three years? THREE YEARS I've worked on this story. Oh, I promised myself I wouldn't cry…in which I'm not. XP Anyway, I just wanted to write this Author Note for some closure on this story.

This story was fun and amazing to write, and having it entertain you guys was worth all the sweat and tears and all that good stuff. You- yes you sitting there reading this -are the reason this story is where it is today! Your help is what MADE this story! Sure, I may have written this, but you guys helped me through it all.

Now, what's this truly all about? I figured I'd go through some things and answer any questions. Also, I'll tell you some things about the next story I will be writing! So, stay tuned! And just so you guys will actually read this:



Great. :D

Before I begin I just want to say thanks to you all who stuck with me, and I hope you enjoy this Author's Note.


Now, I thought I'd go through the chapters and tell you how I came up with the stuff for the characters! Sound like fun? Haha!


Truth: Have you ever had gay thoughts about someone?

A: Okay…This was the very first chapter, and I wanted to make an impact on you readers. I was originally going to make Naruto go first(go figure) and ask him this…but then I decided to use Lee instead.

Now, when writing this I didn't intend for everyone to think this was going to and up being a NejiLee fic…BECAUSE IT'S NOT! Most of you thought it was disgusting and whatnot, but know that it wasn't intended. It was just meant for some humor.

Then Neji decided to pass out for the next eight chapters…

Sorry about that. ;P


Double Dare: Eat Six Bugs and Take Off Sunglasses

A: First dare: I was pretty proud of myself when I came up with this dare. I mean, can anyone else imagine Shino eating bugs? I mean, its totally OOC! Also, the part when he went completely bonkers…I truly don't remember what I was thinking when I wrote that…I must have thought it would have been funny or something…

Second Dare: Ah, yes. Shino taking off his sunglasses. I remember where I got that idea. I was watching one of the filler episodes of Naruto where they try to find out what's behind Kakashi's mask…and fail. For this chapter I decided to use that same type of idea, just with Shino. We were all disappointed, I know. XP


Kiss: Kiss Tsunade

A: Okay, so this was actually kind of an easy one to do. I just thought of the most unlikely person, and, heh, actually Jiraiya was the first that came to mind and I was going to make it go like this: Sasuke has to kiss Jiraiya , he kisses him, Jiraiya likes it and kidnaps Sasuke and we never see him again...yeah, I didn't stick to that because I thought, Well, I might use him for something else in the story, so I better stick with Tsunade. Glad I did, or else we wouldn't have the Sasuke Chibi's, now would we? No...no we wouldn't.

Then Sasuke actually likes the kiss and he falls in love with Tsunade and then they get married in Las Vegas and oh! It's just a total mess! Sigh, oh well.

I personally thought the chapter was a success.

That could just be me though.


Dare: Pole Dance on a Pole for Five Whole Minutes.

A: Don't get me wrong; Ino is one of my favorite Naruto characters...BUT, I just had no ideas for her! I didn't know what to make her do! I didn't want to make ShikaIno an official pair yet, so that idea was out. BUT, thanks to ShadowTiger21, I came up to this! Fantastic, no? Anyway, yeah. Ino got to pole dance, and everyone witnessed it. That's all I really have to say about this chapter.

Oh, and thanks again ShadowTiger21! :D


Tell: Why are you so fat?

A: Ah, my good friend Choji...why must you be so difficult? I personally think this chapter could have been WAY WAY better. I really wanted to give Choji a great chapter, too. Oh well, could have been worse. Anyway, I took the easy way out with asking him why he's fat. After I posted the chapter, I then came up with the idea of him answering that he wanted to be a sumo-wrestler. Yeah. Much better than "I like being fat..."

I mean, all I could think of for his turn is food and him being sensitive to his fatness...Since I have no one to couple him up with...I don't support ChojIno...Sorry fans. I'm ShikaIno all the way...even if ShikaTema happens...


Double Dare: Run Nude around Town and Wax Eyebrows.

A: This one was a bit odd. I don't know what i was really thinking when I wrote this chapter. I wanted to make Gai as OOC as I could...so i made him mean. I made him a jackass, basically. He yelled at Tenten and all...so then yeah. Tenten got pissed because Gai yelled about Neji and her and stuff...Because he was dared to run around naked...woah. Yep...so he did it and many woman suffered eternal blindness...sorry, ladies. In my defense, it was Choji's Idea...not Mine...well, it was, but still.

