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Chapter One


Kagome sighed, as she looked at all the boxes staked up in the apartment that she would be calling home for now on. She was tired and sore after the long trip from Japan to America, but was both happy and sad to be away from there. She looked at the stake of boxes that were as tall or taller then she was and kind of wished that she hadn't sent the movers away, but she just didn't like the way they where looking at her.

"Well…this is it." She said to herself.

It had been ten years since she had fell down the well, ten years since the jewel was broken, and ten years since she had uncovered her destiny. Now it had been nine years since the jewel had been gather, nine years since the well had been sealed, nine years since her heart been broken.

She shook herself out of her thoughts. There was no point in thinking about the past it was over. Even if Inuyasha was nothing but two timing bastard… she knew it was over and done with. It was time to finally close that chapter in her life and start a new one. And new one began, not with unpacking the boxes or resting, but started with her get something to eat. She looked outside and could see it was late. She couldn't just fall asleep she had done that for most of the trip on the plane she had too much energy to sleep. When her stomach growled making the decision for her.

"A late dinner does sound pretty good right now..." And she did see that bar on way here and it did say pizza and it wasn't far from her new home. Her stomach growled again and it was decided. She grabbed a blue coat and purse and was out the door.

Outside the night air was cold; wind blowing on her bare legs, and the green and deep blue sky was above her head. She started down the street the cold wind bothered her a bit, but she ignored it knowing her body would warm up as she walked.

Her plane arrived in the afternoon and she ever since then she had been watching the movers bringing her stuff in. It was sad to say she had a lot of trust issues now since her adventure with Inuyasha. She couldn't help it she kind of felt people where out to hurt her now. Even since she had gotten back from Feudal Era things hadn't gone her way. Once the well sealed her off for good she had a very difficult time adjusting back to her own time. She barely past high school due to her lack of great grades and couldn't get into a good college. Then with her priestess powers being so high now then they were when she was 15, it attracted demons to her that she now had to fight alone for the first time in her life. On top of that the only job she could get was working at Wac Donald's since her grandfather had gotten ill. This didn't help her self esteem at all. Then she had fallen into a depression.

Just the mixture of her life and seeing the well and tree where her journey began it all just turned bitter for her. Not only had she given up her future for the job of protecting a jewel she had never ask for, but at the end of it she didn't have anyone that had seen and shared the same experiences she had. They where all in the past, a place she could never go back too.

She had no one to talk to this about to. There was no one who could comfort her when she woke up to from nightmares of the things she had seen. Her family had tried their best, but it was no use. Plus there was no way she could talk to a physiologist about this with out being declared crazy. So at the end she was alone. But she would tell herself it was for the good of the world, for everyone. Kohaku was free, Sango was happy, Miroku was no longer cursed, and Inuyasha was happy with avenging Kikyou's death. Kagome remind her self of these things and it would help her get through the days. But that emptiness always came back and she felt her life was over. Her destiny was over at the age of sixteen and she was alone.

At least she thought she was until she got a surprise visit from a person she never expected. It was Sesshomaru. At first she had thought she had finally cracked. Being alone for five years finally thrown her to the deep end, because there in front of her was Inuyasha brother in a business suit and wasn't carrying any weapons with him. Well she wasn't too sure now why she was surprise at this.

She should of know that Sesshomaru had the both the brains and skills to make in her time and he was a demon so he could live forever, but she found she was thankful for this. After she had explained what had happen to her to him. He was very displeased. Sesshomaru had given her employment, a really job that help her feel more respectable, a good income, and had even trained her in the martial arts. She smiled to herself. Since then she had been happy at least the happiest she had been in years.

Yet she still felt empty. Was she greedy or something? She finally had job she wasn't embarrassed about, money that was enough to stable her, Souta, her mom, and Grandpa, and completed her destiny. She had done everything right? Then shouldn't she feel fulfilled? What more could she possibly want? Was it Inuyasha? No, she had really had accepted it. She even gave Inuyasha the jewel to wish Kikyou back to life. They were the ones meant to be. Of course at first in hurts, your first love is never easy to get over. It was no different for Kagome. She maybe a reincarnated priestess and powerful enough to defeat Naraku, but she was still a human girl. She did eventually get over it and continued her life the best she could.

She just couldn't figure this unfilled feeling for the life of her. She soon found the bar she was looking for about five blocks away. It was called 'Bar Bull's Eye" She walked right in and immediately she smelt pizza and her mouth completely watered up. She took a seat at the bar and notice that the bar was completely empty which was strange. Shouldn't it pack with on a Friday?

