Supernatural/One Tree Hill fanfic.

with a slight twist of Charmed (no knowledge of this show is necessary)

Summary: Tree Hill has it's own coven of witches- good witches. Brooke, Haley, and Peyton have a destiny: Save innocents from all sorts of supernatural evil. But what happens when they cross paths with Sam and Dean Winchester? AU.

May 14th. 12:39 p.m.

Brooke's P.O.V.

Ever since I can remember, we've always had a job to do. It was me, and my two sisters Haley and Peyton. Okay, so we're not technically blood-related. But we are that close. We were free to love each other unconditionally as siblings, but still close enough to fight over the silliest of things. It's just the three of us. It seems like it always was. You see, our lives were normal as normal could possibly be. We weren't even friends at first. I was a head cheerleader- a slut really, Peyton was your normal, depressed, artistic teenager and Haley was the bookworm tutor-girl. But things changed. Well, some things. Haley's still the bookworm, Peyton is still full of emotional angst, but I've changed completely within these last few years. You see, it happened like this.

October 13th, Four years earlier. 3:38 p.m.

Tree Hill High students were boarding the busses to leave. The last bell had finally rung, and everyone was rushing to get out.

"Nate! Wait!" A petite brunette was running down the hallway trying to catch up to her friend. Her hair bounced up and down as her pink messenger bag swayed back and fourth. She came up to him, leaning over as she panted. "Didn't you hear me calling?"

"Of course I did," he chuckled. She punched him in his shoulder.

"You jerk! Why didn't you stop?" She flipped her hair behind her ears and fixed her backpack.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno, guess it was too fun watching you run. You know it's a good thing you're a cheerleader. You wouldn't last three seconds in a real sport." He saw her expression turn sour as she brought up her fists. He started laughing, "Calm down Davis, I'm only kidding. Mostly."

She rolled her eyes, "Nathan Scott I could kill you. First because you can't give me a lift home and I actually have to take the bus, and Second because you're, well, you! But I'll let you live- only because I have very big news!"

"Cheer practice was cancelled and you're throwing another party tonight at your house?" He looked at her hopefully.

She sighed, "Not quite. My parents are moving to California. Isn't that great?"

Nathan's eyes saddened, "But Brooke- doesn't that mean…"

She waved a hand in front of her face, "No silly, I'm staying in good old Tree Hill. They're renting me an apartment right in town so unsupervised parties will definitely become a regular."

His smiled widened, "Excellent. Now my ride's about to take off. I suggest you get to your bus before it leaves." He taunted and smiled as he waved a goodbye. She simply rolled her eyes at him as she watched him run off.

"Oh shit," Brooke looked down and opened up her backpack. Realization struck as she remembered she had forgotten a book in her locker. She turned back around and ran in the opposite direction of the busses.

There was a girl leaning against the lockers as she noticed the brunette run by. She rolled her eyes as she turned her Ipod volume louder. She was very tiny, with tight curly blonde hair. Dressed in a band T and a pair of plain blue jeans with black converse, she blended in with the rest of her junior class.

There was a loud shut of a door from the classroom besides the blonde, the sound making her jump. She looked around to see another girl, with shoulder length chestnut hair. She watched the girl let out a long aggravated sigh as she swung her backpack over her back, mumbling to herself.

"Oh, thanks Mr. Turner, way to let me know three minutes before a session that tutoring was cancelled for the day as I watch the busses pull out of the parking lot with no other freaking ride home from school!" She stormed off down the hall a bit more.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" The girl turned around to look at Brooke who dropped all of her things on the floor as she overheard the girl's statement.

"Tutoring's cancelled?" She raised an eyebrow.

"No! Not that! About the busses? They're really gone?" She ran over to the entrance door and stared out into the nearly empty - bus free- parking lot. She let out a groan.

"Welcome to the club," The girl folded her arms and watched as Brooke sunk down to the floor.

The blonde chuckled to herself as she watched the two flip out. She sighed, "You guys could probably hitch a ride with me if you want."

The two teens looked to the girl who had said it.

Brooke got up off her feet, "Oh please! You have no idea how awesome that would be! And to think I almost had to walk home." She let out a relieved sigh.

"I don't mean to be a bother, but do you think you could stop by the old book store on Cedar? I need to pick up something for a tutoring session." The chestnut-haired girl asked.

"I'm not running a taxi service, you know," The blonde put her Ipod into her pocket.

"I know I know, but it's on the way to my house and if you could just-"

The blonde put her hands up, "Fine, it's no big deal. Just don't grovel."

She smiled, "Thanks. Peyton right?"

The blonde nodded.

"Yeah you're in my P.E. Thank you so much, you don't know how much I appreciate this." The girl adjusted her backpack and Brooke did the same as they began to walk out into the parking lot.

Peyton rolled here eyes as she reached into her pocket for her keys. "No problem-um-"

"Haley," She stated, almost hurt.

"Sorry. I don't really know many people." She apologized as she unlocked her car. It was a Mercury Comet convertible, in perfect condition with its black exterior and red interior.

"It's alright, I'm used to it. Sweet car by the way," Haley got in the back seat, admiring it from all angles.

"Thanks, it was my moms." Peyton revved it up and watched as Brooke piled into the passenger seat. The brunette looked around, studding her surroundings.

"It's not going to bite. Just get in," Peyton rolled her eyes and adjusted her mirrors.

Brooke scuffed, "I'm going."

"Sorry if it's not your choice of transportation princess." Haley giggled at Peyton's comment.

"Look, I said thanks for the ride. No need to be rude." Brooke buckled her seat belt.

The car backed out of the parking lot and the three were on their way to the bookstore.

