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Main Pairings: Tidus/Yuna

Chapter One

~ Old Friends ~

Tidus lied on the Beach of Destiny Island having a break from all the chaos of Blitzball practice. All he wanted now was just have some quiet and some time to think. He was looking out to where the islands were. Lately he had been having the urge to go back, but he had figure he wanted to go back and visit old memories. To place and time when he didn't feel stress out. Now days he felt like nothing could make him rest and having fun again, not even with blitzball.

He had joined the game when he was fifteen after he got tired of hearing Wakka praising about it so much. Sure Wakka had always like the game and made it his life to play, dream, breath, and basic eat the game, but Tidus had gotten tired of hearing Wakka's rambling of how hard it is and it takes a key mind and stuff like that to play. He decided to prove Wakka wrong by challenging him to a game to shut him up, but it ended up back firing on him and he ended up hooked on the game ever since. Surprising everyone even himself, he was actually very good. He had almost beaten Wakka the first time he played.

Tidus didn't remember ever playing when he was young and had only watched his red head friend play at school games. It all just seems to flow through him naturally while he played as if he had played his whole life. Wakka saw this and had automatically asked if he wanted to join the blitz ball team. Tidus didn't give it a second thought when he said yes. He enjoyed the game way too much to say no, but it also kept his mind off things…

When he was fourteen at the time when all them Wakka, Sora, Riku, Kaira, Sephie, and him would come together to Destiny Island and play. He remember coming over to play, swim, sparing with the boys. In summer their parents would even let them spend a night at the small island with their sleeping bags and a packed dinner. It was also that summer when he started dreaming. He would always dream of this girl, which his heart always race at the mere sight. He knew that he never met her before he knew he never had, but in his head it always said 'I want to see you again.'

She was something special he could tell, but sadly he would always forget. He could never keep her face with him for very long. It always slip away from his grabs, the only thing that would remain were to those two colored eyes. One eye was as deep blue as the sea, while the other green as a palpue leaf and he heard her whistling. She had such a strange whistle. The problem was she was nothing more then a dream and he knew it would never come true. He was seventeen now going to be eighteen in a few months. He had graduated with Selphie and was spending his summer relaxing at the island. He was offered a scholarship for his Blitz Ball skills to any school, despite his C grade average.

You would think he would be the happiest guy, but he wasn't. Lately he had been very restless and like something has been missing. He wanted to find it, but didn't know how to start about. Three years back when Sora, Riku and Kairi were working on that raft, he was about to jump in and help them. But Wakka told him they were nuts that trying to get to another world on a makeshift raft weren't going to get them anywhere.

Tidus really wanted to go, but knew Wakka was right. Despite knowing this he still wanted to travel to find what was missing, but that feeling from three years ago had been growing stronger and now it made him restless. Why hadn't it gone away? He was finally leaving this island everyone was so desperate to escape. Shouldn't this feeling have gone way?

"Hey Tidus is that you?" A voice called out.

Tidus looked over not really bothering to get up and saw Sora with Riku and Kairi. "Hey, while isn't this a nice surprise?" He stood up and walked over to his childhood friends. It had been along time since he had seen them. Lying on the beach could wait for later. "So where you've been? I haven't see you guys in awhile."

Sora gave nerves smile, but Riku spoke up in stead, "We were at another school for the pass few years."

"Another school?" He asked turned to Kairi "You too?"

She gave sweet smile at him, "Yeah, we were given to scholarships to a different high school."

Tidus raised an eyebrow, "Really all you?" That was strange all three of them got to go the same school. Man that was lucky!

They all nod their heads.

Sora "So what's up with you Tidus? What have you been up to?

Tidus shrugged, "Nothing much, trying to pass my classes, play blitz ball, and I was given a scholarship to college." He finished as if it was no big deal.

Kairi clapped her hands and said, "That's great Tidus! I know how much you love the game and to be give a chance to go to school for it is wonderful!"

He gave a small smile, "I guess, what about you guys are going to college school too?"

They hesitated to answer him, which bother him. What? Was his question that hard or something? So if one of them weren't going then none of them will? They had to stop do stuff together if that was the case.

"Yeah, but it's a privet school." Riku finally spoke up.

"Cool, what's its call? Maybe I'll look it up and see if I want attend." Tidus said.

They all again gave a look of dread, like they didn't want him to know. Expect Riku, his look was that he wanted Tidus to shut up and stop asking questions.

Kairi gave a smile, but he could tell it was fake he hated it. For some reason he hated when people smile against their own feeling, it had always bother him for as long as he could remember. "Oh, I don't think you would be interested…. it has no blitz ball at all so I don't think your scholarship will cover it."

Tidus gave her a strange look. Why was she trying to do? Drive him away? He thought it would be a good idea to go to school with a few friends he knew.

Tidus snapped his fingers "Damn, oh well I guess there's a world outside of bliztball." He joked. They gave a nerves laugh with really crept him out. "So… what are you guys doing here? Are you spending summer here?" He said changing the subject. Sure he was still curious about their school and why they were acting so funny, but he also didn't want to drive away his old friends that he hadn't seen in three years.

Sora smiled a real smile and nod, "Yep, but only for a week. We um… got to get back to school after this."