"What can I get little Lady?" the barkeeper asked over the counter.

She smiled and said, "Can I have two slices of cheese pizza and lemonade please?"

The barkeeper nodded back with a smile and went to cook up her meal.

She listened to the music playing from the jukebox and started humming long with the words. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head long with music. She opened up her senses she could hear the wind gently brushing into the cracks of the building, Her fingers tab to the rhythm of the music against the cold wooded surface of the counter. She heard the door open and then closed but paid no attention since she felt no presents of danger. She could smell the cheese pizza slowly baking making her stomach growl more. She felt so a peace at the moment.

Then she started to get the feeling that someone was watching at her. She slowly opened her eyes…


Dante walked down the street heading towards the Love Planet. It was going to be happy hour at the strip joint and he didn't want to miss that. It had been a whole month that he had to live with three women: Lady, Luica, and Trish. They finally moved out! Why did they move in to begin with? Something about some terrible evil rising up and coming this way, like he cared anymore. He just wanted them out. He really wasn't cleared on the whole issue and he had just let them all stayed until they found their own place to stay, but after a month of them. He was done, finish, he never wanted another girl in this home unless he invited her. He just wanted to forget everything and drink until he declared himself the king of cheese and dairy products again.

He walked into the bar that leaded to the Love Planet. It was empty as to be expected. At least he thought until his eyes on the girl sitting quietly at the bar. Being the curious guy he was he walked over and stopped a few feet away from her and observed her. She was actually very beautiful. She had long jet-black hair reaching down to her waist, a small angelic face listing peacefully to the music, lightly bobbing her head, with her thin pink lips humming along with song playing on the jukebox. He pulled his eyes away from her face to her clothes. It was just a white blouse with red shirt with several layers following with black boots they had a causal look to them not sluty looking like most of the girls that came here. She look really innocent like was misplace piece in this bar setting. His eyes eventually lingered down to her exposed legs. They were long smooth looking; creaming colored, and finely toned. Part of him wonder why anyone would wear a skirt when its cold out and other part was didn't really care at all. They were REALLY nice to look at.

He looked back up to her angelic face and saw it glaring at him. Wonderful, why couldn't she have seen him when he was looking at her face in first place? He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. 'Great…now she probably thinks I'm some pervert checking her out.'

'Was that Pervert checking me out?' She thought to herself. Though she had to admit that was hottest pervert she seen.

There was an awkward silent between them. What would you say to someone who wasn't looking at you one moment then the next there they are?

Dante didn't say anything. He wasn't all that social of a person to being with. Not that he was shy or anything; just over the years he found that the just didn't like people in general. Enzo didn't exactly bring over the fun loving ones for business to meet.

"Eyes up here pal." She said coldly pointing at her face. "Because I know you not looking at my skirt to wear."

Dante raised an eyebrow, 'Oh, This is going to be fun.' He smirked and said, "Actually I think I it would look rather dashing on me, red is my favorite color."

Kagome's eyes widen at the strangers comment. Who was this guy? 'Lucking you then, I have several others you can have too!' she thought. He didn't seem so bad. She looked him over and silver hair, icy blue eyes, red trench coat, and huge sword on his back…then his aura finally hit her. He was a half a demon… She sighed and turned away decided just to ignore him. He was probably one of those upper class demons that wanted to kill her. 'I'm over like 7000 miles away from home and I still find demons! Well guess it was foolish to think demons only settled in Japan.' She thought to herself.

Dante was a bit surprise to see that she hadn't said anything, but why had she turned away? Well no point in pestering her if she wanted to talk to him then she would.

The stranger walked up to her, she stiffened up thinking he was going to try talking to her again, But instead he had just token the seat next to her and sat quietly watching the alcohol bottles on the display case. She tried her best to ignore him, which was a bit difficult. She was expecting her senses to be scream danger to her, but they were calm. She actually felt comfortable more so then when she was here alone. She felt…secure like she was safe in her own home. Who was this guy?

She looked at the mirror in front of them and watched him. He was now watching the small TV set up on the wall, but as she took a good look at his eyes. They were icy blue and they sent chills down her back in a good way they were gorgeous that complemented his sliver hair, and wow… he was just handsome.

"You know it's very impolite to stare at someone." He said not taking his eyes off of the TV.