"So Haley do you always hang out at the book store after school? I mean, I never see you at parties or games or anything-"

Peyton looked at Brooke, "And I'm being rude?"

"It was just a question," Brooke said defensively.

"Um, no. I usually just stay at school and study my brains out before I go to the library. Then I go home and read all of the books I checked out. Sometimes I watch the history channel, but I try not to watch TV, It melts the brain." Haley said sarcastically. The car grew quiet.

Haley rolled her eyes, "It was a joke guys."

Peyton snorted, "Okay, glad to know."

The car pulled into a parking space in front of the bookstore and Brooke let Haley out.

"I'll be right back," She said as she waved and entered the small store.

"Should we leave without her?" Brooke looked over to Peyton.

She looked at her with a look of disgust on her face. "Do all cheerleaders care only about themselves or is it just you?"

"Ugh, whatever bitch. You don't know anything about me." Brooke shifter positions and stared out of the window.

Peyton threw her head back and laughed, "Ha! I'm the bitch…okay. And I'm sure your life is much worse then mine."

There was an uncomfortable silence in the car as Peyton fiddled with the radio.

Brooke looked around the car more, but becoming uncomfortable and bored, she hopped up and opened the door.

"Where are you going?" Peyton called out to her as she shut the door.

"I have to pee. And don't leave without me." Brooke called to her then opened the door to the bookstore and entered.

Peyton sat back in her seat. She rolled her eyes and sighed as she shut the car off completely and went in after the two.

There was a chime of a bell as Peyton opened the door. The store was musty and old as well as dark and un-pleasant looking. There was barely anyone in there, except for the old Chinese man sitting behind the checkout desk. Peyton looked around the store for Haley and Brooke. The store seemed completely empty. She walked to the back of the store, there were three doorways covered with curtains- also old and musty. They looked very unwelcoming. But Peyton shrugged and picked one of them and entered.

The man from behind the desk watched the blonde enter. He had been baffled since the first girl entered. Now the three were in his shop. He threw open a drawer in the desk and pulled out an object. He studied it over and over and his eyes widened.

"Haley? Brooke?" Peyton called and looked around the private section of the store. It was even darker then the main entrance, and smelled heavily of inscents. She looked over in an even darker corner, behind a stack of books. There were few candles lit and a glow of red. It intrigued her.

Suddenly, Peyton felt a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump up and let out a yelp.

"Whoa, easy!" Brooke let go as Peyton pulled away.

"What the hell! Don't sneak up on me like that!" She snapped.

"Calm down! I was just looking for the bathroom- I don't think this place has one. It's actually kind of way creepy. What kind of place does Haley hang out in?" Brooke looked around the room and noticed the glowing corner that Peyton was studding previously.

"Not this one," The two jumped around as they heard Haley's unfamiliar voice. "They don't have what I'm looking for. And this place is really starting to creep me out. Can we go now?" She pleaded. She looked over to the corner and noticed the glowing red.

"What is that?" Brooke said as the three started to walk over to the dark corner.

Candles and smoke filled the area, surrounding a podium where a single book lay. The three walked up to the podium and saw three identical points glowing red, each sitting on the opposite corners of the book.

"What the hell?" Peyton studied the glowing book.

Haley eyed it carefully, "I've never seen anything like this."

"Okay, I'm not much of a reader- but books aren't suppose to glow," Brooke stared at the thick text.

The three turned around at the sound of muttering from behind them. It was the old Chinese man from the front of the store. He was speaking in Chinese and staring at the three girls.

"Umm…" Haley and the others backed up slowly to the book. "We don't speak Chinese."

"You three…you are them! The prophecy…it's coming true. I always thought it was a legend. October 13th, the night of the full moon, they shall come together and learn of a secret world, working together fighting evil and saving those in need." He quoted. Then he pulled out something from his pocket and showed the three.

Haley hesitantly took it. It was circular pendent, dating back to the 1800's probably. It had a drawing of three figures, a light surrounding them and those words were inscribed.

Brooke let out a chuckle. "Okay buddy, we're really not interested in buying that book- so if this is some type of clever marketing ploy- it's not going to work."

Then, there was a crashing sound, and light flashed around the room. It was as if a wind picked up and sent papers flying throughout the store, as if they were caught in some sort of rainstorm inside of the place. The three turned back around and looked at the book. The glowing points flew from the corners of the book and connected with each other, forming a triquetra.

"That is so not normal," Peyton's eyes widened with the others'.

The book flew open and let out a blinding light. Peyton, Haley, and Brooke were engulfed in enrgy and then they collapsed onto the floor. The book shut closed and the wind died. The red glowing symbol stayed in its new form but faded out.

The store was still and quiet as the girls tried to stand up.

"You girls okay?" The old chinese man helped the three up.

"No, don't touch me!" Peyton backed up. "What the hell was that?"

Brooke helped Haley to her feet and they stared at the old man.

"You girls have a gift."

May 14th, Present day.12:47 p.m.

Brooke's P.O.V.

That day at the bookstore changed our lives forever. The old man explained to us, a legend that had been passed in his own family from generation to generation. It was a story about three witches of the 1800's. They fought for the common good and saved people from evil. However, the townspeople couldn't see their true intentions, and the three good witches were burned at the stake. Before they left the world, they made one last spell- it was inscribed in their book of shadows. One day, the witches would return to help save the innocents of the world once again. Three girls of the same age would stumble upon the book, and they would be drawn to it, for it was their destiny. The powers would be bestowed upon them, and once again the power of the Charmed Ones would inhabit them, and they would forever continue to fight evil, until the powers were passed to the next generation of witches. He also explained how he was to protect the book, The Book of Shadows he called it, and he would watch over that book until the day the three strangers came to the store to retrieve it.

We thought he was crazy.

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