Edward stalked through the halls of Forks High, looking for classroom 108


Edward stalked through the halls of Forks High, looking for classroom 108.

He stood in the doorframe silently, unnoticeable.

With a clearing of the throat, he caught Banner's attention quickly.

The crew was sitting by their cameras, lounging and eating finger sandwiches. There was no one in the room that could be a potential threat, after all. Not until now.

What they didn't realize, though, was that the being standing before them could make any move he made untraceable. He could commit any crime imaginable and get away with it without even quickening his breath.

Maybe "potential threat" was an understatement….

So quickly that no human in that room would be able to see, never mind predict, what he was doing, Edward was standing casually by the wires, sitting in a tangled jumble next to one of the cameras.

"Can I help you?" the man at the desk asked. His tone showed that he was trying to sound confident, but his heartbeat and the almost undetectable stutter in his words gave him away.

"Yes, actually," Edward replied, but kept his answer to that.

There is seriously something shady about that guy, one of the cameramen thought. Oh, he had no idea.

With a swift motion that lasted all but two seconds, every camera was disconnected, utterly useless to the men scattered around.

"What are you doing, Mr. Cullen?" Mr. Banner asked, clearly apprehensive this time. Even a human could detect his trembles as he tried to figure out what was happening.

"Could you excuse us for a second, gentlemen?" Edward asked the crew with the smoothest voice, no trace of senility.

Banner threw them a frantic glance, but couldn't do much about it.

One by one, they shuffled out of the room.

Once Edward was sure they were out of earshot, he slowly progressed towards Banner.

"Are you aware that every aspect of what you plan on doing is wrong? Disgusting? Immoral and hideous?

There was a bit of a pause as Banner collected his own thoughts, and Edward did the same.

Breaking the silence, the teacher said, "How did you do all that so quickly?"

Edward laughed and shifted to a new question. "What kind of stunt are you trying to pull?"

Fabricated innocence washed over the man's face as he struggled to put words to his answer.

"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about," he replied.

"Oh, but I'm sure you do, so kindly cut to the chase. If you do so much as think about touching a certain student of yours, I will kill you." Holy guacamole.

By now, Banner's palms were sweating.

"That would be all." And with that, the vampire walked out of the room gracefully, as if nothing had happened.

Banner fainted.

Alice was waiting for Edward's return back at the house. As she paced around the living room, Bella sat on the couch reading a book, completely oblivious.

When he walked through the door, Alice was by his side in a matter of seconds.

"Edward Cullen, what did you do?" she hissed.

"I simply set him straight, Alice," he replied grimly.

"Did you ever think about what this could motivate him to do? You showed your full speed and strength. Suspicion isn't even in our vocabulary anymore!"

"Who would believe him? He has less charisma than a turtle and I have more than a politician."

Alice raised her arms in exasperation and stalked off, leaving Bella in the room with him to do the rest of the interrogating.

"How was your meeting with the asshole?" she asked brightly.

The next day in class, Banner was absent. The substitute dryly said that it was due to a headache and went on with the work he'd left.

Edward smiled to himself.

Uncontrollable giggles could be heard in the back of the class. Mike Newton was still hysterical and no one was sure why, so he was left alone to grow to be a senile old man.

In La Push, Jacob Black was having the time of his life.

He had been playing online poker and won over 10,000. He now had four cats, a treadmill and a new refrigerator. Life was clearly amazing.

Okay, I don't even know where to START.

I got this idea from a story called Going Bananas by Hermione W Cullen.

It was great.

So yeah.

And there is so much that I need to say like,

It was extremely OOC, and I had a lot of fun writing it cuz it didn't have to make sense.

Also, a note:

If this is the first story you're reading by me, please don't let it be your last. XD

I didn't follow any rules of writing here.

It was strictly for fun.

In my real stories, I don't stick random authors notes and make them part of it.

But it was really fun to do, I must say...

So yeah.

More will probably be added here when i remember.




Also, the title...

In the movie, his name is going to be Mr. Molina

and I asked my bff jill what to name this story

and she was like


and i couldn't resist.