She looked away trying to hide the blush on her face. She didn't know he could see her. "Well you were staring at me earlier. Wouldn't that be impolite?" She said glaring at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Well, I guess that would depend on the person. I'll like you to think of it as a…compliment." He said finally taking his eyes off the television. She was kind of pretty when she blushes…

She stuck her nose in the air she trying to hide the shade of red on her cheeks, "No, I think I take I'll take it as an insult… and why are you even sitting here. There are plenty of other places here."

"What and looks like some loser? No thanks." He said popping one of the free peanuts from the bowl on the counter into his mouth.

Kagome looked around the bar again to still found it empty. "What are you talking about? Who's looking?"

Dante smirked quite happy that he was able to get the girl to talk to him. He wondered if he could get her name too.

"You're quite full of yourself. You know that?" She said taking peanut from the bowl as well.

"Oh I know. My friends tell me all the time, but hey I figure if anyone doesn't like me then they can leave for all I care. Some people like me, some don't, can't do much about the ones that don't. So, what are you doing here? This doesn't look too much like a place you would want to hangout."

She thought about leave there, but she was a bit curious about this half demon. She declared he wasn't there to hurt her, he just seem to want to talk. 'Some people like me, some don't, can't do much about the ones that don't.' She never really had that problem. Everyone that she had ever met had always liked her, but then again it kind of made her a doormat at times. She had spent fortune bring things to the past for friends to see them happy. Her mother usually just paid for the ramen and any other survive food for her, but candy and junk food came for her own wallet. Why did she try so hard to impress them? Sure she loved them, and she had their friendship… maybe because she saw she was had lost all of for her friends in the presents and just desperately wanted to keep the ones she had.

"Well…" She said thinking about his question. "I was just hungry and I was too lazy to make something at home so I came here. What about you?" She said.

"Me? Oh I came here to go to the stripe show, but you're a lot more interesting."

"Men or women?" She asked. You would think she would be outrage by such a thought, but she was bit concern which way he swung, because if he swung other way it would be a great lost to women kind.

"Women, why you want to put on a show for me?" He ask wanting to see her blush again.

But she just smiled back which she wasn't sure why. It wasn't like he was going to go out with her, "Nope, just wasn't sure where you stood. You know with that whole skirt comment."

"Let me explain something to you. You can dress like women what not and still be straight. That would be a cross dresser."

"So you're a cross dresser?" She asked and finally put the peanut in her mouth.

"No, I like men clothes. I was just trying to make a good first good impression on you."

Kagome gave him an odd look "Oh you can't be serious! What you couldn't just say 'hi'! Like a normal person."

"Could of, but then how unusual would that have been? This way you would remember me better." He said looking proud of what he said.

She couldn't really argue with him about that. She was going to remember him now that's for sure.

"I'm Dante by the way." He said.

Kagome looked at him and debated with herself whether or not to give him her name. He was a bit on the odd side, but that was kind of the charm to him. But he was still a stranger your not suppose to talk to strangers.

"I take it I'm not going to get your name." Dante said.

"Oh, I…ummm…well-"

"Here's your meal, missy." The Bartender said while place the food and drink in front of here. "That'll be 7.95."

Kagome smiled and pulled out her wallet from her purse. She opened it and her eyes widen at the mistake she had made. "I can't pay." She said very depressed.

Dante look over into her wallet. It wasn't as if she had no money. It was just that she had yen, Japanese money. By the look of it she had plenty of it. She must have forgotten to exchange it for American cash.

Kagome sighed, how could she possibly forget her money? Sesshomaru had even given a check to cash for the soul purpose of cashing it for American currency. God she felt like an idiot! Her stomach growled as if to confirm her thoughts.

"I'll pay for that if you want." Dante voice said right next to her. She must be hungry since both he and the barkeeper can hear her stomach.

She looked up at him and glared. She never liked it when people paid for her. Call it pride, but it made her feel poor, which she wasn't. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She wasn't that helpless girl from ten years ago…

"Hey, it was an offer." He said not really understanding why she was so angry. "Kind of a 'Welcome to America' gift. It's no big deal; I can always put it on my tab." He said thinking maybe if he reworded it differently she would be okay with it.

