You are out training in the forest one day when someone sneaks up from behind you and puts you in a choke hold!

You struggle trying to free yourself out of their grip, but it only tightens.

"W-what do you want?! Who are you!?" you manage to get out as you continue struggling. The person doesn't reply instead they pull you towards them. Their voice is low and rasy.

"You don't need to know." they say, their breath fanning your face. The tall trees reaching for the sky, the wind blowing the leaves in all directions. You smell the stench of smoke and alcohol, indicating that the person holding you was either drunk, or barely drunk.

'I could use this to my advantage!' you think. 'But then again...' You're thoughts are interrupted by a painfilled groan. The persons grip on you eased allowing you to slip out of their grasp. You turn around and get in a fighting stance, only to be completely shocked by the scene before you.

You turn around, only to see Kisame, in the fighting stance, but slightly wobbled. 'Probably had too much sake,' you think. He comes at you with a punch, but you easily dodge and trip him. He falls face down on the ground, mumbling something incomprehensible. You laugh and run away before he gets up.

It's been around 10 minutes since you left Kisame, and you continued your training a mile farther into the forest. Just as you were practicing your new jutsu on a helpless squirrel, someone ELSE comes up behind you and grabs you in a tight hold. "Come with me," he says. The voice is soft and smooth, and it's obviously someone different this time.

'Greaaat.' you thought as you walked backwards following him. You started to think of a plan to escape his grip but then you were hit sharply in the back of the neck. You stumbled foward and took a look back, only to see Itachi standing there as you fell into the welcoming arms of unconciousness.

Itachi watched as you started falling and quickly caught you with ease. His crimson eyes turning to see that Kisame was mere feet from him swaying from side to side.

"Hah! We caught her!" he said drunkly, holding one hand up in satisfaction at their 'teamwork'. Itachi just stared at Kisame unemotionally.

"Let's go." said Itachi, his voice cold. Itachi turned from him carrying you on his shoulder and walking to the Akatsuki base.

"Right." replied Kisame as he fell face first into the dirt. He lifted his head up but Itachi was already out of site.

Your eyes slowly opened to see a gray ceiling above you. You were lying down on some sort of cot. You slowly came to the realization that you had been kidnapped by Itachi.

Suddenly, the door opened, and the one you were thinking of right then walked in.

"Why did you kidnap me?!" you yelled, jumping up.

Itachi looked at you blankly. It seemed like forever before he replied. "Leader wants your powers.

You look at him with disbelief. "My powers? Are you sure you're not getting me mixed up with some great, powerful ninja?"

Itachi kept that emotionless expression on his face as he said, "Even if I did, it doesn't matter." He swiftly walked over to you, coming inches away from your face, as he continued, "I want you for different reasons anyway."

You just looked up at Itachi in shock and horror. You opened and closed your mouth for a few moments before anything came out.

"F-for different r-reasons..?" you repeated as a question as you continued to look at him in shock. He looked at you with his deep crimson eyes for a long time staying silent.

"Yes." was his cool reply, as he grabbed your wrists and closed the gap between you two in a possessive kiss. You gasped at the contact giving him access to your mouth. He thrust his tounge in your craven memorizing every detail. You're eyes widen and you try to push him away from you, but he has a strong grip on your hands. Tears brim your eyelashes as he continues to kiss you. The fall down your cheeks and he lets go of you and backs away. Turning he walks away leaving you in total shock at what just happened. He closed the door, and locked it leaving you to just stared at it with tearful eyes hoping that that was all he was going to do.

You just sat back down on the bed, in total shock, tears falling down your cheeks. Who knew the infamous Itachi could be so... so...

You fell down on your back, thinking about what just happened. How did Itachi even know you?! You sighed.

Hours passed before the door opened again. This time, though, it was Kisame. "Leader wants to talk to you," he said. "Now!"

You started getting a little scared, still jumpy from what happened earlier. You followed Kisame closely, and you could smell that he was still drunk, perhaps even more than before. As you passed through hallways filled with doors, you wondered how huge the Akatsuki hideout was.

Minutes later, you passed what looked like the exit. Taking one more glance at Kisame, who was swaying slightly in front of you, you bolted for the door and escaped to freedom. When you were already yards outside the hideout, you heard a "Hey!" come from back inside. You chuckled to yourself, having outsmarted him again.

You were running as fast as you could, afraid of patrols walking around outside. You had gotten quite a ways away when you were tripped into a huge mud puddle, getting it all over your outfit. You looked around for the stick or whatever your foot caught on, only to see someone clad in the Akatsuki cloak.

"Well look who escaped, yea."

You looked up to see a blond male looking down at you. Getting to your knees you wipped some mud off your face so you could see better, but was stopped when said male grabbed your arm roughly and pulled you to your feet. You tried to pry his hand off you but it wouldn't budge. Next you could feel yourself walking, though you knew that you weren't making yourself walk. You looked down to see what looked to be chakra in forms of string attached to your legs making you walk.