Then there's the waxing...c'mon, it had to be done! You know it, and so do I! Besides...it was only thing I could think of just so i could get the chapter posted before it took years to update...no one ever wants that, now do they?


Dare: Save Neji.

A: Well...Neji get's kidnapped by a dragon and Gai dares Tenten to go save him...Yay. It's a fairytale! ...no, not really. Then lee wants to help and blahhh...yep. But, Neji woke up! AFTER EIGHT FREAKING CHAPTERS! Everyone's happy about that, right? YEAH! But then he passes out a again…and we're back to the beginning…Sorry about that, Anyway, but this is also the chapter where our first couple gets together...right? Let's see...Shikamaru and Ino didn't get together until like...later...so yeah. NejiTen was the first couple to happen in this story. Yah...Makes total sense, since this story is tagged under them...Yeah.

People liked this dare. I thought it was great. XD


Truth: How many woman have you been with?

A: Okay, I'll admit it. This chapter SUCKED. I had no idea what to do...I was looking forward to this chapter too...Ugh. I sure screwed up. But it could have been worse. Like, seriously. Heh...you people don't even know. Bwahahaha. Enough of that. I am not proud of this chapter...and I wish I could re-write it...Well, I can, I just don't want to... Heh.

Please don't hurt me...


Dare: Go on a Date with Naruto.

A: This chapter was a bit different from the rest. This chapter didn't revolve around the actual dare itself, but instead around saving Sakura from Bob.

Bob: And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Good for you, Bob. Anyway, lots of things get out of hand, but it's alright in the end! Naruto and Sakura go on their date...and get together? Did they...? I'm going to assume they did. Anyway, we encountered the Kool-Aid Guy, tiki toys, and chibi Sasukes.

...Damn you, Bob...

I liked this chapter, I just wished it went a bit more simpler. Y'know?


Double Dare: Go out on a date with Ino and Temari at the same time, and Kiss Ino for one whole minute.

A:These were the three...HARDEST...chapters to write. I left you guys with cliffhangers and then all these other characters show up...Barney, Evil clowns, Chucky...me...Damn you Naruto. Anyway...they were kind of fun to write. I love the reviews...All you pissed at the cliffhangers. Bwhaha. I'm evil. But yeah, this turn lasted three chapters because Sakura got kidnapped and yeah...so they went to the evil castle...and what not. So, Shikamaru's first dare was something I knew I was gonna do, so I did it. It turned out better than I had thought it would. HA!

His second dare was just something I came up with at the last second and it was for the ShikaIno fans! Again, I apologize ShikaTema fans.

This is also one of the best turns on the story. Shikamaru's and Shino's so far. HA! Some may have other opinions...but oh well. XP


Double Dare AND Kiss: Go on a date with Hanabi, Run around the Hyuga Mansion NAKED, and Kiss Tenten.

A: HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH! I think Kiba's turn...was the most...um, worst for him, I should say. You all loved it...he didn't that much. BUT...then we finally saw some real Kibahina! Yay! Oh...man. So, Kiba's first dare...I had no idea what to do! I wanted it to involve Hinata in some way but I couldn't think of anything that was slightly romantic yet hilarious...so I thought... Hinata has a sister right...? So I looked Hanabi up, found that she was SEVEN!

Kiba: SEVEN!

Yes, but I worked around that, didn't I? Hahah. Then him running around the Hyuga Mansion...NAKED! Oh boy...someone had suggested this for Ino to do...but then I thought...Ino? That wouldn't make much sense...BUT KIBA WOULD! So, he did...then Hanabi chases him and Frank is sinking battle ships in chess...wonderful. Okay, then his kiss. …C'mon! Hinata would have been TOO OBVIOUS AND PREDICTABLE! Tenten wasn't though! Even though a few had commented that that would be funny.


