I know, I know, I said my next story would be a GaaSaku one. But this idea popped into my head, and I just had to write it. So, here is my SasuSaku short chaptered story called: P.S. I loved you. Enjoy!

Sakura's P.O.V

Why when everything is going great for you, something-or in my case someone has to pop up and ruin it? Its been 6 years since Sasuke has left. The first couple years, were hard. I am now 18, and I still can't say it's easy to not have him here. But...I can say it's gotten easier.

Naruto and I have gotten to know eachother more, I guess you can say we are like brother and sister now. Since, Sasuke has left, Naruto has been more supportive than ever. He, is the one that made it so much easier for me. I actually have started enjoying myself, having fun once again, making the most of my teens while I am in them. Me and Ino got closer to, now we just tease eachother on a playfull basis. Everyone has gotten closer actually. Even, Gaara the new Kazekage! I will let you in on a little secret, over the years, I have developed a small crush on him. Yes, I do mean small... Well lets get to the point. I arrive home, and I check the mail. Typical day right? Wrong. I got inside and sat down exhausted from a whole day at work. Still with the mail in my hand, I decided to check the addresses to see if there was anything I'd be required to read. Bill. Bill.Tsunade.Bill.Naruto.Magazine subscription.Bill.Sasuke.Bill...SASUKE!? I threw everything else on the ground and tore the letter open.

I was shaking severly. When I finally got to the core of the letter I read each and every word. It read as so:

Dear Sakura,

I know, I know, you are probably stunned, to be receiving this letter. I just wanted to keep in touch. So Sakura, are you any different then you were? Hopefully you are. What a jerk. What about Naruto? Is he any less of an idiot? Compared to who? You, Sasuke, of course, he is way less an idiot then you are. Are you and Naruto...dating? Not like I care...I see he hasn't changed. Seriously though, what has changed? Everything I bet. Oh Sasuke, you have no idea. Tell me everything.

Sincerely, Sasuke

By then I start crying, badly. I brush my fingers through my hair. Why? Why does he have to pop in? I walk into my room and take a seat at my desk. I take a piece of paper out, and a pencil. As I am writing the letter, I have to think my words over clearly, I mean I don't want to sound rude. It takes me hours to write the letter. After much erasing and thought, I finally finish. I take one last look at it.

Dear Sasuke,

Beleive me I am stunned. Yes, if I do say myself, I have changed dramatically. My hair is very short, and I have even gotten taller. Get this, Naruto is taller than me! He has matured...a little. Any less of an idiot? No, not really, but any more of a great person? Definatly. No, me and Naruto aren't dating, we are more like brother and sister now. Gosh, alot has changed! Ino and Shikamaru are dating, Hinata and Naruto, (woulda thought?), and Neji and TenTen. Oh and get this! Gaara is the Kazekage. Surprising right? I have also grown feelings for him. Gaara has made the most change, at least thats what I think. So are you happy now that you got your power?

Sincerely, Sakura

Where it says Sincerely, Sakura you can see where I erased Love, Sakura. I enclose the letter write the return address on the envelope and put in the mail.

Well, there is the first chapter of P.S. I loved you. Definatly after this, I will write the GaaSaku story. Anyways review please! :)