Tidus "That's great to hear! Come on, Wakka and Selphie will be happy to see you." He started walking towards their town and jester them to follow him.

As they walked through the town everyone was quiet. Tidus tried to start a conversation it would only last a minuet if he were lucky then it went dead silent. Maybe it was a good thing he couldn't go to school with them. He could have more fun talking to a brick wall then these guys.

Sora "Hey Tidus we've been wondering, has anything strange happen recently?"

Tidus look back at Sora and kept walking, "Well, nothing out of the normal. A few storms, some pranks, but some of the neighborhood pets have been missing. I think it's not too much to worry about though my Uncle Maechen tells me to be more careful now." Maechen was the one who raised him for as long as he could remember. He couldn't recall his parents or really didn't know if like them. Maechen was great and all, but he did have a thing a rambling on about history whether or not anyone wanted to listen or not. But Tidus remember once he had said he use to be a scholar so he figured the old man merely likes to relive those old days. Right now Tidus figure the old man was examining some old weapons he had found several years ago.

Kairi "Anyone new showed up?"

Tidus thought about it, "No still the same people. How about you guys? Any strange people at your school?"

Sora got really excited and said, "Yeah, there's tons, but they're all awesome. There's Goofy and Donald for starters…"

"Sora…" Riku said irritated at his friends out burst.

"Oh come on, it doesn't hurt to tell him about some of our friends. Anyway Goofy and Donald were one of my first friends I met at…school…" He said carefully looking at Riku then turned back to Tidus. "Their pretty cool, Goofy is totally laid back, he may seem dumb when you met him, but he surprises you at times. Donald is annoying, but he's a good friend…except when he greedy. Then their Leon, Yuffie, Cloud, Merlin, Areis, Tifa, and Cid, their some of the coolest people I know! Leon and Cloud are probably the greatest swordsmen I've ever seen! One time Leon got a good hit on my head when I tried to slash him. Man I was out for like an 3 hour!"

Tidus nod after hearing everything Sora said. "Wow, I guess sword fighting isn't just here."

Sora "Well, he had to learn to fight he went to Balamb Garden since he was like ten. It's his specialty was fighting with a… what Leon called his sword..."

"Specialty? Huh? He went to a school where they taught him how to fight with weapons? Who would send their kid there? Is that where you went?" Tidus asked a bit confused.

Sora gave a very nerves look like he said something he shouldn't have. He look at everyone else, Kairi was shaking her head trying to tell Sora don't do it, while Riku look angry.

Tidus narrowed his eyes, "Listen, I'm not to sure what the hell you're trying to keep from me, but you can stop now. I'll just leave. Sorry for talking to you." He started leaving towards his house that was just down the street.

"Wait Tidus" Kairi called out. He looked over is shoulder at the red head and she said, "Look its not that we don't want to tell you its… just Leon was a very strong soldier for Balamb Garden, but he retired from that and is now a instructor teaching Sora and us. Sora knows Leon doesn't like it when people talk about his past and when you ask about it Sora remember. We're sorry, I know we haven't been the most pleasant company on Destiny Island but we are happy to see you."

He sighed, "Alright whatever, but would you guys quit being so gloomy already?"

Both Sora and Kaira smile and nod, Sora said "Sure not a problem." Sora looked over at Riku who still was frowning from his out burst, "But no promises about Riku."

Tidus just laugh, "Yeah, I know. You still got to work an apology out of him when you want one. It's good to have guys back."

They nod and head back to down town. It was basically a small part of town filled with some stores and three restaurants.

"Nothing much has changed, has it?" Riku stated more then ask while look at his childhood home.

Tidus frowned shook his head, "Nope, still the same as ever. I think the adults here are afraid of change or something."

Kairi looked at Tidus "You don't sound too happy about it. I thought you like it here?"

Tidus shook is head, "Of course I do, and it's just that if there's no change then how could anything good come from the world. If we're too afraid to move forward then how we see beyond our own backyard. Ya know? If we're too afraid of making mistakes and getting hurt, then how will we learn."

Kairi "Wow, Tidus you've been doing some think since we've been gone."

Riku had a surprised look on his face, "I actually agree with what Tidus said. When you did you started thinking about all this?"

"While you guys were making that raft. Truthfully I wanted to go with guys."

Sora, "Really, why didn't you help then?"

"Well, between your snoring and Riku. It didn't exactly appeal be stuck on a boat with you two. No offence Riku. We didn't exactly get along all the time back then."

Riku shrugged knowing it was true. True most of the time they did have fun together, but there were times when they really bumped heads and get into huge arguments. Mostly because they both didn't like to lose, sure they would usually just come up with a agreement and just say something like Riku was the better swordsmen while Tidus was the better runner, but before that they would stay mad at one another and leave each other alone in till they cool off. Being on a small raft wouldn't get them that privilege.

"No way! Kairi…Riku…Sora!" A cheerful voice said. They look to see Selphie with Wakka. The burette launched herself at Kairi and gave her a big hug, "I can't believe that you're all back! Where have you been! Girl!" She pulled herself off the red head and look at her sternly in the eyes "Can't believe you ditched me like! Just out of the blues you were gone! You left me! I had to spend my time with these knuckles heads!" she motion to Tidus and Wakka. "Where have you been? I've been worried sick!" She said while shaking the red head violently.