Truth and Kiss: What do you think of the guys and Kiss Orochimaru

A: Honestly...I had no idea what I was going to do for Temari...While I was writing this chapter I had to stall and then I just thought "What the Hell? ! Just think of something stupid for her too do!" and so I came up with the first dare...I already knew I was going to make her Kiss Orochimaru...I'm so evil. Anyway...so then we find out that she's in love with Lee but Lee is in love with Neji...So then Tenten beats the living Hell outta him...and we never see him again...wait...Do we? o.O I don't remember...

I think we do... o.O

Then the Kiss...We all knew it was coming...Bwhahaha. Temari hates me now...oh well. XP


Dare: Give Kiba a Lap Dance.

A: Yay for Kibahina! The chapter they finally get together. Awesome. We also get to see Hinata do something totally OOC. Kiba loved it. No matter how much he denies it, he loved it. Anyway, This one was actually easy to write. It wasn't like the other chapters. I also had fun with it. I've become a rather large KibaHina fan, so I was really looking forward to this chapter. Heh, and I personally think it turned out great. Other's might think otherwise, but it's your opinion.

Also, he get closure on Sasuke and Tsunade. Hehe.

Or do we?


Double Dare : Spy on girls hot springs, and confess to true love.

A: Alright. I know nothing about Asuma, so I couldn't think of ANYTHING! So I kept asking myself as I started this chapter, "What the Hell am I gonna make him do! ?" and by the time I got to the part where we tell him what he's going to do…I had very bad Writers Block. So I thought long and hard…and came up with this crap. I just wanted to get him out of the way. The dares themselves look kinda cheap, so I tried to make them as interesting as possible.

The first dare went smoothly I guess. I mean, what could possibly happen by spying on naked chicks? Psh…Nothing horrible could EVER happen from that! Even ask Jiraiya!

Jiraiya: Huh?


The second dare was better, I think. Y'know. He has to confess to his "One and only true love!" Then he cracks a joke about being in love with Neji. Yeah. That went well,

Then we see some AsumaxKurenai action…Kinda. Heh.


Double Dare: Cosplay while doing a Strip Tease for the village and Do everything the Reviewers suggested.

A: Okay, I think these two chapters/turn was the BEST! I mean, now that I reread them, I think I did a pretty damn good job. I mean, with all the fangirl pressure…I had to do good. This is also where my 300th REVIEWER CAME! Hana-01 got to be in this chapter as a Gaara fangirl. Yay her!

Anyway, Gaara's first turn. I was thinking of the Fangirls. Dude, if you go to fandom pages about Gaara…Woah. No offense to those who write on those pages but…think about it. When two crazy obsessed chicks argue about who's married to Gaara…then I think that's a bit much. I mean, those girls are out for BLOOD.

Gaara: I brought Sexy Back.


Gaara's second dare. Alright, everyone who reviewed the chapter before this dare gave some terrific ideas. I wanted to use them all. I kept telling myself to choose one…but then this idea popped into my head! I was just like…YESSS! This will work! And everyone enjoyed it! :D So I guess I did good! YAY!


Dare: Become Gai's new Mini-Me.

A: Now, Neji is one of my favorite characters, and that's kind of why I saved his as one of the last peoples. I had different ideas as to what to make him do. Some better than others, and I also took into consideration of the Reviewers and their ideas. So many ideas…then I came up with this one, and I thought, "Huh…that'd be a pretty awesome turn! I mean…for the viewers, not Neji himself." Thus, this turn was born!

I think this turned out fairly well. Infact, it's one of the better turns. :D I enjoyed writing it, and you enjoyed reading it. Lee got "disowned"…Poor him. Poor Neji. Not so poor Tenten…she got photos for her scrapbook or…something…I don't know.

All in all, a great chapter. :D


Marriage: Marry...Kakashi? No, Asuma?

A: Hmmm...This is the very first Marriage turn...and the only one. What the hell was I thinking what I put Marriage in this game? It must of sounded good or something, because I didn't actually intend to use it. But then what would the point be? I think one Marriage turn is enough. What do you think?

Anyway, Kurenai was going to marry Sasuke, but then we find out that Sasuke is already married!


Yeah, shocking. Plot twister FTW...Yeah, Sasuke and Tsunade already got hitched in Las Vegas. So, we need to pick someone else. Kakashi! Poor Asuma, huh? The only reason I chose Kakashi was because I wanted to add a flashback of Kakashi and Kurenai when they were dating(remember Kakashi's turn) and yeah...It ended badly.