She glared at him a little more, but then dropped it and sighed. He was only trying to help her and all she did was getting angry with him. All because she didn't want to feel feeble like she did all those years ago. "No its okay, I'll just leave…" She did have that half a bag of potato chips she never finish off sitting on the counter back at her apartment. "Thanks for the offer though. It was nice of you." She turned to the barkeeper and said, "Sorry…I can't pay right now. I'm sorry for wasting your time. It really smells good by the way. I promise I come back later. I really want to try out that pizza." She was about to get up to leave, but barkeep stopped her.

"Nay, this is on the house missy." He said. "Like Dante here said, Welcome to America."

Kagome smile grew across her face as she plopped right back down on her seat and started to munch happily on her one of cheese pizza slices.

The barkeeper lifted leaving Kagome and Dante alone again. She ate quietly on her pizza and glance over a silver hair guy next to her. She was expecting him to say she owned him thanks or demand her name now, but no. He just turned his attention back to the TV again.

"So Dante, what do you do for a living? You gotta make lot since your sporty such a nice coat around." She said taking another bit of her food. She was curious to see if Demons did anything else then business like Sesshomaru.

"I'm a Demon Hunter." He said as if it was no big deal.

She looked at him surprised. She was expecting him to say…well anything, but that! "But you're a half demon." She blurted out.

"Yeah so? And you're a miko and I don't see you trying to purify me. Oh and by the way thanks about that." He said looking at her.

"You could tell?" She asked.

"Yeah, if your trying to keep a low profile, I suggest you hide your powers better." He said.

"I guess I should, but I was just surprised you admitted it. You could pass as human compare some half demons I met."

"I'm not ashamed of what I am." Dante said. "But I don't really talk about it since no one thinks demons exist and if someone does ask they already know so there's no point in hiding it."

"I just don't want to be bugged." Kagome admitted sheepishly.

Dante smiled back and shrugged, "Me too. It's nice to have some privacy at least one in awhile."

Kagome finished off the first slice of pizza and started on the second. The barkeeper came back to refill her drink.

Dante nose crinkled a bit until he said, "Hey where's the alcohol in that?"

Kagome gave him odd look, while the Barkeeper sighed heavily.

Kagome said, "It's lemonade… It's supposed to be non-alcoholic."

The Barkeeper sighed again, "Dante not everything is alcoholic here. I have some sodas for teens and designated drivers."

"Designated what?" Dante said clearly not understanding.

The Bartender turned to Kagome and said, "You sure choose a winner to befriend."

"Not my friend. Oh by the way my name is Kagome." She said.

Dante turned to Kagome and said, "What? You'd give him your name and not me?"

She smiled sweetly and said, "Yeah… and don't you dare call me Kagome, because it's not for you to say."

'Brat.' Dante thought "Fine." Dante said with a smile just as sweet as Kagome's "I just give you a nickname."

"Don't you dare baka." She warned, not wanting any nickname he could think of.

"Hey I know what Baka means, brat." He warned back.

"Good, I wanted you to know what it meant, jerk!"

"Okay, mule."





"Arrogant Asshole!" Kagome yelled.

"Bitchy Princess!" Dante yelled back.

They both stop, taking this time to catch their breath since they didn't during their name-calling. The bar fell silent with only their panting and the jukebox playing in the background. Dante started to snicker and Kagome giggle until they both rolled into laughter.

"That-That was so childish!" Kagome manage to get out thought her laughter.

"Oh God! I didn't think you were actually going actually cuss." Dante laughed along with her.

They laugh together again at what just happen. She really didn't cuss all that much, it was just the way she was, but Kagome could never imagine having to cuss someone out then laugh about it. Hell, if it was Inuyasha he would have taken it seriously and be sour about the whole thing.

Dante stood up and said, "Hey Mule, you want play pool?"

Kagome looked at him not too surprised he calling her that. He just kind of gave her the list of nickname he came up with for her. "Okay Bastard, but I've never played."

Dante shrugged, "It's okay, I'll teach you Brat."

Kagome couldn't help but smile, "Oh your soo kind Jackass."

Dante walked over to the pool and grabbed two cue sticks and tossed one over to her. She caught it and spun it in her hand and walk over to him. Dante smirked, now being very interested in his pool buddy. "Well Bitch, this is how the game works…"

An hour later Kagome had gotten a hang of the game and played real game with Dante. Which she thought she was doing great.

Kagome jumped for joy and smiled, "Whoa! I won!"

Dante smiled; sadly she wasn't aware that he let her win, but no reason to damper her mood…at least not yet.

Kagome stretched out and yawned "Okay…Well that's enough fun for the night. I think I'm going to retire now."