The boys decided to leave the girls to talk since they were sure they wouldn't be able to get a word out.

Wakka look at two old faces, "So when you guys showed up? It's been like what? Three years without a word, ya?"

Riku glance at Wakka, "Yeah sorry about that, we were transfer to new school."

Wakka nod "Ya? Must be nice to see outside our small island. How's the outside world treating you?"

He shrugged, "I've had my bumps, but I'm on the right track now. How are things going here? Tidus says some pets have disappear any news on that?"

Wakka shook his head and said, "No, I hate to say. Some people have got glimpses of shadows leaving the scene but that's it. I don't like taking chances at this though ya know. That's why I'm in the market place with Selphie today. I like neither Selphie nor Tee-dus to go off by themselves. Safety in numbers ya?" 'Tee-dus' was what Wakka had always called him. He wasn't too sure why but Tidus never complain. Everyone had always pronounced his name right as Ti-dus. But Wakka was like his brother, more like he always been the brother he never had. So it wasn't that big of a deal to him.

Sora seem to think about it and said, "Yeah that is true, it never hurts to be careful." He turn to the blitzes ball player, "Hey Tidus who were you with when we arrived? I only saw you when we got here. Was there someone else there…"

He saw Tidus frantically waved his hand telling stop the sentence.

The red hair man glared at the blonde, "Tee-dus…were you off by yourself again?" He said in warning voice a parent would use on a child. When Tidus didn't answer right away Wakka knew the answer. "Boy, how many times I have to tell ya? It's too dangerous to be off on your own like that! You need someone to along in case of danger!"

Tidus rolled his eyes and looked over at the fruit stand as if it was more interesting, "I can take care of myself. Like I'm going to let some puppy-napper get me."

Selphie finally unattached herself from Kairi and look over at the boys, "Tidus, you can't go off by yourself anymore. At least not until we figure out what's taking the pets. It could be a very dangerous animal for all we know."

Tidus rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever."

"Tidus…" He heard Selphie's knuckles crack.

He sighed, "Listen I'm not going to live my life differently because something is trying to scare me. That's just not the way I want to live, especially if I'm going to moving soon. I want to enjoy my last three months here." He sighed seeing that Wakka wasn't going to let this go. "Fine you're going to be like that huh? How about this then, I'll go to the islands when I want some times think? I seriously doubt those what ever is creeping around here will swim all the way over there. Happy?"

"This isn't about that anymore! You've got to learn to listen, brudda!" Wakka scold him as if he was a child.

Tidus just glared at him, "Wakka give me a break! I've got too many things on my mind! And I hate to break it to you, but you're not my parents or guardian or anything! I've never asked for you to watch over me like a hawk. Would you quiet being such a pain now!"

Wakka sighed in frustration, "Tee-dus… no one ever told me to watch over you. I do it because well you guys need someone. I made it my duty when I was a boy to make sure you and Selphie wouldn't ever feel you guys were alone. I did the same for Riku, Sora, and Kairi but I knew they would watch out for each other. So I focus on you guys, but whatever is out here is bad news. I can feel it brudda and if keeping you on a leash is going to keep you out of trouble then so help me… "

Wakka leapt out to grab him but Tidus was too fast and move out of the way. He shook his head at his friend's antics. Tidus had always been the fastest out of the group, it was what made him such a great blitzers. He turned away when saw Wakka was able to caught him self from falling face first into the ground. He started walking away from them and headed for the harbor.

"Where you think your going!" He heard Wakka yell.

"Where does it look like? I'm going to think!" He yelled back. When he heard footsteps coming from behind him. He moaned right before he took off running. None of them would be able to catch up to him. He was far to fast them and speed wasn't exactly Wakka's strong point that was going to weigh the others down too.

When he got to the harbor he went to the old shed where they had keep their boats. Tidus pulled out his old boat. He hadn't used use it since he was fifteen so it had collected two years of dust and cobwebs. Once he finished cleaning it out he took to the islands he had been watching. Sure he was mad a Wakka, but he had told him he would go to the islands when he wanted to be alone. He rowed as fast as he could there trying not to think about anyone. He didn't want to think about anyone; he just wanted to go the island like he had wanted to for the pass couple of days.

Once there he tied up his boat at the dock and walked around looking at his childhood playground. Not much had change he could see the shack that where the stairs were in. They lead up to bridge were the palpue tree was. Then there was the waterfall next to that was the hole that leads down to the mysterious door that couldn't be open. Then there was the ladders you could climb that would take you take to Westside of the land or into the tree house. He found that the tree house was the most appealing at the moment and went there.

He sat there on the dusty floor for a while. He could tell no one had been here for a while. He sighed; it wasn't that he was trying to be mean to Wakka. He just didn't like the guy telling him what to do all the time. Sure it was he was okay when he was little. Like the time he had climb a tree after Wakka told him not to because of poison ivy underneath it. You could probably figure what happen next. He was itchy for like a week, but now he was almost an adult. He didn't want Wakka to scold him anymore. He still wanted him around and be his friend, but not a parent.

