Hello Scrubs fans! I am very excited because I have been absent from fanfiction for a long time now, as some of you may or may not know. I have recently become obsessed with Scrubs to a point of life interferance. So, this is a story about Dr. Cox and JD. No, it isn't slashy at all (or at least, it's not suposed to be). I feel like I'm really following the crowd by writing an story about an angsty Cox and JD, but I promise, this isn't like other fanfics. It may appear to some people that it is at the moment, but it's not. Well, please enjoy!

By the way, although JD is narrating this chapter, the things in italics are either flashbacks, dream sequences, or things he's thinking to himself.

Chapter 1

I had just been sent on an errand by an unusually dazed and contemplative Dr. Cox.

A piercing whistle sounded through the halls of Sacred Heart. Dr. Cox glides rapidly up to JD, leaning on the nurse's counter. "Newbie, I need you to get me a tall Espresso. Pronto."

"Dr. Cox, I was just filing these papers and then I was going to see if there's any leftover cake from yesterdays lunch. I though it was really quite good and I haven't had any sweets today, except for a glazed doughnut I split with Carla. Turk longingly gazed at the doughnut but I refused to give him any. Then Carla promised she'd make him his favourite food for dinner." JD was going to go on, but then realized that Dr. Cox seemed completely zoned out. He had his arms crossed over his chest and looking down with very distant eyes. He appeared to be working something out in his head, or perhaps remembering something. JD waved his hands to get his attention. When that didn't do anything he snapped his fingers in front of his face.

Dr. Cox jolted looked out to kill, "Shelby, do I look like I care about your insignificant life? Go do what I asked! Now!"

I had reached the café thinking happily to myself, 'And I thought Dr. Cox didn't daydream.' I went straight to the front of the line. "Cabbage!" I greeted.

"Hey, Dr. Dorian! The usual? " greeted the tall boy working.

"No thanks, Cabbage. I'm on a mission for Dr. Cox. One tall Espresso, pronto." I quoted.

I handed the good boy my money and went to deliver, hoping for praise. 'Espresso is a funny word. I thought it was pronounced Expresso for the longest time. I wonder if all words I thought were 'ex' were actually 'es'.'

I reached the nurses station, and not seeing Dr. Cox anywhere nearby I asked Carla in her pink scrubs where he had gone off to.

"When you left, I think he went to the doctor's lounge." she replied, answering a phone call.

"Thanks, Carla." I headed towards the lounge with the four dollar cup of Espresso in my hand. 'I wonder if Dr. Cox will pay me back for buying him coffee. If he tries I'll refuse. I like doing nice things for him. Although, if he wants free coffee again I'll have to refuse. Coffee's espensive.'

Upon reaching the almost empty doctor's lounge I found Dr. Cox lying on the couch staring at the television with the same distant look as before. I wanted to get his attention, but I of all people understand how obnoxious it is to have your daydreams interrupted. I decided to quietly sit on the empty loveseat beside the couch.

I stared my mentor lying before me. His eyebrows were scrunched up in question. He had obvious bags under his eyes. I didn't notice it at first but when I saw blood dripping from his wrist I was shocked. "Oh my God, Dr. Cox!" I spontaneously yelled out. That second seemed to last forever. Was Dr. Cox suicidal?

When I yelled he had snapped out of his daze and flew off the couch with surprise. I shot to my feet, too. I had been startled by the blood along my mentor's wrist and his reaction to my exclamations. When I did half of the Espresso spilled on the front of my scrubs.

"For the love of God, Johanna! What the Hell were you thinking?" Dr. Cox yelled at me.

We stood in shocked silence, 'What was I thinking?' I responded, worried and slightly afraid of the response, "What happened?"

"It looks to me like you screwed up again by not keeping a hold of a cup, that's what happened. I expect a full cup in the next five minutes." he said to me, degradingly.

I refused to be silenced, "No, Dr. Cox. What happened to your arm?" I asked in concern.

Dr. Cox looked down at his bloody wrist. "Jordan has decided that it'll be great fun to give a cat to our three year old son. The little beast scrached me last night. Apparently the wound has reopened." he replied in blunt dislike, taking the half-full cup from my hands, and making his way to the nearest medical closet to get a bandage for his arm.

I followed him to the closet, relieved about that answer. "I once found a stray cat. I fed it milk every day when I got home from the third grade until he got hit by a car a week later. I named him Michael. Rest in peace."

He had finished applying the bandage. "Newbie, if you actually think I care about some meaningless pet of yours, I suggest you get a reality check, because I can't think of ah-heh-nything I care less about at this precious moment in time."

Dr. Cox stormed away to check up on his patients in ICU. I followed him because I figured I should check up on the patients there, too. As Dr. Cox was checking over the chart of a man I double-checked the man's vitals.

I couldn't bear it any longer! The curiosity was killing! I had to ask! "What's the kitty's name?"

Dr. Cox rolled his eyes my way, flipped the chart closed, and walked out of ICU. I'm partially that glad he did, because now I have a mission for the day.

Dr. Cox is sitting in the café as JD enters with Turk and Ted, all dressed in fine suits and carrying fancy guns.

"We mean no harm." JD says to the scared café-goers, "Everyone, put your hands in the air and don't move. We don't mean to hurt anyone."

In the background, Turk and Ted make threatening motions to all of the civilians. JD walks up to a terrified Dr. Cox. "We can end this all now." JD says to him, "Just tell us the name of the kitty."

Before Dr. Cox can respond Ted cracks and starts shooting towards the ceiling, yelling towards Dr. Kelso, "This is for all those years of torment and not believing in me! Ahahaha!!"

"He should have been nicer to Ted." I said, and walked off to tell Turk about my mission.

After looking around for him, a timid intern confirmed that Turk was in surgery. I thanked the intern and, while going to check up on a patient I crossed paths with Jordan. I decided to stop her.

"What is it DJ?" she asked me when I greeted her.

"I was curious about the name of the kitten you got for Jack recently?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't eat me.

She gave me an angry/confused look, "Perry got him a cat?"

"No!" I said, defending myself and saying smartly, "You did."

She closed her eyes and shook her head, "If Perry thinks I'm going to get some mangy cat for Jack, he has another thing coming." Upon saying that she walked away, leaving me very confused and worried.

To Be Continued

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