A/N: I haven't been writing lately, which is why this one is so late. It probably isn't up to the best of standards, but it's something I've had in my head since I've been itching to write. It Isn't perfect, and its an idea that was thrown together in hopes that it would work out. I'm not sure if it did, because I'm a bit rusty, but that's what readers are for, now aren't they? Hope you like it.

The world stopped. Time itself stopped. It was as if Brin and Rue had been locked away from everyone and thing, and now they were standing face to face with nothing to stop the emotions screaming between them. The ship was silent; curious onlookers now made it blatantly obvious they were staring.

Rue let out an enraged howl of anger and shoved Brin into the nearby cabin door.

Brin felt herself tumbling, falling through hard wood.

Rue stormed in after her, slammed the door and threw the dead bolt without a second thought.

"I hate Ohmsfords." Rue whispered, her cheeks flushed with anger.

"Rue, please." Brin countered just as quietly. "I was just trying to help." Brin stood up. She wasn't normally one to be weak, or be caught off guard, but Rue was like a ticking time bomb without a clock.

"Helping would have been keeping your curse silent and not having a crew mate proclaiming to me in horror that you're a witch with white magic." Rue spat.

"I am not a witch." Brin seethed.

Rue's eyes flickered dangerously. "One who deals in magic is either a witch or a warlock. That is the code." she took a step closer, nose to nose, "Whether it is in the past or not, it makes no difference, you are what you are. Do not think you can walk onto my ship and command it with magic. You're lucky I didn't toss you overboard when I first saw you like I would anyone else." she hissed.

Brin watched the emotions soar through Rue's face. Was her hatred for the Ohmsford lineage that awful, that powerful that it consumed her?

"I did not come here to cause trouble. Plainly, I'm still not quite sure how I got here."

Rue let out a laugh. "That story again aye? Personally I believe you know how in the hell you got here. You just refuse to state how."

There was commotion outside the door, then a loud knock followed by Alt Mer's voice. "Rue Meridan, open this door. You are not killing anyone as long as your on my time!" he shouted.

Normally Alt Mer had command over Rue, but only to a certain point. This was one of those times when it hit that certain point where all command ceased to exist.

"Rue, I'm not joking!"

Both women heard a fist collide with the door, jittering it on it's old hinges. It held firm, causing a laugh to erupt from Rue's throat.

"Go find some other way to occupy your time, brother." Rue said calmly.

"I am not leaving this door. God only knows what you'll do to Brin with your temper." Alt Mer's voice had turned to a low and dangerous growl. Anyone who knew him knew that tone meant to back off, to be wary, but Rue was oblivious, having tempted her brother's temper many a time.

Brin seated herself on the small cot, her eyes calm, her demeanor not at all unsettled.

Rue seethed at her calmness. Most people would cower in her presence when her temper flared through. This witch merely sat with her hands folded in her lap.

"This is ridiculous Rue." Brin ventured. She met the angry red head's gaze, silent anger coursing slowly but surely beneath her cool exterior.

"Ridiculous?" Rue planted her hands on her hips and strolled from one end of the cabin to the other to keep herself from wringing this insolent freak's neck.

"I will tell you what's ridiculous! Ridiculous is thinking you know what is going on when in all actuality you have no control over anything whatsoever! That's ridiculous."

Brin watched Rue, watched her pace, watched her think, watched her seethe. Her green eyes flashed constantly, flickering as thoughts passed through her head. She stood, not sure whether she feared Rue's anger, or was actually appeased by it. She'd been waiting quietly for some form of reaction from Rue, anything. Her attitude had remained aloof and if anything rude, merely contained and reigned in by her big brother. It pleased Brin to see Rue in a fit. It showed she wasn't made of stone. And ironically it settled her own anger.

Rue stopped in her tracks, glaring at Brin. "The Ohmsford family has done me favors in the past, and I refuse to allow any more of them to help me in any way. I don't care how it is."

For a moment everything was silent. Tension slithered into every corner of the cabin, soaking the walls and caressing both women down like a lover. Their eyes met for a moment, and Rue started towards Brin. She grabbed her hair and pulled her down angrily.

Tilting Brin's head just slightly so she knew she had control, Rue proceeded, "Shame on you Brin Ohmsford."

Power careened mechanically through Rue's veins. "Hiding such a secret from a Rover, especially one as dangerous as myself who trust few, well, it's like calling to death for a glass of ale."

"There is nothing wrong with the Ohmsford name." was the response.

The room seemed to collaborate into one giant mess behind Brin's eyes. Her heart was racing. Was she about to die? She could feel the animosity in the words Rue spoke. They hit her like rain on a window, wracked at her from the inside straight out .

A smile curved onto Rue's face. "Sure, I thought there was nothing wrong just like you. And then I met him. Bek Ohmsford. He played the game well you know. Quite like you did to my brother. He's quite charmed with you, you know. Why I can't fathom."

Brin felt the grip loosen on her hair. She tilted her head just slightly, face to face with Rue. Her heart sped. She felt herself being let go and slowly backed up. The wall met her back, hot body contacting cold wood. For a minute she jumped, the difference in textures alarming her. Every nerve was on end, her senses heightened, her mind ironically clear. She stared at Rue, unsure of things.

"I'm not going to kill you." Rue whispered, inches from her face. "Killing you is too nice. Not to mention I know my brother wouldn't be too happy with a red stain on his freshly polished floors."

Rue's eyes scanned Brin. She knew the girl was scared. Her eyes didn't reflect it, but her chest was heaving and there was a pulse flittering angrily in her throat. She smiled. "I have power you know. Not like yours, not at all, but I can manipulate people." she let a hand gently slide down the side of Brin's face, to her neck. Yes, the pulse was catapulting into zones that let Rue know she was in control.

Brin was pinned, and Rue's touch was both lightning and ice. It shocked her into warmth and tossed her into a deep cold ocean all at once. Static oozed between them. Rue wouldn't kill her, not with her own hands, she'd let someone else do it. That didn't mean she wouldn't have her fun in the mean time.

The ship creaked a moment, whispering, as if tantalizingly coaxing Rue onward. The red head steadied her footing and braced her hands on either side of Brin's head. She felt a whoosh of breath escape from Brin, relief blatantly washing over the girl.

"You unnerve me." was all she managed.

A smirk rose at the corner of Rue's mouth. "I unnerve you?" a low laugh rumbled from her throat, beautiful in context, sending shivers over Brin's entire being.

Their eyes met. "No, Brin Ohmsford, it is you who unnerves me."

Rue's voice was so close to her ear, her breath tickled across the skin. Brin let out a small gasp and dared not to move. She wasn't frightened of Rue, no, she was past that. She was more frightened at what would happened dare she move. Rue was so close, so close, and it was so wrong because of the anger, the hatred, the look of absolute repulsion in her eyes, and yet behind that, Brin could see doubts and confusion flickering behind those fury darkened eyes and that's when she knew that Rue felt it too.

"Rue… please." Brin mustered, still unsure of her own voice. Her gaze locked for a moment on the woman's lips.

"Please what?" Rue whispered, her body mere inches from Brin's. Her hands slid down the wall onto Brin's arms, holding her in place. "What, Brin Ohmsford?"

Brin felt Rue's gaze on her and met her challenging eyes. She was at a loss for words, and she knew it showed. She was cornered but not cowering, and with a defiant cock of her head and flash of blue eyes she countered everything Rue had thrown at her.

"Damn you." It was a low growl, a low cry, a low prayer for sanctuary. But it went unheard.