His mind actually felt very scatter right now. One thought was with Wakka and Selphie, another about what's ever lurching on Destiny Island, then there was his old friends appearing and acting so funny, and another thought was of that girl from his dreams. Her… that girl that haunted his dreams. At that thought he lean his head back and rested it on the wall he was sitting against. He closed his eyes and considerate on rolling waves of the ocean outside and the crying of the seagulls. "I want to see you again." He whispered right before he fell asleep.


"Tidus wake up!" A voice said. Then a wave of cold salty water splash right on him forcing him to wake up.

Tidus gasps at the wet cold change his clothes and body had just absorb into. He looked up to see Riku, Kairi, and Sora with an empty wet bucket. "Umm…hi?" Was all he could think of saying.

"Yo." Sora said.

Riku nod.

Kairi said, "Tidus, what were you dreaming about? We did everything we possibly could think of to wake you up?"

"Huh?" He gave him a questionable look, "How long have you've been here? How you'd find me."

Sora tossed the bucket aside and shrugged, "Well, we remember you saying you would come to the island if you wanted to think and you did tell Wakka you were going to go think." He smiled smuggling at his response.

Riku then pointed to the red head, "Kairi figure it out."

Tidus look back to Sora who was smiling sheepishly.

He then turned back to Kaira and nod, "Good guess." He got up and stretched out.

Riku "What were you doing out here, by yourself? I remember you always trying to get every ones attention when we were young. There really no one here talk to."

Sora "Except whoever Tidus was murmuring to in his sleep."

"You heard?" Tidus said a little surprise.

"Some of it, yeah." Kairi said, "So you going to tell us? Or do we have to pry it from you?" She smiled.

Tidus waved them off, "It was nothing really, and I barely remember anyone in." 'Sadly that is the truth, I can't remember any of their faces at all' Its wasn't any different then from before he knew he had the same dreams, but this time. For some reason he could remember whistling.

They walk out of the tree house and head back to their boat.

Kairi "So what was your dream about?"

"Not too sure, it was weird…"

Sora "Come on! Remember when I was here and I was having those weird dreams. I told all you guys."

"Yeah, but no one really cared." Tidus stated.

Sora punched Tidus in the shoulder, which caused everyone to laugh. "Anyway, come on we wanted to hear it. You can trust us."

Tidus thought it about and figured he had nothing to loss, "Well…I'm in some temple and I'm being told someone was in trouble and no one wanted to do anything. So I went ahead and I had to go through some maze like puzzle game in order to pass. I think I won because I got a magical staff. Then I got to go down to a room with someone; there were people already in there. A women and a blue lion…don't ask. The woman was complaining about us being in there and then She- I mean this girl that was in trouble came out of a room. She looked really tired, and collapsed but the lion caught her before that could happen. She then got back up and said, 'I've done it, I've become a sumo.' Or maybe it was it was something else…" He did think it was strange someone so small and thin could be a sumo wrestler. "Anyway I can't really recall and that was when you came in with the bucket…which reminds me." He grabbed Sora into a headlock and gave him a nuggie.

"Hey cut it out!" Sora cried trying to break free.

"What! No way, you think I like getting away with tossing a bucket of freezing water on me!" He said was continuing his on slot.

"You guys help!" Sora called to his friends.

Kairi was giggling madly and Riku shook his head, both of them clearly entertain by Sora's suffering.

Sora finally pulled free and rubbed the spot of his head where he was sure it went bald. "Ouch, hey no fair!"

Tidus shrugged "Hey it's not my fault you still a weakling."

"Hey you just caught me off guard and if I remember I kicked your butt a few years ago."

Tidus rolled his eyes, "You were just lucky…"

Sora "Oh yeah, I bet I can still beat you, right here, right now!"

Tidus thought about it. 'Let's see here... Sora mentor is an ex-soldier and I haven't pick up a wooden sword since I was fifteen. Yeah this is a fair fight!' But the idea of fight like old times appealed to him a lot more. "Sure sounds fun. I think we still got some old wooden swords in the shack."

They head to the old sea shack. He was bit surprise to hear Kairi wanted to try and fight too. She was never fighter like Selphie, but he was happy to see the enthusiasm in her eyes so he couldn't say no. They had a few sparing matches. He fought against Sora and Riku, which they beat him easy and the ones with Kairi she ended up doing okay, but couldn't take him down. They just stayed on the island, they laugh and joke around. They fought some more with each other and Sora and Riku showed him some new tricks they had learned while they were gone. Tidus hadn't really noticed until that moment it was the first time in along time since his friends laugh without worried. He wasn't too sure how he noticed maybe because the weariness in their eyes had been replaced by bliss. They all had been through something; something big and it change them. Not in a bad way just in a way they learn to appreciate more.

They all sat down and watching Sora doing a reenactment of his friends Donald and Goofy when something hit Tidus. More like a pulse, it caught his attention and look back to the door that lead to the other side of the island.

"Hey you okay?" Kairi ask noticing how quiet Tidus went.

"Did you guys feel that?" He asked looking at the door.

"Feel what?" Sora said loosing interest in what he was doing.

Tidus got up "I don't know, but it didn't feel normal." He took a few steps to the door.

"Tidus, let us go." Riku said getting up from the ground.

"Nay it's okay, It's just a feeling I'll go check it out myself you guys just kick back." Tidus said still heading for the door.

"Stop, it might be dangerous!" Kairi said.