Kakashi: I HAVE NEEDS!

Yeah you do...But, in the end it all works out, and Kurenai and Asuma get married thanks to Choji's wonderful advice.


Truth: Who was your first Kiss?

A: I'm not a huge Kankuro fan, so I just thought of something simple...and added a twist to it. He THOUGHT his first kiss was with this amazing girl that he met and fell in love with...but it actually ended up being Temari...

Can you imagine?


Oh well, I just wanted to get this chapter done so that Kurenai and Asuma would stop complaining about their honeymoon. OH! And this chapter marked the end for Naruto and Sakura...

Or did it...?


Dare: Kiss Gaara Awake.

A: Ah, the last chapter! Sad, sad day! Well, I saved the best for last...heh...yeah.

Alright, Naruto...I really wanted this chapter to be good(seeing as it is the last) so it was hard to come up with something brilliant. Therefore, I stalled. We also had a guest appearance from nejitenteji10sasu10! She stole Kakashi, and gave me back the laptop! Sorry, Kakashi fangirls. :D Should've gotten there first! :P Anyway, I looked through the reviews and picked one. I picked HimekoUchia's idea! And, Naruto kissed Gaara.

MAN! Gaara fangirls must really hate me right now! :P

Sorry Ladies.

Anyway, I kind of wish the chapter was more epic. I don't know...


Now, if it's okay with you guys, I want to talk about the next story I will be starting. I won't be saying much, but it'll be enough.

The next story I will be starting is another Naruto story, and the plot? Well…

It's complicated.


For one, people probably won't approve. Second, it's not going to be anything like this story was.

Okay, here's a quick summary. It starts out with Tenten, and she's going through a depression…not that she'd show it.

Anyway, she thinks she's unattractive because no one loves her and what not, and she

tells this to Hinata. Well, Hinata feels bad and does the worst thing possible…

She asks Kiba to ask Tenten out.

WHAT! ? !

You read right.

Now, hear me out:

This story will contain KibaTen, KibaHina, and NejiTen.

If it'll help you sleep at night, Kiba and Tenten don't end up together.

Not really a spoiler.

I'm not going to beg you to read this story or anything, I just thought I'd tell you what was going on. I won't be starting another story until this one is finished.


Yeah, well…

No comment.

Check it out if you'd like, tell me what you think, and what not. It should be out by next week.

Also, if you have a title idea, don't be shy.

I have no idea what to call it.



I would now like to turn my attention to the Reviewer's Questions!

I'm just looking through all my reviews for any questions, and I'll answer them! These are just FAQ, so I won't be saying specific names or anything.

Q: Why not make it M rated?

A: Yeah, I have alot of reasons as to why this story is not M rated. For one, there are virgin eyes here...yeah. Don't wanna scar them...if they aren't already. How much nudity did we have in this...? Gai and Kiba? Ehhhh...yeah. Also, I don't really know any good M rated stuff that would be considered 'funny' and whatnot...the highest thing we had in this story was a high T rating...for slight nudity and swearing...not that you could see it you pervs. XP You know who you are... ;)

Q: You don't mind if I borrow this game and play it with my friends, right?

A: Nope, not at all. Anyone can play this game. I really don't give a damn. It's not like I'm keeping an eye out for those who play it with out , I do ask that you think about what you're getting yourself into before you actually play. You saw what happens when people play this...HA! But yeah, anyone is allowed to play. I give you permission. ;)

Q: Did you make this game up?

A: I did. I made it up. When I was writing the first chapter it was just going to be your regular boring Truth or Dare story...So I spiced it up. Aren't you so proud of me? XP I know you're proud of me. :)

Q: Is there going to be a sequel?

A: I'm sorry, but no. There won't be a sequel because, frankly, I don't want to make one. That might be hard to understand, but I don't want to make one because I feel that it might seem...over done. That might just be me. So, no. No sequel. Sorry folks. ;) I hope you understand.

Q: How do you come up with these great ideas?

A: Ummm...I don't know. They just kind of...come to me. They aren't all great, let me tell you. I have to pick and choose.

Q: Why did Neji keep passing out? !

