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I woke up and took a look at the clock. "7:00." I sighed under my breath. I layed my head back down, but suddenly jerked back up. "7:00!" I yelled. I grabbed my wallet and keys and rushed out the door running. "Tsunade-sama is gonna kill me!" I got there without any stops in about 10 minutes. I ran into the tower and rushed by Shizune almost knocking her over. "Sorry!" I yelled without even looking back. I stopped outside of her door panting, trying to catch my breath. I straightened myself up making sure when I entered I didn't look like a complete fool. Well, that didn't exactly work out. I walked in, to everyone staring at me. It seems that they didn't start the meeting, because they were waiting for me. "I-I umm...well y-you see it a f-funny st-story. I was-." "It's okay Sakura, just take a seat." Tsunade said irritated. I bowed and looked around for a seat. I sat down in the only seat left which was a sofa made for two.

"Alright, well I have called you all here for an important reason." The door opened revealing none other than Sasuke. Everyone gasped except for me. I just looked at him half disgusted half stunned. He had changed so much. I felt like crying and there was no way I could run from this one, then everyone would know why I was crying, and Sasuke would get his pleasure of seeing me break down. "You call him important?" Naruto yelled. "Naruto!" Tsunade scowled. He sat down mumbling to himself. I couldn't make out his words because I was to busy looking at the ground and playing with my fingers. "Sasuke, sit please." I held my breath, because I knew there was only one seat left. Guess where that was? Next. To. Me.

Everyone watched Sasuke sit down next to me, and I could tell they were trying to tell what I was thinking right then. I'll tell you. I was thinking how much I wanted to leave right then, how much I wanted to just get lost somewhere. Somewhere. Anywhere in fact, anywhere that didn't even know of the Uchiha's. Well that was a dream that wouldn't come true, because who doesn't know of the famous Uchiha's? "Well, I have decided to let Sasuke, be apart of Konoha again." I could tell everyone exploded inside. "Any objections?" No one objected but I know everyone wanted to. Especially me. "Good." Tsunade said with a hint of satisfaction in her voice. "Well next door is a room where everyone can get acquainted again, so head over there and have fun." No one budged. "NOW!" Tsunade screamed. Everyone jumped and ran into the other room except for me. I lagged behind hoping they would forget I was there, so I could escape. "You coming Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked. That plan didn't work.

We were all in the room not saying a word. I studied the room. There was a table filled with refreshments and snacks, numerous chairs for the people who didn't want to sit with someone else. There were also sofas and couches for friends or couples to sit together. Naruto broke the silence like always. "Well, I know Tsunade won't let us out if we don't 'mingle' so lets just get this over with." Everyone scrambled up and started talking to others. I however, sat in a sofa made for two just thinking. Gaara came over and sat next to me. "Sorry." He whispered. I shook my head. "It's okay." Ino's wise words came into my head. "Let that person know somehow. Don't worry about people from the past, there's a reason they didn't make it to your present."

'She's right.' I thought. 'Sasuke needs to know that in order for him to be in my present, that he needs to know that it won't be easy, and that I am somewhat unhappy of him being here. I did say that we would be friends no matter what, so I have to let him in my present. He needs to know that it'll take a lot more than excuses and flirting to settle in my present.' I look up to find him talking to a very uncomfortable Ino. I'll start by just being acquaintances, then we will work up to being friends again. "Gaara-kun?" I look over to him also studying the Uchiha's movements. "Yes?" He says looking over at me. "Can you go over there with me?" He nods, stands up and offers me his hand. I smile childishly and hold my hand in his, as he walks me over to Sasuke.

"Hello, Sakura." He looks over to Gaara. "Gaara." He says in a not so cheerful voice. I nod to Gaara signaling to him that I can handle it from here. He nods back, and before he leaves, he squeezes a death glare at Sasuke. Sasuke opens his mouth to say something but I interrupt. "Look..."

So that night I told Sasuke, everything I felt about him coming here, and how I felt about the past. I am sure uring every word I said all eyes were on me. But still everyone continued to talk to make it seem like they weren't listening. It was awkward telling him how I felt, but it's not right for him to pop up and think he can instantly sweep me off my feet. It's true, I loved him. Loved.I love him no longer. Who knows? Maybe he will make it into my present, or even future.

Our little party ended after 2 hours. Everyone was beginning to clear out, when Gaara offered to walk me home. I instantly agreed. Sasuke, held back for some reason. "Where are going to sleep?" I shouted to him. It was just me and him in the room. Gaara was waiting for me at the entrance of the tower. "Don't worry about me, just go." His voice sounded stern and mean, but caring. I didn't let myself fall for him again. I remembered my little self pep-talk earlier. 'Just acquaintances.'


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