Tidus stopped in his tracks and look back. She actually sounded worry. He looked back at his friends and saw their whole look had change from being happy to being solemn. "What do mean? It wasn't like you guys felt it. For all I know it could have been gas." He joked. When he saw he couldn't get a laugh out of them he knew something was wrong. "I don't know what is there you guys, but I think I have to go to it… but I think we should go together just to be the safe side. Agree?" He said after seeing that serious look on their faces.

They all nodded in agreement, Sora took the lead first and went through the door. For some reason it was cloudier on this side one island then the other. But everything still looked the same since he last saw it. The racing course was still up, the trees were a little taller, and few more plants were there now, but that was about it. However Tidus could feel something bad was going to happen, but something was drawing him here. It wouldn't stop pulling at him he had to follow it. He couldn't explain why it just was.

"Tidus look out!" Kairi yelled. Tidus snapped out of his train of thought.

Lights flash in Sora's hand and he aimed some kind of weapon at him 'Is that a giant key?' Tidus thought to himself, "Duck!" Tidus quickly did it "Deep Freeze!" Sora shouted. A chunk of ice went flying out the weapon and hit a black shadow that was sneaking up behind young blitz ball player. The shadow disappeared completely releasing a heart that seemed to fly away off to nowhere.

Tidus's eyes widened as his mind flashbacked of three years ago flood back into his mind. He had thought he dreamt it all, but that monster that was destroyed right in front of him. That wasn't a dream! Three years ago those thing came after him, after everyone on the island. Three years ago… He remembered at one moment he was being chase by these creatures then the next he cased into darkness. He didn't know why he was there but he was alone, then the next thing he knew he was back on Destiny Island as if nothing had ever happen. He couldn't come up with an answer for what happen. So he convince himself it was a dream, a very freaky dream, but a dream. Now he knew better.

He got up and went to Sora, "Okay! What the hell was that!" He yelled demanding to know what was going on.

"It's something called a Heartless." Sora said as if he knew he couldn't hide it.

"Sora! Don't you remember what Donald told us?" Kairi said.

"Kairi, there's no use now." Riku said. "There's no hiding it. He saw it and he will not forget it."


"I know the rules and so does Sora, but Tidus needs to know what's going on so he doesn't get himself killed."

"So just tell me what's going on! I know I've seen those things before…" Tidus said angrily, but quiet happy that he was going to get answers.

Riku took a deep breath and said, "Three years ago this world…our world was invaded with heartless as you seem to remember."

Tidus nodded "Yeah I do, but not much… After trying to out run them…all I remember was darkness… Being suspended in darkness."

"I suppose that's what happens to those who don't get their hearts taken or aren't sent to another world like Sora and I were."

"What are you taking about?"

Kairi gently place her hand on Tidus's shoulder, "Tidus our world was swallowed into darkness."

Tidus blink a few times trying to figure out what to say. He knew what she said was true… He did not know how he knew, but he did. "How?"

Riku walked pass him and stood there looking around for anymore to come out. "The Heartless as their name suggest they do not have hearts. So they go after people and creatures that do. No living thing is safe from them, not even the worlds themselves. The heartless go inside the heart of the world it self and does something to the heart of it to make it disappear." Heartless started to emerge from the shadows of the island. "The only way that is said to destroy the heartless for good has something to do with the Keyblades." He held up right hand and same flash of lights that gave Sora his weapon had given Riku one as well. In his hand was what Tidus had concluded was one of the keyblade like what Sora had. But Riku's appear to have a darker look to it.

Sora put himself into a fight position, "Tidus stay close to Kairi!"

"What's Kairi going to do…" He looked at her to see her also summon her own Keyblade into her hand as well… and he would have to say that was most girly weapon he had seen in his whole life. The stuff on Sailor Moon looked more boyish than that flower bouquet of weapon.

The three Keybladers fought off the heartless, while Tidus tried his best to stay out of the way. He watched as his friends' battle out with the strange creatures. Tidus was sure his two friends went easy on him when they spared earlier. Sora and Riku unleashed various combo attacks and combined attacks at the heartless, while Kairi was cast cure spells for two companions and batting away the heartless that got pass Sora and Riku with hits and spells. They were doing very well at first, but the problem was no matter how many they had taken down more showed up and they were stronger then the last.

"This is useless Kairi, how do you stop them from coming?" Tidus asked.

Kairi cast a fire spell and said, "It's not that easy, I think we stumble upon the boss's hide out. The only way to defeat these guys for good is to take down the boss."

"Great, just great!" Tidus looked around. There had to be something he could do to help. He didn't really like that he couldn't do anything while his friends were exhausting themselves out. "There has to be something…maybe we should look for the boss, you guys are not getting anywhere this way!"

Kairi paused for a second as if she was really considering it then shook her head, "No, we need to stick together!"

Tidus sighed as he watched the fight around. He hated that he was powerless to do anything. He watched Sora practically fly across the battlefield casting a fire spell. Riku unleashed several more combos, and Kairi was really struggling with the heartless that were starting to overwhelm them all. While Tidus was occupied with watching the battle now that he didn't realized the heartless sneaking up behind him until it tackled him to the sandy ground. It was small heartless with armor helmet on with what look like a purple jumpsuit, bright soulless yellow eyes, with pointy boots, large hands, with long red fingernail like claws. It raised its hand getting ready to aim for his heart and everything seem to slow down for him. He could hear Kairi, Sora, and Riku cry out his name, but he couldn't move. He didn't really know what exactly would happen if his heart was taken, but he knew he didn't want to find out. But what could he do? He had no magic, no weapon to defend him self.

