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A Little Trouble

Chapter 2

It wasn't until nearly 12:30 when Tony woke up to the sound of knocking and a rush of voices and other sounds to accompany it. He opened his eyes slowly and came to realize that certain things were out of sorts. The first thing was that the ceiling was not the usual canopy he stared at when he awoke each morning at the castle. The second happened to be the faint sounds of traffic, car horns accompanied with angry yells and all.

There was familiarity behind all this though before a crash sounded from somewhere followed immediately by a sudden yelp and a shout of "Oh, cripes." It was at that moment that Tony remembered exactly where he was. Further more he recalled why he was so slow in recalling everything, staying up all night watching the T.V. he didn't own any more with a beer for every channel was a bad idea for a man of his age.

He also came to the realization that Wendell had said something about opening the mirror at noon and Tony grimaced knowing that the prissy royal would be considerably pissed for him being late. He knew the King would not even acknowledge the fact that if Wolf had to be somewhere, you might as well tell him to show up an hour earlier though he still would probably be ridiculously late with that much of a head start. 'Oh well, no point in rushing now,' Tony thought idly about to make a big flourish in going back to bed. Linda chose this as her opportune moment to give up on knocking and go in to see her grandpa.

"Grandpa, Wake up! Mommy said you needed to and Daddy said he was going to eat your breakfast if you don't hurry!" She yelled as soon as she got close to his ear. Tony rolled over and groaned. He had no doubt that Wolf wouldn't hesitate to eat his breakfast and he wanted his store bought sugary whatever Virginia had made and coffee. He looked back at the clock, 'I shouldn't be saying breakfast, it's almost noon but my food is on the line!.' He turned to smile at the bouncing little girl and had to resist rolling her eyes, if she wasn't just like her irrational and hyper father. "Good morning, sweetheart." He mumbled around a yawn as he sat up. A useless effort when he found himself back on his back after Linda hurled herself at him in a hug.

"Morning Grandpa!" She squirmed from his grasp and darted for the door, "Come on."

Tony rolled his eyes at the childish antics before hearing a sharp snap and a growl. "That's not for you. Now leave it alone!" came the distinct feminine voice of his daughter along with childish giggles. "But I'm hungry and he won't miss a few bites." came the piteous whimpering floating form the kitchen. "I don't care. No!" was the angered reply. Tony blinked at the door for a moment in bemusement towards the voices. 'Why do if feel like my daughter is trying to train a puppy rather than speak with her husband.' With that thought Tony rushed to get ready for the sake of his food.

Virginia and Wolf were in the midst of a staring contest. Both had a hand poised to strike at an instant and neither broke eye contact.

Wolf struck out for the plate in sudden movement and just as quickly withdrew his hand as a red mark made itself evident. "Darn it, Virginia." He growled, "Let me have just one nibble!"

"No, how many times do I have to tell you! That's for my father and you already had three lunches and two breakfasts. How hungry could you possibly be! Besides, a nibble for you means stuffing all the food plus the plate in your mouth so that you could pretend like it was only 'one bite.'" Virginia snapped. Linda sat perched at the counter watching the argument with amused eyes, nibbling on a piece of toast.

"I am a wolf! Huff-puff, We need to eat more than mouse servings! Plus how can I help save the kingdoms on an empty stomach. Cripes, who knows when the next time we get to eat will be!" Tony crept into the room during Wolf's little speech and snagged a large mug before filling it with coffee and sitting beside Linda. He was completely ignored by his daughter and son-in-law as he reached over for his plate to start eating.

"Your just being a glutton! We ate just fine when we last helped the kingdoms."

During this exclamation, Linda's sensitive ears pick up a soft sound over her parents' voices and her Grandpa's loud sipping and chewing. She slipped away casually to the front door as her father gave another loud retort that ended in a begging tone. "Good morning, Mrs. Manson!" Linda smiled as she opened the door for the old lady.

"Oh, good afternoon, Linda." A yelp came from the kitchen along with a shout of "stop it" that caused Mrs. Manson to look past Linda curiously. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No, Mommy and Daddy have little fights like this all the time!" Mrs. Manson gave a worried glance at the girl as she gave her biggest smile. "Daddy loves to eat food and Mommy yells at him for eating to much." Linda chuckled.

"I suppose your father's name really does fit him. When he first told me I almost didn't believe him." Mrs. Manson muttered pensively.

