JUNE, 2010

Detective Christopher Sykes drives his speeder with expertise. There were still some road cars around, but he preferred the speeder to them. Hey, at least he didn't have to go through stop lights or road signs! They didn't have those up yet in the sky.

His cell rang and he wondered who could be calling him at four in the morning, so he picked it up.

"Sykes here," he said.

"Christopher, we need you to come to Professor Obam's lab. Can you make you make it right now?" came Captain Fransisco's voice came. No hello, no good morning.

"Sure, I can make it. What's the scoop, Cap?"

"I'd much rather tell you at the lab. Do you know where it is?"

"Yeah, I know where it is. Is Buck with you?"

"Yes, he is."

"Great. I'll see you in ten minute,"

"How can you, Christopher? Our radar shows you're in the city..."

"Cap, I'm in my speeder!"

"All right, just drive carefully!"

"Will do, Cap. See you in ten!"

Chris put his foot to the peddle and sped in the air. He touched the key pad on the map censer and located the professor's lab.

As promised, Chris arrived at the lab and walked into the lab by four thirty.

"Welcome aboard, partner." Buck smiled and patted Chris on the back.

"Thanks. No traffic,"

"You lie. You had your speeder!"

"Yep!" Chris smiled.

When he saw the machine, he whistled and walked towards it.

"What is this thing?" he asks, putting his hand on it.

"Don't touch that! At least not yet!" the professor practically slaps his hand away.

"Okay, okay. Don't be so touchy," Chris said, faining shock and walks back to Buck Fransisco.

"Chris, the professor has made another time machine." Buck told him.

"What do you mean, 'another' time machine?" Chris wanted to know.

"The first machine was taken from one of your enemy's, Jack Walburg. Do you remember him?" Captain George Fransisco questioned.

"Walburg, Walburg. Isn't he the one we put away for good not to long ago?"

Buck nodded. "Yep, that's the one. Problem is, is that he escaped yesterday and got his hands on the Professor's time machine."

"Oh, great. How are we supposed to get him?"

"Not us, Chris. You," Buck told him.

"Me? Why me?"

"Christopher, Walburg took the time machine to go back back to 1984 to dispose of your father and your mother before you would be born."

"What! Why that son of a ..." Chris clasps his fists and grits his teeth.

George Fransisco puts a hand on his nephew to try to calm the younger man down. He reminded him sooo much of Matt. The same temper, same mannerism...

"Christopher, calm down. We want you to go back and get Walburg,"

"Me, why?" Chris asked again, through gritted teeth and clinched hands.

"Christopher, they won't know you back in 1984. They'll know Buck, even though he's older now."


"Besides, we thought you'd like to meet your father." Buck said.

"I'll get to meet him?" Chris' brown eyes grew big.

"Yes, but you CAN'T tell him who you are."

"Why not, for crying out loud?" Chris gasped, a little disappointed.

"Because it would mess everything up for you. You might not be born!" Captain Fransisco told him.

"Oh..." Chris sighed.

"So, will you except the mission?" the professor asked.

"Well, if I want to still be around now, I guess I'd better, huh?" Chris said.

"You'll only have ten days to do it in," the professor told him.

"Ten days? Why only ten days?"

"I'm sorry, Chris, that's the only length of time that the machine will give you."

"So, I can only be with my father for ten days?"

"Better than nothing, Christopher." said Captain Fransisco.


"Hey, Chris, when you see me in my teens, don't laugh, okay?" Buck requested.

"Why would I laugh, Buck? We're always funny when we're younger..."

"Yeah, yeah..." Buck moaned. He's going to miss his partner and cousin the next ten days.

"Well, see ya in ten days, partner!" Chris said as he stepped into the machine.

"Come back soon! Can't handle the precinct by myself, ya know!" Buck shouted above the whirling noise.

The last thing Chris saw of his partner and Uncle, they were standing together along side of the professor in the year of 2010, waving good bye...

Suddenly, he was standing in the middle of an ally, in the middle of night. He looked around and noticed it was cold as well.

"Well, Toto, I guess we're not in Kansas any more..." he moaned as he tried to gather his whits.

Guess I'd better see about getting a hotel, he thought as he walked out of the alley.

He walked down further the street and saw a hotel that was crowded with drunks and hookers.

Well, this shouldn't be too bad. At least they wouldn't think a cop would be in here, he muttered to himself as he walked in.

A fat man in his early fifties was manning the front desk and there was a window blocking his view.

"What can I do for ya?" the man asked, not taking his eyes off the tv.

"I'd like a room, please. At least for two nights," Chris said, trying hard not to sneeze from the smoke of the man's stogy.

"That will be twenty nine dollars plus tax. That's twenty nine dollars per night, pal."

"Got it," Chris carefully took out the wad of money and handed the guy a hundred dollars. The guy gave him back the change.

"The room number is on the key. Sheets are in the hall way closet and you gotta share the bathroom. Room is up the stairs, first door on the left."

"Thanks. Have a great night," he said before he left.

"Enjoy your stay," the man grunted and went back to what he was watching.

Yeah,sure...Chris thought as he made his way up the stairs. He was thankful that morning would come soon and he would shortly be with his father...