'Not half bad, you might make a good guardian someday.' A familiar voice echoed in his head. 'You've proven yourself as a guardian maybe even the best' Wait what's a guardian? 'Hey…you know just now you sounded just like a leader.' Leader? What are these voices? 'I just wanted to ask you if you would be my guardian.' Why? 'Now this is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free from pain…or live to fight you sorrows. Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!'

Tidus eyes snapped open right as the heartless reach its hand to his heart. 'My fate is in MY hands!' Before he even realized what he was doing he shouted "THUNDER!" A thunder strike came from the sky as jolt the heartless off of him. Tidus quickly got off the ground it look at the stunned heartless that was lying on it's back. Tidus decide not to take any chances did a blitz move and kick the creature into a wall and watch as the creature disappeared and the heart was released from it.

Kairi ran up to Tidus and said, "Tidus…how did you do that?"

Tidus turned back to the battle and said, "I really don't think this is the time to get in to that. Besides I don't even know…" he watched as the heartless got closer, hopefully he'll still be able to do that spell. "THUNDER!" He yelled again. This time not only did one lightening spell come down, but several more and this time killed every heartless that was around them. "Cool" Tidus exclaimed happily.

Riku cut down another heartless, "Tidus careful of how much magic you use."


Riku gave him a dull look and knock down another heartless. "You don't have unlimited magic. Try to conserve has much as possible."

The battle continued on, this time Tidus helped by using new Thunder spell when ever the heartless got too crowded.

Kairi smiled "We're going to win!" she casting ice spell taking down some more heartless.

Tidus couldn't help but feel the worst hadn't come yet. There was still that feeling that pulse that he felt earlier the thing that lead them there to begin with. He may not be a heartless expert, but he had a good guess that the pulse he felt earlier was that 'boss' heartless Kairi had told him about. Tidus took down last couple of heartless.

Sora rubbed the sore spot on his shoulder. "Oh man, I'm going to feel that tomorrow."

Kairi propped her self up with the help of her keyblade. "I'm just glad that all over."

Both Tidus and Riku on the other hand hadn't let their guard down. Riku seem to sense something was still here, while Tidus still had that pulse feeling from earlier ringing in his head. The ground started shaking around them and they all knew it wasn't over yet. They turned to the center of the beach where the sand seemed to be sinking into a hole. The three keybladers quickly got back into a fighting form. A dark wind burst from the hole catching the four into a cyclone. The whirlwind kept them in there for a few seconds before tossing them all out.

Tidus hit the water making him rocket deep into the cold ocean. He quickly closed off his lungs once he had hit the water knowing very well if he didn't he would die. Once he slowed down enough he quickly swam up to the surface of the water since he didn't have enough time to take a good breath of air. Immediately once he felt the cold air on his face he took a deep breath and saw he had been thrown a good distant from the island. He quickly swam back to the beach. He made not be the biggest help they have but at least he could do something even if it was just being a distraction at this point.

Once he got close enough he could see Sora battling it out with a huge heartless. He saw Kairi lying on the ground against the rocking wall. She must have hit the wall when the cyclone toss them and got knocked out. He could see Riku too. Riku was lifting himself up from debris of wood, coconut shells, and palpue leaves that had crashed on him. Tidus looked back at the heartless and could see it look alike a humanoid shadow. It didn't have any defined features, It had no face, no ears, no hair, no design like the other heartless, no anything as side from it's claw like hands. The monster called upon another cyclone to attack them.

Tidus quickly realized this and ran for the closest tree and held for dear life. He for one did not want to go back for another swim. He held on tightly as he could as the wind tried to suck him in. Riku held on to on of the broken support beams that had been part of the wooden bridge. Riku then grabbed the knocked out Kairi when she came close enough to him while she was caught in the twister. Tidus looked at the creature and saw it rotating its hand casually in the air causing the wind to pick up more. As the wind drew in more, he caught a glimpse of Sora flying around in there. He looked really beat up; he had been fighting this thing longer then anyone else here. The creature then ripped one the trees that were still planted and hurled it at the Keyblader knocking him out completely. It then stopped the cyclone and let Sora plumbed to the ground. Sora didn't cry out in pain or even move, he must have been out cold now.

The heartless picked Sora up greedy not bothering to care of what condition Sora was in.

"SORA" Riku yelled as he placed Kairi down and went after his best friend.

Tidus quickly let go of his tree and went after his brunette friend. The creature instead of finishing off Sora and taking his heart, it raised Sora to it's chest and started to absorb him in to it's body. The flesh of the creature rapid it's self around the keyblader pulling the unaware victim into it's body. Tidus concentrated all of his magic into one giant bolt all together.

"THUNDER" The young blitzball player yelled hoping he would be able to save his friend.