Dante smile slightly fell; this girl was all right to be around. "Oh come how about one more round. I'll buy drinks."

"Not with your tab Dante." The bartender said while cleaning out some glasses.

Dante raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about? I pay my tab every month."

"Yeah you do, but sometimes Enzo likes to use your tab when his gets too high."

Dante's hand tightened around the pool stick he was still holding trying not to get to angry out in front of Kagome. He knew his business partner usually did do something stupid and most of the time he got Dante involved in it. But Dante at least hoped Enzo would be smart enough to stay out of his business. He placed the stick down on the pool table knowing he would snap it in half. "Really…well how much has he spent exactly?"

The Barkeeper put down the glass and pulled out a notebook. "Lets see… Well Dante…Do you want me to straight up give you a number or do you want me to give an example."

Dante said, "Give me the example."

"Well…do you see here this glass of water?" He point at a glass sitting innocently on the counter. It wasn't even half full.

Dante nodded knowing he wasn't going to like where this was going. "Yeah…"

"Can't afford it."

"What!" Dante yelled.

Kagome blinked surprised. How much did Dante's friend own? "I thought water was free!?!" She said.

"Not with how much is on Dante's tab."

Dante left eye was started twitching, "Oh…now just how much does MY tab have?"

"About $10,027.32."

The room fell silent again. Not even the jukebox playing making a sound. Kagome was pretty sure that was a lot of money…

"I'm gonna kill that fat bastard next time I see him." Dante said without any emotion.

Kagome had a feeling that he wasn't kiddy. "Oh come on Dante. Its consider murder if you kill him."

"Not if I make it look like he fell down the stairs."

She smiled touched his shoulder, "Come on, he not worth it."

Dante wanted just ring the neck Enzo right now. How could he spend ten thousand dollar! Dante sighed, "Fine! Your right… He not worth ten thousand dollar, a matter a fact he not even worth ten cents." Dante would have to take care of this problem a little later. This wasn't the first time Enzo had done something stupid…Like that time when Enzo set him on that mission with that demon rabbit, or that job when he jumped into that hole and those worms attach themselves on him, or the fight with the monkeys in the caged match he got sucker into…Wait why was Dante letting him live?

Kagome smiled "Great I knew you would make the right decision." She tabbed the end of his nose with her finger and headed for the door and left. Dante hung around for ten more minutes playing darts, but soon lost interest in that and now he really didn't have much of desire to go to the Love Planet anymore. Dante followed Kagome's lead and left the bar.

He stepped out and found that it was now raining. Thank God he brought his trusty red coat… He looked over and saw Kagome watching the rain. Why hadn't she left the bar yet? He glanced at her jacket and could tell it was meant to keep her warm, it wasn't meant to keep out water.

"You know I love the rain." She said know he was there, "I love watch as it spreads to everything, touching everything around. Especially afterwards, when every thing around me feels and smells fresh as if it made everything new. As if it wanted to give everything a new start." She didn't give him chance to respond back in fear he would make fun of her. "Well, better leave now." She started walking away when a hand stopped her on her shoulder. She turned to see Dante.

He held up his red coat in his hand for her, "Here, your jacket not going to keep the rain out."

Kagome blushed "But what about you?"

"It's not a big deal…" He said. 'Yes it is! I'm the one who's going to get soak now!' Inner Dante yelled. "I live like three blocks away. I'll be fine." Well it wasn't really like he had anything dangerous in there. Just some Holy Water, the only weapon he really ever carried around him was just Rebellion. The rest was back at home.

"Are you sure?" She asked again. She really was tempted to just taking it, she started working tomorrow she couldn't miss the first day.

"Just take the damn coat we're both getting wet now." He said.

She finally realized that they were both in the rain; she smiled and took the coat from him. "Thank you." She said softly as she slipped the coat. Dante was a lot taller, so the coat reached down to her ankles.

He smiled, "No big." He turned way and start walking in the opposite direction. "Well I guess I'll see you around Bitchy Princess."


He turned around and saw she hadn't made a move away.

"My name…it's Kagome." She said trying to keep her eyes off of soak shirt clinging to his chest giving her a good idea of what he look like underneath it.

He nodded and said "Okay, I guess I'll see you around Kagome."

Kagome smiled back and turned to go to her new home as she felt she was walking on air.

Dante turned with a smirk on his face as he watched the sky and the rainfall; hey he got her name after all…

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