This was written a while ago, and still unfinished but I figured I might as well do something nice and post this. PS - sorta ripped the 'license plate thing' coming up from one of those Hilary Duff movies….it adds a little fun.

"Okay," Jake started. "Let's try something fun."

"Remind me again why you guys came along?" Peyton shifted uncomfortable as she was sandwiched between him and Nathan in the back seat of the Winchester's car.

"Remind me again why we only took one car," Nathan moved off of Haley's hand. "Sorry."

"S'okay," she mumbled and continued staring out the side window.

"The faster we get there, the faster we can get this over with," Brooke said, and then wriggled right arm free from under Sam's leg as she went to twist the knobs on the radio that were in front of her.

"Whoa," Dean warned. "No one touches my stereo."

"What?" She almost laughed.

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?" Jake mimicked Dean's behavior.

Peyton snorted, "Okay Chris Tucker…where's Jackie Chan?"

Sam rolled his eyes, "Okay so no radio…what'd you have in mind Jake?"

"License plate game!" He said, and the rest of the people in the cramped Impala groaned.

"What are you 5?" Brooke replied in an aggravated tone.

Haley shrugged, "Well why not? According to Ruby's coordinates of where that demon bastard is, I'd say we still have a few more hours until we get there. Go for it."

"Okay," Jake smiled brightly, almost like a ten year old.

Dean sighed, "Okay, there's someone now." He squinted his eyes at the car that had just switched over to the lane in front of him. "5TIC140..."

"Good, now…give us a word with 'tic' in it," he explained.

"Fine," Brooke put down the diary she was previously scribbling in and crossed her arms. "Pathetic."

Dean shrugged, "Erotic?"

Brooke nudged him.

"Fantastic!" Jake laughed.

"Tragic," Haley mumbled, her eyes still searching the road flying by next to them.

Jake made an annoyed look.

"Ecstatic," Nathan said in a monotone.

Jake let his arms fold, "Thank you."

"Sarcastic," Peyton corrected.

Jake groaned, "Guys!"

"Whoa, psychotic," Dean shook his head.

"…Bobby's nephews…it's probably genetic," Sam smirked, and the car laughed.

"You can't call someone out when they're not here," Peyton smiled.

"That didn't have a 'tic' in it P. Sawyer," Brooke pointed out.

She laughed and pushed her over the seat, "Yeah, and how about a tic-tac, B. Davis?"

Brooke smiled and turned back around and slapped her legs.

"I think that game's over," Dean yawned. "Now what?"

Haley looked to the front, "Should we take shifts? This way you can get some sleep- we left pretty early-"

"I'm fine," Dean assured.

"He just doesn't trust anyone driving his baby," the younger Winchester smiled.

"Noted," Haley put her hands up in defense. "Then I guess…wake me when you get there?"

She nuzzled carefully against her corner of the car. Brooke watched as she struggled to sleep. Then, she pulled out the book she was cradling in her arms and began writing.

Brooke's POV

I fucking hate Barbus.

Excuse my language…but it had to be said. Now, I dislike many things, like… certain memories from my past, that McDonalds fish commercial, merging onto the highway…whatever. There are very few things that I hate…and there are very few things that I fucking hate. And Barbus goes straight to number one on that list. Actually, anyone that threatens my family or my friends goes on that list. And he killed my parents, and nearly killed the only family I had left…my Peyton and my Haley.

He's going to get it this time.

I thought I'd be overjoyed when I heard the news- I thought the demonic son of a bitch was dead already- but now I get the pleasure of killing him twice. However, that's not how I felt when Ruby told us this morning. I was feeling better then I had in a long time- don't get me wrong…Dean Winchester is- gifted, in many ways…but all of that natural high feeling just came crashing down when she mentioned his name. Barbus. Ugh, it gives you shivers doesn't it? I don't even know what he's doing back- or how he got back. He was in Hell- again. He should have stayed there. This time, we'll have to vanquish him…and don't worry I intend to do just that.

Poor Haley…she's been strangely, quiet- ever since I broke the news to her. Peyton doesn't seem to be phased- she just gets broody, usually, with an occasional laugh and joke to help ease the situation. But if you break her brooding barrier,- that's when the tears start to fall. I've just been very defensive- and in a seriously bad mood. Out of all the things we've faced, Barbus was one that left a permanent emotional scar on all of us. I mean, Haley's worst fear during that time? Clowns. Mine? People seeing the side of me that's weak. Peyton's? Being alone. I guess we never thought those irrational fears could turn deadly…and so we weren't really concerned with this demon that feeds on fear. I guess we never thought that our actual greatest fear was…losing each other. Losing the people that care about us…watching them die. Well, we were seriously mistaken.