The sky turned completely dark and a massive thunderbolt crashed through the sky and stuck the heartless. The heartless stood still, not moving for a second and then screech and continued to absorb their friend. Tidus couldn't believe it. He might have not expected his attack to destroy it, but he was at least hoping it would weaken it. Tidus couldn't believe how useless he was.

That pulse feeling hit him again. It was coming from that heartless, unlike what he thought before; it wasn't the heartless that was drawing him…it was what was inside the heartless. The heartless started changing in front of them. It slowly started growing hair and a face was forming and pointy ears. Riku summon several dark spears and tossed at the monster, but the monster had a shield it with it right arm. Its hair grew longer into a moldy brown covering its face. Tidus step back not liking this new feeling he was getting.

"Tidus! Run! Get out of here!" Riku yelled getting ready to save his friend. "Go and watch out for Kairi! There's no point in you being here anymore!"

Tidus couldn't exactly argue with the facts. The least he could do now is watch out for his unconscious friend. He ran to get out of the way of the battle, but only after a few steps the Heartless launch its hand out blocking Tidus's path. Tidus slowly turned around to see the Heartless's face very close to him. Its hair was still covering his face and it look like it was panting very loudly. The blitzball player took a step back not liking at all how close the monster was to him.

"Tidus! Get away from that thing! What's wrong with you!" Riku yelled.

Tidus gulped taking another step away. The creature immediately shriek thrashed it hand at him. Tidus quickly dodge the attack and ran for it with the Heartless chasing right after him on all fours.

"Oh Thanks A Lot Riku!" Tidus yelled deciding he no longer like the silver haired teenager anymore. He look backed at the heartless and could see that it's hair was no longer in it's face and look a lot like Sora's now, but his face had a menacing expression. His teeth were long sharp and its eyes were an evil yellow and looked as if it was enjoying chasing down as if he was some kind of mouse. Tidus could see Riku cast some more dark spears at the creature to help him, but it only success in slowly it down, but not stopping him. Tidus could tell even from there Riku was already wearing himself down. He was on his last leg.

Tidus couldn't help but wonder why it was going after him? Was it because he was weakest one? No… If that were the case it wouldn't have gone after Sora, it would have gone after him first. Plus Tidus was able to beat Kairi earlier in practice so he was stronger then her and it didn't help too much she was out cold making her the easier target.

Tidus tried to summon another thunder attack but failed he had already used up all of his magic in that last attack, maybe he should have listen to what Riku was saying early…The Heartless reach out for him again and he was able to jump out of the way. Tidus knew all those hours of Blitzball weren't waste of time! He legs were burning, and he was starting to get out of breath. He wasn't sure how much longer he would last. He jumped away from another attack, but didn't see blast of energy the thing had threw at him and knocked him right off his feet. The pain surge right down his back, and to his arms and legs all the way down into his fingers and toes.

Tidus wasn't even too sure what happen after that. He wasn't too sure if he cried out, if Riku tired to help him, or even if he had landed on the ground after words. All he was aware of at that point was that the Heartless had him firmly in its hand above the ground. Tidus's head just flopped around; he couldn't move a part of his body it was still in shock with what happen. He had never felt anything like that in his life. He tried to move his body to get loss, but it didn't want to respond. He may have been dazed out of his mind, but knew he didn't want to leave his fate to this thing.

The monster held him into in both of it hands and it pressed it thumbs upward into Tidus's necks trying to snap it and choke him to death or which ever came first. Tidus felt his windpipe get closed off, his muscle tighten up as if body was finally realizing he was endanger. He tried to fight it off or struggle but could feel what left of his strength leave him. He was going to die…

The monster roared in pain and let go of Tidus. He grabbed onto one of it's finger, before he could fall three stories to the ground. The heartless quickly realized Tidus was there and tried to grab him again only to get a blitzball to it's face and ball bounce right off. Blitzball?

He looked over and saw a Wakka catch the ball. "Hey! I told you hand off ya!" His red hair friend yelled.

Selphie was right next to him with what look to appear to be very big Nunchucks. "Tidus you lucky num skull! I went home to get my nunchucks to kick your sorry butt and now I get to use them to save you!"

"Less talking more helping!" Tidus yelled while dangling from the heartless's hand.

The blond looked around at the ground for somewhere soft to land, which was non-existent here aside from possibly landing on Wakka or Selphie. He noticed the heartless had now gained clothes and armor with a yellow and purple design to it and his chest had a black heart with a red cross across it. He looked closely at it and could see Sora's hand was the only visual thing left of his old friend. Tidus growled he couldn't just leave him to get fully consume by this monster… Well it was slim chance…

Tidus swung himself from the monster's hand and on to the monster's chest. He reached his hands out and grabbed into the creatures breastplate armor. Once he had a good enough grip he went to grab what was left of Sora's hand. Tidus felt several blasted go off near him. He look back too see Riku had summon more magic to stop the creature from grabbing him again.

"You guys keep it busy! I'm going to try and get Sora!" Tidus yelled hoping this was the right decision.

The older blitzball hit the heartless again. "No problem, just don't take your sweet time with it." Wakka said.

Tidus nodded and went back after Sora. He took hold of his friend's freezing hand and tried to pull him out, except it felt like something had him firmly in there. He had to get a better grip. Tidus hesitated at first, but then plunged his hand into the Heartless chest try and get a better hold of Sora's arm. In there it felt nothing but coldness, empty, lifeless. It sent shivers down his back no wonder it Sora's hand felt freezing! Tidus grabbed what he was sure was Sora's arm and pulled.