"Mhmm, Daddy says his mom wasn't really good with picking names. Why don't you come in?" Linda led the older woman into the living room toward the kitchen, just as a loud shout came from said area, "Huff-puff! Can't I just have a little bit more?"

"Wolf, shut up. It's to early to be rambling on like that."

"Oh cripes Tony, where did you come from?"

"I've been sitting here for the past five minutes, idiot. So much for heightened senses."

"I resent that!"

"Dad, that's enough and Wolf stop it! I'm not giving in." Mrs. Manson walked in to see Virginia smirk triumphantly before turning back to the stove.

"That's not fair…" Wolf mumbled before looking up, "oh, Mrs. Manson! I did not realize you had arrived. Huff-puff, where are my manners? Do sit down!" He said jumping to his feet in a flourish and offering a chair using all of his wolfish charms.

Virginia cast a glance at her husband and rolled her eyes. 'What was he planning on doing, eat her?' "Hello, Mrs. Manson. I apologize for the hectic mess. We're all a bit distracted this morn- I mean afternoon." Virginia said politely as she left her pan next to the sink and tucked a stand of hair behind her ear as she caught sight of the time.

"Oh of course darling! How are you all feeling?"

Wolf gave a flat look before blinking, "Oh, yes. I've been better but I'm alright." he gave her his best impersonation of a saddened smile.

"If there is anything I can help with…"

"Your already doing so much which I along with my wife are sincerely grateful for!"

Virginia nodded her head in agreement as Mrs. Manson smiled politely. 'Wolf should have gone into acting. He certainly knows how to put up the airs for it.' she thought lightly with a faint smile as she watched her husband. "We should be getting ready to go though or else we will miss our flight."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Oh no, we have it under control. Feel free to ehlp yourself to anything in the kitchen though." Virginia said before rushing out of the room with Linda in tow. Mrs. Manson smiled to herself as she watched the entire house fall into the chaos she had walked in on.

"Do take care of yourselves!" Mrs. Manson said at the door as Virginia, Tony, and Wolf were preparing to leave.

At the moment though, Wolf was desperately attempting to remove an attachment to his leg before he could go. "Alright Linda, I love you too and will miss you… It's time to let go!…I can't feel my leg anymore! Virginia, do something!… She's cutting off circulation!!" Wolf practically shrieked as he waved his leg in the air in an attempt to dislodge his daughter.

"Figure out how to get her off yourself, I just dislodged her and I am not going through that again, today!"

"Tony!! Do something." He whined frantically turning pleading eyes to the older man.

"She's your daughter." he said casually before adding to himself, "the last thing I need is her death grip on my leg too. I'm too old for this!"

"Aghh, I gunna have to cut off my leg!" Wolf whimpered

"Daddy, I love you! Don't go now!!" Linda whined losing the collective calm she had previously held.

"I know but we'll be back really soon! I like to have my leg back now though. Ouch…"

Mrs. Manson suddenly cut in, "Linda darling why don't you and I great a little treat after your parents leave, ok?"

Linda glanced up from his leg with big puppy-dog eyes. "A-alright…" She consented, "I'll miss you!" She called to her parents before giving a final squeeze.

"Good," Mrs. Manson smiled softly and Linda released her father's leg and stepped back with teary little eyes.

"Finally" Wolf muttered with a breath of relieve. "Well, then. We should be heading out. Bye lamb chop, I'll miss you!"

"Oh, before I forget…" Mrs. Manson said before the family left. "How do I get in touch with you should I need to?"

Everyone deadpanned. "W-well…" Virginia stuttered out.

"We'll be out of the country and so you can contact Virginia's mother or call Candy if necessary, I suppose. Their numbers are on the fridge. They will know how to contact us." Tony commented.

"Alright then. Thank you" Mrs. Manson smiled politely.

"See you sweetie. We'll be back really soon, I promise." Virginia called and Tony smiled and waved goodbye.

"Bye bye" Linda called.

"Farewell, have a good trip." Mrs. Manson called down the hall as they left. She then turned to Linda who looked up expectantly. "So what would you like?"

"I know where we can go!" And Linda rushed to grab her coat and Mrs. Manson's hand before bolting out the door.

Mrs. Manson really had no idea how interesting taking care of Linda was going to turn out being.

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