I don't like to talk about it much- in fact, my last diary entry from that time was very short and didn't go much into detail. So to whoever might be reading this in the future- some historian, maybe my children (if that ever happens), maybe Dean; Hell knows he's read it before- but I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything about that day. Just trust me- it was something I try to forget. And now- well now we have to go do it all over again. I'll keep you posted.

"Fuck Barbus," Peyton was leaning against the car that was now parked in a spot at a motel near the place Ruby had told them Barbus would be at.

They were all outside of the car now, grateful that the long and uncomfortable car ride was over. Jake and Sam had gone to the lobby to get some snacks from the vending machines. Nathan and Dean had to use the bathrooms. Ruby showed up a few minutes after they parked.

"Who likes Swedish Fish?"

Sam and Jake came back with arms filled with junk food and a few bottles of water, Nathan and Dean following behind.

Jake smiled and threw a package at Peyton. She didn't expect it as she jumped and fumbled with the bag. He laughed.

"What the Hell does he want, anyway?" Brooke snapped at Ruby.

"You out of the way, of course. You seem to forget that Lillith is trying to knock all the players out of the game so she can get to the finish line without any threat of losing," Ruby shrugged. "She's recruiting. Clearly she's either strategizing by having other demons do the dirty work for her so she won't be bothered with that tedious task or she's not strong enough to do it herself."

"Not strong enough?" Sam asked.

"I'd doubt that's the reason though. Barbus has dealt with the Charmed ones before; he's been the closet you three have come to your deaths. She probably wants the easy, clean, and close to fool-proof way to getting rid of you. And then Dean's a goner by the end of the month anyway- only person left would be Sam, and- let's face it, one person is easy enough to wipe off the map rather than 5...or rather, now 7. She must not see you two as much of a threat, though."

"Hey," Nathan and Jake had furrowed brows.

"Seems to me like you know too much of her plan," Peyton interrogated.

"Please," Ruby scoffed. "If I wanted you dead I could easily sneak up behind you with a knife and stab you in your sleep. Of course everyone goes with the difficult way."

Everyone tensed up. They started to protest.

"Calm down," she rolled her eyes. "I just know how my kind operates. If I were you, I'd be thankful with your inside source of information. Even if that means my head on a plate as well."

Sam seemed to be the only one who let that settle in their minds.

Peyton mumbled something, and then let her arms unfold and placed a hand on the car she was resting on. Suddenly, she froze up and gasped.

"Peyt?" Nathan cautioned.

"Shh," Haley warned. "It's a vision."

They gave her a few moments for her to come to her senses. And, as soon as she was back, they bombarded her with questions.

"What'd you see?" Ruby demanded first.

"Nothing good," She sighed and let her breathing catch up with her. "I'd advise that you guys park your car somewhere far enough away from a pool. Or any source of water."

Jake was next, "What's water got to do with anything?"

Then Dean, "What's anything got to do with my baby?"

"You guys know that Barbus feeds off of the death that your biggest fear causes, right?" Peyton watched them nod. "Well…is anyone afraid of pools?"

"Drowning," Nathan spoke up. "My fear is death by drowning. Well, most recently it is. A few weeks ago we were on a hunt- a mermaid. Evil mermaid, though. Nasty things. I just got spooked-"

"But it's legitimate enough to pass as your biggest fear," Haley nodded. "So you need to stay away from anything with a water source. Including pools."

"The motel has a pool," Sam noted and pointed about a hundred feet behind them.

Brooke mumbled, "Of course it does."

"Well what if I stay by the pool?" Jake questioned. "I guess my worst fear would be death by fire."

"Wow, seems like everyone fears death," Ruby nearly laughed.

"As I was saying," he ignored her. "That would mean I should stay by a water source? So fire can't obviously burn someone swimming in a pool."

"As long as it's not a pool filled of gasoline," Dean noted.

"Can I point out that Barbus is working for Lillith. No offence, but we should be more worried about keeping the Charmed one's and the Winchester's alive more then you two. I don't think you'd be on top of her priority list, Singer's."

"Ouch," Jake held a hand to his chest.

She shrugged, "It's the truth."

"Okay so," Nathan started. "What are your fears?"

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