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Here it is chapter one

Trima said some thing and disappeard when only to reappear in the woods it
was cold and she only had on her thin yellow dress she was sick with a high fever already ro
make things worse. She looked around every thing was getting blury and she fanted.....

A young thin girl looked onto the feilds below as Prince Katall came
riding up with his soilders "Lady Kata my father wishes to see you" he said and Kata left
with the soilders Trima was fifteen then and she had very short chestnut hair it was long not
that long ago but was cut a punishment for nothing well almost nothing she was slow in her
chores one day becaue she was sick. the prince looked at her and smiled he loved her and wanted
more tham any thing to get her planet back for her he could marry her because she was a
the heir to the throne of the royal family of the planet cheryisc she was the last of the
family and she there fore was princess of it. Katall's family had many plantets under their
rule already but he lived here. He looked at Trima but the look on her face told him he should
go with Kata and the soilders and he did...........................

When Trima woke up she was in a bed coverd in blankets and there was a young man there
with he he was asleep in a chair next to the bed she looked curiesly she was in a dazed mood
and wasn't paying much atention when the boy awoke the looked at each other. Afeter about ten
minets the boy fanely said "hello im Gohan"
Trima looked at him "Gohan........." she paused "Ive been looking for you" she said as she
tried to get up but failed her now long one more chestnut hair started floeing and she mubled
something that Gohan could not here very good but it sounded like "cure" to him and she got
up and smiled at him pleastly.

Letia a girl with pale blue eyes and dark brown hair meets Gohan and alot
happens so read my next chapter okay shell be in it. Review byebye