The monster trashed about fighting off Riku, Wakka, and Selphie, which wasn't making Tidus's job any easier. Tidus plunged both of his hands into the Heartless chest, just wanting to hurry and get them out of this dangerous situation. One hand grabbed Sora arm and other grabbed on to something else. At first he wasn't sure what it was, he was hard and a little lumpy…He then realize it was metal… was it a hilt? He could feel it was handle of sword. His uncle had kept some weapons in the house for studying which he used to play around with when his uncle wasn't looking. The pulse hit him full force, that's what it was. That feeling was coming from that hilt, what called him there!

The Heartless started to go berserk again, shaking Tidus around once more. Okay now would be good time to leave! Tidus grabbed hold of both Sora and the weapon with whatever strength he hand left. He steadied his feet on the only solid spot of the heartless and pulled. Slowly Sora's arm was coming out from the mass of darkness that had consumed him. Then he could see Sora's browned hair emerged. In Tidus's other hand a golden hilt of weapon could be seen with blue straps x across down the handle instead of dark leather.

Tidus pulled as far back as he could and him, Sora, and the weapon came falling down. They landed painfully on the beach floor.

Before the heartless had a chance take it's victim back. Sora and Tidus's friends hit it back with various attacks. Riku, Selphie, and Wakka got right in front of them ready to defend them again if the creature got back up.

Riku look at the heartless laying on the ground and said, "You guys okay?"

Tidus did a quick look at himself, he was still extremely sore from that blast that hit him earlier and that fall wasn't exacting comfortable, but declared he was okay none the less. He looked over at the knocked out Sora he was still beat up from the last match and looked paler then before too. "I'm fine, but I think Sora can use some help."

"I can help with that." A cheerful voice said.

Tidus look up at Kairi who looked completely okay and not like she had been banged up against a wall. She smiled and held up her keyblade and cast some kind of green light on them. Tidus felt all of his strength return him. Tidus stood up feeling better then ever.

Sora grunted as he woke up and balanced himself back onto his feet, "Ughh… Let's NOT do that again." He turned to face the face the heartless.

"Tidus, where did that sword come from?" Riku said noticing the weapon.

Tidus lifted the sword that was still in his hands. He held it up his new weapon. The weapon was a long sword from the looks of it. Gold handle held a dragon outline blade to it, double edge, and body of the blade was a crystal sea blue blade. 'Caladbolg, the celestial weapon…' Someone's voice echo in his head.

"Umm…would you believe…the heartless gave it to me?" Tidus said not too sure himself. Every one gave him an odd look. "Alright fine! I stole it from it!" Gesturing to the Heartless getting up from the ground. "But it wasn't like he was using it or anything! Well… nothing much to do now except fight." He got into a fight stance with holding up the long sword with his right hand.

The looks on their face spoke TIDUS-ARE-YOU-CRAZY-GET-RID-OF-THAT-THING without saying a word, but before they can actually say something the Heartless risen back up. It's tried to steady itself, but stood wobbly before them. It's face started to melt off and it's moldy hair fell out and it's armor crumbled right in front of them.

Kairi gave it a strange look, "What wrong with it?" She asked without much concerned for it.

Sora titled his head, "I think it's not use to losing to much power at once…When I was in there, it was kind of draining my energy and using my strength. I guess once I was taken out it lost all that power."

They watch as it seemed to slowly goop down into a puddle, but was still standing. Riku tilled his head curiously "Then why isn't it doing the wind attacks on us like before…unless… it lost another power source…" He said looking over at Tidus's new weapon.

Tidus grinned widely quiet proud he was able to help after all. The creature spring at them but everyone unleashed an attack and threw it back down. Tidus glared at it as it tried to get back up. Didn't that thing cause enough trouble for them? Tidus ran up jumped into the air and spiraled down and slice the creature from its head down to it feet. The Heartless fell back and hit the ground. This time it stayed down and melted into full goop. This time no one put his or her guard down like that first time. None of them were going to let it get the best of them this time. The Goop boiled up as the steam fumes stung at their senses. Tidus could feel his eyes start to sting and his nose feeling running from the smell. The steam circulated in one spot in the air and then began to stuck them all in.

"Damn it! Won't you give it a rest already?" Tidus yelled as he felt himself get stuck in. He took Caladbolg stab it into the ground using it as pole to keep him self from pulled in.

"Someone closed it!" Selphie yelled finding refuge near a tree with Wakka.

Sora step up and said, "Great idea…" He held his keyblade and aimed it for the hole. A straight light came from the tip of the weapon and straight to hole. The hole slowly closed up causing the suction to slow until it was completely gone.

Just like that it was all over. The clouds left the sky once more, the eerie feeling left the island completely gone, and warmed returned back. Selphie was cheering along with Kairi in victory, Wakka was high fiveing both Riku and Sora for a job well done. Tidus on the other hand was off to the side; he felt this was far from over as he looked down at the weapon in his care.

"Hell, all I wanted today was some quiet and some time to think." He murmured looking at his reflection in the celestial weapon.

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