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Chapter 1

Dear Ruto- Kun,

I wish I can see you just once before I leave and say goodbye for a few months

Love always, Sasuke

Dear Sasuke,

Just leave, I don't want to see you unless you're going to tell me you'll be back within a few days not months

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto's Pov

After that last letter I wrote to him the letters stopped coming back as expected. The plane Sasuke is on took off at exactly 6:05 am and out my window I saw a plane in the sky and wondered if Sasuke was on board. In my hand was a letter just written

I'm sorry for everything, I love you so much Sasuke-kun Love Naruto

If only I sent the letter sooner

End Pov

Sasuke's Pov

I got on the plane after searching the airport for any sign of Naruto, none. As the plane took off I imagined Naruto looking out his window searching for my plane.

I sighed and was about to go to sleep when I felt eyes bored into my head. I looked up to see a pair of cold green eyes belonging to a red headed man who seemed to be maybe 20, only 4 years older than me. I smiled politely

"Ohayo, I'm Sasuke Uchiha, are you traveling to America as well?"

The man seemed amused for a split second and smirked

"Gaara- and yes I am traveling to America"

I became curious, I couldn't stop myslef, this man seemed so intriguing

"What for? Are you visiting someone?"

He let a small smile form on his handsome face

"Gah, I wish, I'm actually traveling there for buisness reasons"

I grinned

"Wah! You must travel a lot than Gaa-Kun"

Gaara chuckled deep in his throat

"Hai, but it's a lot of work, what about you Sasuke?"

I immediately felt upset and I couldn't help casting my eyes down and try to stop the tears that were threatening to fall

End Pov

Gaara's Pov

After I asked that question he became sad, and I thought to myself that I never wanted to see such an expression on his face

"If you don't want to talk about it I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you"

He looked up and slowly shook his head

"It's fine, really, my brother Itachi in America is very ill and he can't afford a treatment which is why I'm going there to hand him the money my bo- um friend gave me and I'm going to stay there for a few months to take care of my aniki. My friend's not very happy with our department"

I nodded understanding

"I see, and this friend of yours must be wealthy in order to afford medical assistance and everything"

he nodded

"Hai, Naruto Uzumaki, have you heard of him?"

My eyes widened a bit at that name

"Naruto? You're friends with... wait, Uchiha, I've heard of you before, you're his boyfriend are you not?"

I was dissapointed when his nodded hesitantly

"Hai, I'm not surprised you know of him, after all his cooperation is pretty huge all over the world, best number two"

I nodded uneasily

"Hai, then have you heard of the Sabuku cooperation?"

He nodded

"Of course, Naruto- kun is always cursing them, it's the Uzumaki corps' rival from what I hear, number one in the world"

I smiled, glad he's heard of it but not at all surprised

"Well than. Then I suppose you're familiar with the name Gaara Sabuku"

His eyes widened and than he smiled softly

"It's an honor to meet you Gaara- san"

I smiled back warmly

"Likewise, but if you don't mind me asking, Uzumaki is a man who strives for power, why would he settle for a person of lower class? Besides the fact your beauty is something from a dream or fairytale"

He smiled and looked into my eyes

"Ah, well, I would call it love Gaara-san, Naruto-kun however, seems to strongly disagre, he says that it's all part of stragedy, a plan to make his cooperation more popular. He told me many times, people need to see him as a man who is both powerful but also warmhearted. He said by being with me he was showing the world he didn't put anyone of different social class beneath him, however, I think both him and I know that it's just his pride and ego speaking for him"

I looked at him stupified, how can such an angel deal with that bad tempered bastard?

"Ne, Sasuke- kun, where are you staying in America?"

Sasuke thought about it for a second

"I suppose my brother's apartment, I'm supposed to be caring for him after all"

I took in what he said slowly

"Say Sasuke, why doesn't your brother just stay with you and Uzumaki back in Japan since he's having financial problems?"

Sasuke sighed

"Itachi hates Naru-kun with passion, mostly because he accused him of treating me badly and believes he's a butthole, and Naruto- well he was more than happy to hear that 'Tachi wasn't coming to Japan with us, he says Itachi is beneath his standars. Gah, both of them are equally as troublesome"

I nodded than came up with an idea to help him

"Why don't Itachi come live at my place? I have plenty of room and he can save up money for future needs instead of wasting it on apartment rent"

Sasuke let out a soft gasp from his beautiful pink plump lips

"Gaara, I'm sorry... I'm going to feel troubled accepting that offer without giving something back"

Instantly the thought of him in my bed with me came into my mind but I shook it away quickly

"Then Itachi can do alittle housework around my mansion if he doens't mind"

He grinned, eyes shining with gratefulness

"Gaa- kun! That'll be wonderful! Thank you so much!"

End Gaara's pov

The plane began to land

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