A: I just did that for humorous reasons. I have nothing against Neji. Hell, Neji's my favorite male character in the series! Ironic, huh? Besides, I like to anger the fangirls! You should all know this by now! Haha! ...Please keep the spoons to yourself.

Q: What's up with Lee?

A: I don't know. We still haven't gotten the test results back yet.

Q: Why'd you pick the couple (Insert NejiTen, KibaHina, ShikaIno, NaruSaku, ect.) instead of (Insert LeeTen, NaruHina, ShikaTema, SasuSaku, ect.)?

A: Before I answer this, I just want to say that I hate this whole pairing war thing going on. Every has their own opinion and can like what ever couple and/or character they like. I mean, you can talk about it calmly, and have disagreements...but most of the time, that's not the case. Anyway, I chose those pairings because I support them. I've had people tell me they hate NaruSaku and KibaHina because they want NaruHina. The Biggest one though has to be the ShikaIno/ShikaTema. Ugh. I respect ShikaTema. I do. In fact, I think it's going to happen, but that doesn't mean I have to support it. :P I'll respect your opinion if you respect mine.

Q: Why so many cliffhangers! ?

A: Oh, come on. I think we all know the answer to this one! ;P We all know I'm evil and like to leave you all in suspense. The best example of that would have to be Shikamaru's turn. Ha!

Q: Is Bob a real person?

A: Not exactly. He's based off of a real person. He's based off this dude I used to work with. He was a jerk-face, and I didn't like him. When he found out I was a fan of Naruto, he explained to me(IN DETAIL) why Naruto sucks. He's an ass. -.-

Q: What ever happened to the Sasuke Chibi's?

A: They're still there...I just forgot to mention them for a while...since I focused more on Sasuke being in love with Tsunade...Let's just say the Chibi's went with Tsunade after the "wedding" to keep her company until Sasuke gets home...Which makes me wonder what will happen when Sasuke goes home. o.o I'll leave that for your own imagination. Heh.

Q: Why Sasuke...and Tsunade?

A: Why? Because we all need a bit of crack in our lives. ;D

Q: Why didn't you add the Akatsuki?

A: To be brutally honest...I'm not sure. Maybe it's because they're not my favorite bunch...though Tobi is awesome...Hm. Sorry Akatsuki fans for not adding them. I didn't really want to add them, either. I didn't really feel that they were right for this story. Don't ask why because I'm not sure myself.

Q: Why couldn't I be in the story?

A: You would not believe how many people have asked me to be in a chapter. Now, I never got annoyed with anyone or anything. I also never told anyone off. I just...felt...I don't know. If you asked and I didn't put you in the chapter...it was probably because I had no ideas of what to do with you! I wasn't ever trying to be a jerk. Honest. Now, I did allow a few to make an appearance...Like the very first person who asked. I just thought, 'Okay, what would it hurt if I let them have a few seconds of fame?' And allowed it. Then there was our 300th Reviewer(Hana) and she got to appear in a chapter or two. Then there was Kaa-Chan. She asked to be in it and I felt bad...I made the exception ONLY BECAUSE it was the last chapter. I would have done the same thing if anyone else had asked. If you asked before then, then I am terribly sorry! If there's any way I could make it up to you, then PM me. That is, if you asked. Trust me. I'll know if you asked or not. Anyway, I don't want anyone mad at me. Just try and understand. Okay? :D Friends?

Q: Why are people always unconscious?

A: Because I enjoy angering the fans. XP Haha just kidding! I don't know. It's just something that happens, y'know? Haha! It's only happened to Neji, Naruto, Kankuro, and...Gaara? Is that it? See, that's not that many!

Q: What ever happened to Sierra and Lexi's characters Jenny and Hitomi?

A: Well...I took them out. Why? Because I didn't want to use them anymore. That, and by the time I realized I didn't want then in the story anymore, I had used them for about three or four chapters. So, I just never included them again. Let's just say they got bored and left...or something. You can come up with something else to explain their absence if you want. ;P


Well guys, that's all I needed to cover in this Author Note.

Thank you all who took time out of your days to read and review this story! It makes me very happy to read your ideas and opinions. :D I love you guys, and I hope you'll stick with me!


Thank you!

-The Author