"As Kisame had said, Leader wants to speak to you." said a red haired male as his fingers moved making you walk into the base again. The blond male still had a hold on you, making it impossible to escape. So once again you were walking through the halls of the base, passing door after door, hallway after hallway.

"You never should have tried to escape, yeah. Now Leader is going to give you a horrible punishment, yeah." said the male smiling, the bangs covering his left eye maing the smile seem horribly evil. You looked down in despair the mud on you drying and become crusty. Suddenly you stopped walking, you looked up to see that there was a tall double-door. The red haired male, who didn't talk except for that once opened the door leading into a dark chamber whose only source of light were a few lit candles. As you looked around the chamber you could feel someone's intense gaze on you, you looked to where you left the gaze coming from only to lock gazes with the one person you hoped you wouldn't have to see.

"Itachi..." you whispered, your voice full of horror as he continued looking at you.

He looked at you, his face still expressionless. "Ahem," you heard a voice from the other side of the room say. "It is not him you are here to see."

You looked over at the source of the voice to see a chair turned around with the back to you. Obviously, this "leader" didn't want to reveal what he looked like.

"I have heard about your exceptional powers, and how you haven't always gotten along with the other shinobi in Konoha," the leader stated. "We thought you'd be a perfect addition to the Akatsuki. You won't be a prisoner forever, you know. The sooner you get used to being an S-class criminal, the better."

You were starting to get nervous. They really thought you were that good? You noticed Deidara, standing next to you, with a look in his eyes that showed he wasn't paying attention to what was going on in this room at all.

"That is all," Leader said. "You may go to your room now. Itachi will be the one watching over you until you fully accept us. Expect to go out training with him later today."

You stood in full shock. Itachi was supposed to watch over you?! That was the worst thing to ever happen!

"Go now," Leader said. He sounded irritated, making you scared.

"Y-yes," you stammered. You started to bolt out the door, only to be stopped by Itachi. When did he get over here?

"I suppose you know the way to your room?" Itachi questioned, slightly raising one eyebrow.

You blushed, getting really embarrassed, considering four Akatsuki members were in this room. "Well," you started. "Not really..."

As Itachi led you to your room, you spotted an unfamiliar face walk past. His face was emotionless and his eyes were cold. You slightly shivered at the sight of him, walking just a little bit faster.

"You don't have to break a sweat. He's just Koske," Itachi said, not sounding like he cared at all.
"Who's that?" You ask, clueless as Tobi was when he was high. Koske, like I said, was the old new member before Leader wanted you."

The two of you continue to walk and finally reach the room. You are suddenly pushed in and you hear the click of he door locking. You turn around and, you guessed it, Itachi was standing right there. You slightly blush as he backs you into a wall.

You looked at him fearfully as he takes a step towards you. You're blush increasing as he stands infront of you looking down as he takes his hand and puts it on your cheek, rubbing it softly. His crimson eyes still holding no emotion whatsoever.

"W-what are you doing?" you asked his face inching closer to yours.

"This..." he said smoothly, before placing his lips forcefully upon yours. This time though, you don't do anything knowing that if you opened your mouth the slightest he would stick his tounge in. You continued standing there as Itachi kissed you, suddenly the kiss grew softer and actually... passionate 

making you want to kiss back.

'No! This is an S-call criminal!,' you thought. 'But he's a great kisser... wait what am I thinking!' You couldn't take it, losing all self control you kissed him back, equally as passionate. He licks your bottom lip asking for entrance, you hesitantly oblige by slowly opening your lips. He plunges his tongue in your mouth wrestling your tounge for dominance. Suddenly a loud bang on the door causes you two to break apart. You gasp for air as does he.

"Open the door!" shouted someone, their voice filled with impatience. Itachi strode over to the door, unlocked it and their stood...

"Itachi? Why was the door locked?" a woman with blue hair asked, perplexed.

He remained expressionless as he replied. "I was explaining the rules of the base to our new addition," he said. "I didn't want anyone bothering us.

The woman sighed, knowing it was pointless to argue with Itachi. "Well it's time for dinner. Get the girl and hurry up."

You just watched their conversation, speechless. There was another girl in Akatsuki? This would be good, if she didn't seem so mean. You followed Itachi down the hall, past many many doors, into the kitchen.

You were surprised to see a delicious looking dinner, made mostly from fish, sitting on the table. She recognized some people already sitting at the table: Kisame, Deidara, the red-haired man, and Koske. There was, however, a man in an orange mask with a swirl on it, and a man with half of his face white and half of it black. This guy also had what looked like a giant venus fly trap on his head.

You sat down unsurely. The woman introduced everyone, and proceeded to explain more. "My name is Konan. Leader will not be joining us. There are also two more people in patrol around Konoha. With that set aside, go ahead and eat. You're lucky we feed you."