A/N: This is basically a story I wrote when I was bored and hardly any of the fact are accurate but it's based on a true story. Most of the places are nonsense names I used to replace the real places and my name is not really Amy (well kinda). I'd like to see what you thought of it, even though it's pointless.

Thank You Naomii Cullen and Tiffany Diggory for helping me with this!

Once upon there was a beautiful girl named Amy. She loved to read. One day she was in a land she never liked to travel through known as Mislosula. She didn't like it because it was Griz country and Amy stayed strictly in Bobcat territory or no mans land.

Since her mother knew that this was hard on Amy she let her go to the bookstore known as Barnes&Noble. While she was wondering through the towering shelves filled with a great variety of assorted volumes she came across a book that caught her eye. It was called Land of Elyon, Book One: The Dark Hills Divide. She ended up buying it.

A couple years latter Amy was sitting on the computer looking up random things when she found a website that listed the touring schedule for Patrick Carman, author of The Land of Elyon Books. When her dad came into the room she jokingly asked if she could go meet him over spring break.

He said, maybe, and that maybe eventually turned into a yes.

When Amy finally did get to meet Patrick Carman he was very nice. He even stayed to talk to her after the book signing.

Patrick was impressed Amy had come all the way from Grafintel, Moshtokushan to Spokane, Washington just to meet him. He eventually said that it would be cool to come out to Grafintel for a book signing and maybe do some fishing. He also told her to email him when she got home; he said that she could get his email on his website.

Amy went home excited about her break and told all of her friends and teachers about the experience. She also emailed him a couple times and he emailed back.

On one of the emails Amy explained to him that she liked to write.

Patrick wrote back giving her a link the link to website called FanFiction, telling her that she should get an account and write a FanFiction on one of his books.

Amy asked her mother if she could and her mother was very impressed with the site and decided it would be a great place for Amy to improve her writing.

Eagerly Amy signed up. When the window asked for a pen name Amy typed the name Alexa Daley after the main character in one of his book series.