A/N: Hey, just a little note that I am starting a new story. Sadly, it isn't the winner of the voting (done ages ago), which is "When you tame a vampire". Some of you may have known that I posted a not-really-one-shot last year sometime... and it had been bugging me because it wasn't really a one-shot in the convenient definition of the word. So I decided to expand on it some more. The story is titled "Your in perfect world" (a play on words = "your imperfect world" and "you're in (a) perfect world"), title jipped from a friend. I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Current summary: Bella has done it again. In a few short minutes of conversation, managed to finagle a big check towards the charity. The unwilling donor, Edward, had sworn revenge. But how will Bella take it when he starts to shower her with flowers and affection?